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ik u prolly dont have every single brendon pic on handbut do uhave that pic that brendon did for a magizine were he was in a white shirt with tiny blackbirds over it (the n that he wore in his house tour) and he looked super porclean and airbrushed and he was looking at like this vase of white roses super deeply and his hair looks more black than brown bc its lie my favoire brendon pic EVER

the wrong picture is coming to my mind so i sadly am not sure

so uh … there’s a lot going on in this picture

  • first off, this totally looks like a motivational poster
  • secondly, why does roboticus have a mustache??
  • and ummm sportacus,, i don’t think it’s humanly possible to turn your head at that angle 
  • milford??? are you okay??
  • that is definitely not stephanie’s real hand
  • ??? what’s? even happening here??

im?? just?? so confused???

I spent more time on his hat than his face tbh and didn’t put a lot of effort in his clothes but here is the thing

I need them to post more selfies so I can draw more 😬😬😬


Hello Everyone! Here’s the diorama i have made some time ago, called “On the road again”.  The idea behind it is to show Blight Knights marching to war, but without any fear at all. Idea rather simple, but i wanted to achieve the merry mood of those characters, which are just having a good time while walking towards their next prey, which on the other hand will suffer terribly and most likely end being eaten or something.