no agruments

Hi, Taylor my name is Will and I am 16 from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been through some rough times over the past 2 years, from agruments to break-ups and disgusting people calling me idoitic names for loving you including people constantly pushing me down and calling me “gay” for loving you and your music just because I am a guy Swiftie. I swear I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you and your amazing music.
Just thinking about you or looking at the picture of you on my lockscreen instantly makes me feel better, you’ve helped me climb above and beyond everything. Even though sometimes I get kicked hard onto the ground I still rise and succed just like you have. I love you so so much and i am so grateful for you.
These are some pictures of me and my friend Ella at the 1989 tour Sydney. I strained my voice from screaming and singing everysingle word to your truely amazing voice and also I cried during one of the most emotional Clean Speeches I have ever witnessed. Thank you for helping me because if it wasnt for you I would not be here today writing this or walking on this planet.

Thank you thank you thank you!

So Taylor thank you so very much for being there when no-one else has, you’ve done so much for me without even knowing it. Thank you for writing such incredible lyrics that connect so deeply with not just myself but so many people around the world. I wish more than anything else that my ultimate dream to be able to tell you all of my story in person to you in person will come true, but until then this will have to do.
I love you so much with all my heart.

Love Will @fightdragonsfortay ❤😚💕


Scott vs Stiles agruments are fucking pointless because neither of them are fully in the wrong when Theo is manipulating them both?!!? Like y'all are literally falling into theo’s trap?????

That Tayor Swift video if you’ve seen it, it’s worthy of a film
—  The View - when talking about taylors nomination for MTV Video of the Year and Nicki Minaj agrument

So yesterday i was watching the whole agrument on twitter from the start, it all started out with Alex being loving and caring, people twisted his words and HE GOT TOLD TO DIE AND GOT CALLED RACIST. There is so much things I want to say about this, but I will just say that no way in hell is Alex racist. He said NOTHING to make people say he’s racist. He just cares about everyone in B’more… his loved ones are there. You would care too if your loved ones were in danger and you were away, wouldn’t you? If anyone wants to argue about this with me then go ahead, i have many things to say and I will defend Alex until the day I die. 

Agruments (and counter arguments... by me) I’ve seen for “down with hate”

“Down with cis was a joke!!!”

The thing is, not everyone uses it or sees it like that. You need to think about the fact that around 30% of Tumblr users are under 24. While that may not sound like a lot, there are approximately  230 million Tumblr users, 30% of that is 69,000,000 and if you think that a bulk of that isn’t under 17 well I have some news for you. But why am I bringing up ages? That has nothing to do with the original point! The thing is, 1 in 5 children and adolescence experience some form of mental illness and their illness might make it hard for them to tell what is a joke, add on to their depression, and maybe even drive them to self hatred, pretending to be trans so they don’t feel bad (which while you might think isn’t that bad, depending on how far they go with it they can take resources and spaces from actual trans people). These are bad things, yo. This joke only work if you are actually referring to the meme. Just going around saying ‘Down with cis’ or purposely fucking with cis people is not a joke, it’s harassment and bullying.

“It’s transphobic!!!”

How? Because it changes a hateful meme into a positive message? I don’t understand. It’s literally saying don’t hate. Not don’t hate cis people, not only hate trans people, just don’t be a dick in general. How can you disagree with something that literally says ‘down with hate’, anyway?

“People are using it coming from a trans man as a scapegoat!!!”

Not really. I mean there are probably a few people who might be doing that, but ovrall it’s people spreading a positive message. There were a ton of people, cis and trans alike, that didn’t enjoy that meme. Considering that most trans people have their end goal as being passing as cis, it probably really fucked with them. 

So you should really think about these things before you decide to undermine a positivity movement.

(I’m probably going to add more when I come across more arguments against it. And @jeancrocker sorry for all of the hate you are getting. I don’t really see how that even happened but I guess hatred comes more easy than positivity to some people)