no actually this is my 2nd gifs post


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           honestly  ,  i cannot believe it’s only been less than a month since i’ve brought howl to life and it is even MORE unbelievable that there are already nearly 500 of you following my meme-ass  ,  but here we are !!

           BUT FIRST  ,  here’s a special thanks to those who makes howl’s nonexistent heart go boom boom ( whether we’ve interacted much or not ):  

              @grandwar  @fragilefated  @jewelfate  @finalpetal  @crimsonarcher  @wrathruined  @hostangel  @beneatheriverbed  @moongrail @facadesmiled  @hetiwr  @isstarlight  @witchtrained  @ignisdemon  @titanslayer  @meddlingheels  @iincendiu  @ibisangelus  @hostprince  @futureheld  @frystsnow  @moonfates  @starsfates  @famiila  @vesselborne  @servesthegods  @etheruin  @sugarbuilt  @lastemishi  @divinebred  @raajasii  @wrathsinned  @kodomokira  @diilwen  @stygicniron  @roseared  @savedbyhaku  @senhiro  @talkmagictome @bathvviitch @rooskiisms  @aliferos  @heartlesxwizard @longlocked  @sleepingrora  @conqucror  @graecvs

              i’m actually super grateful to be able to write with each and every one of you ( even if i forgot to mention some of you bc i am trash ) ,  to be honest  and i’m very thankful for the fact that you tolerate howl’s pitiful pick-up lines  , SO !! i figured maybe i should do something special for my first FOLLOW FOREVER post and try and give you guys a small token of appreciation for being my pals. (☞゚∀゚)☞

          so basically  ,  i’m just going to keep this short and sweet:

      1st place winner:  promo  /  mobile banner
      2nd place winner: mobile banner  /  icon psd

            and just so you know  —- you have the right to DECLINE if you don’t want the prize !! if that were to be the case  ,  then i’ll just pick another winner in your place  ,  its no problem.  and other than the above  ,  the only thing left that you’ll need to know would be that both LIKES AND REBLOGS count for this  ,  but you also must be following me !! i’ll put every participant into a random generator on JUNE 17th and will announce / contact the winners the following day.

             —————–   So  ,  good luck to those who want to join in and thank you so much for the support you’ve given this fuckboi thus far !!!