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Steve Harrington graduates from high school, and he gets a scholarship to college out of state. Like, waaaaay out of state. At least one expensive plane ticket away from everyone and everything he’s grown up around. And it’s hard, it’s hard and it’s painful to leave. But he can’t pass up this opportunity, he’s going.

Once he’s settled in Gotham City, he’s amazed to find that he’s adjusting quickly. Gotham may be over triple the size of Hawkins, but it’s…weird. And every week, there’s a letter from one of the kids (once they pooled their resources and sent him a care package that included plenty of Band Aids) and he sometimes wishes he was still there babysitting. He wouldn’t admit it to his roommate, but he missed babysitting and making sure that the kids were safe. He missed that.

So when he started looking around for a job to make some extra cash mid fall semester, he hears one of his professors mention after class to a colleague that Bruce Wayne, billionaire investor for the college, won’t be attending the dinner tonight because he doesn’t have someone to watch his kids, Steve is knocking on the Wayne Manor door within two hours.

“I have to warn you, Steve,” Bruce says, after Steve’s signed on for a salary that made him blink at first. “My kids are - a handful, let’s say that.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wayne,” Steve reassures, smiling even as he can feel at least three pairs of eyes watching him from the top of the stairs, “I’ve seen a LOT of sh- stuff while babysitting.”

“Where did you say you were from, again?”

“Hawkins, Indiana.”

Bruce suddenly remembers all the restricted files he’s been reading through over the government testing at Hawkins, at all the cover-ups and the lies.

Maybe Steve is the best one for the job after all.

Step one: Denial.
they’d never hurt you on purpose. they’re different, it’ll be okay.

Step two: Anger.
they said they’d stay. it was supposed to work out this time. they’re just like everyone else. they never cared.

Step three: Bargaining.
maybe it was a mistake. they’ll come back. they didn’t mean to hurt you.

Step four: Depression.
they aren’t coming back. and it hurts. when does it stop hurting please come back i need you I’m sorry.

Step five: Acceptance.
It was never worth the effort you put into it. they will never be able to give you what you need. it’s okay. you’re okay.


Visited Cape May last Sunday :D It was so nice to see the beach again even if it was only a few hours ;;v;; ♥

Also, I have personal IG :D ((hhhh i’m still wondering what else I should upload there hahahazzzzz))


Mchanzo Week- Canon Divergence/AU

In which the hunter falls for the lord of wolves~

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So modern love is constant communication. your grandma looks at you from over the table where your phone is underneath and says “you’re always texting that boy” and you nod and say yes yes I’m sorry and you put away the phone but when you hear the text tone your heart beats with it. modern love is call me when you get home so I know you’re safe. it’s phone calls stretching hundreds of miles where it’s 2am in one place and 3 pm in the other but maybe it’s like you’re in the same room because his voice in your ear sends butterflies to your stomach and you’re so in this for the long run. modern love is instagram posts with the caption “found my happiness and it’s him” and everyone laughs at the corniness of it all but wishes for love that picture perfect. modern love is a dozen heart emojis and a “good morning beautiful” every day like clockwork. so modern love isn’t like old love. it doesn’t make it not love. it just makes it something new.


Please papa SEGA, let Sonic have more than 2 pairs of slick kicks.

090217 - spanish review; (1/100 dop)

  aaah so im really excited because im starting the 100 dop today :,D i had a busybusy first week of school so this will kind of help me motivate myself for the school year !