no actually i might finish tomorrow

I have a whole heap of short stories on the back burner ready for when I finally finish TPatJ; the one I think I might do first is a little coffee-shop love story bc I have actually never done one of those, shockingly.

anyway here’s some concept art for one of the leading ladies

late night kiss pt. 6

whaA/N: wow, uh. it’s been almost 5 months since i updated this story… please forgive me, i have made it longer than all the other parts for you all……. please don’t kill me over the ending also no worries, this isn’t the last part

summary: Following Peter to confirm your suspicions has some unforeseen consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 

You’d laid in your bed, awake until two hours before you had to get up for school, and thought about Spider-Man and Peter.

They had to be the same person. They just had to be.

There were three main reasons why you were convinced that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

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Thank y’all so much to everybody who’s subscribed so far!!

The amount of people who’ve stopped by the channel even just once or twice and watched my content is honestly mind-boggling, and I can’t say thanks enough to everyone who enjoyed it enough to stick around! :D

(Rendering the compressed footage for the video I’m putting together rn is a hella slow job so I might have to finish actually editing it tomorrow– then (if the post comes on time this week) I can hopefully start working on that 30k special! TYSM again :D )

A Higher Education PT.3

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 6,903

A/U: Enjoy yall! 

Your name: submit What is this?

Over the course of the following weeks, things were getting worse. I began to second guess myself with Shawn on almost everything. I’d ask myself almost every time if I was just being friendly or if I was flirting. Growing more unsure I felt the line of my friendship and my feelings beginning to blur. The more I grew unsure the more uncomfortable and tense I grew around Shawn, he had probably had no idea of this tension and never picked up on how I was feeling but that was because I was hiding it well. Nevertheless, there was a new wedge in our relationship and I had created it unintentionally.

It didn’t help either that Shawn and Lindsey’s relationship was slowly blossoming.

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The Good Parent - Part One

Summary: After taking a long break at work and finally returning, you were already working overtime on your very first day. You happened to be the kindergartener of the son of Dean Winchester, a busy hunter, who would turn out to be the reason for a lot of trouble for you.

Words: 1777

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Originally posted by soluscheese

Warnings: none

A/N: I recently asked which series you wanted to see back and you decided for this one. While reading through the old parts, I just found it extremely cringy and therefore decided to rewrite this series completely. You will still be able to find the old parts and I will keep them linked for as long as it takes for me to replace all the existing parts. So if this seems familiar to you, it’s because I’m rewriting this series.


Today was the first day of work for you after you had to step back for some time due to some family reason. But now you were back and you couldn’t wait to work with the children again.

Your first day already started good, considering you had the closing shift and could for one sleep in and be energized enough to be with the kids since you only had to show up at three in the afternoon.

While preparing for the day, you wondered whether the kids would still remember you or not, but then again you haven’t been gone for years and you’ve been with all of them since the day they were brought to you.

It was only then that you noticed you had been going too relaxed about everything as you glanced at the clock and noticed you were running late. Quickly you grabbed your bag and walked over to the little coffee shop, grabbing a cheap coffee-to-go before heading over to your car, nearly spilling the hot contents in the cup while getting into the car.

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Original #12: Do You Believe In Clairvoyants?

Length: Medium

As described in a previous story, I serve as my campus’ midnight listener. During the day, I’m a student. But during the hours of midnight and 2AM, I head up to my office – an old storage room, where I provide listening services for students who need to express themselves anonymously without fear of being judged or ridiculed. A thick, black curtain separates myself and the students, providing maximum privacy.

Up til now, I’ve heard stories that intrigued, disgusted, and impressed me. But none had actually changed my life. At least, not until I met Carla.

It was 2.30AM, and I was finishing up yet another midnight listener session. I was knackered from listening to an hour’s worth of relationship laments, and was looking forward to retiring to my room in preparation for my midterms the next afternoon. So you could imagine my annoyance when I heard the door squeak open.

“Sorry, I’m done for the day. Come back tomorrow, please,” I said.

“Please. I need to – I need to talk to someone. If I don’t, I think I might go mad.” A female’s voice rang out.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I had students approach me after my specified listening hours. However, I’ve almost always turned them away. But there was something different about this voice that made me pause. Unlike that of most other students, this voice was laced with a tinge of desperation that I simply could not ignore.

“Okay. Okay but let’s keep this short, please. We can continue tomorrow night if you want,” I sighed inwardly and settled back down onto my chair.

“Thank you.” There was a shuffle of footsteps, and then a slight creak as the student sat down across the curtain.

“How may I address you? You can use a fake name if you want,” I asked.

A moment’s silence, and then: “Carla. It was my cat’s name.”

“Okay, Carla. Whenever you’re ready.”

“I… I’ve been having nightmares lately. Really bad ones. I wake me up in the middle of the night, screaming, and I can’t go back to sleep. I know my roommate thinks I’m going crazy. She doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, doesn’t want to look at me anymore.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, have you tried speaking to her?”

Carla sighed loudly in irritation. “No. Look, I don’t want to talk about her. I want to talk about my nightmares. It’s always of the same thing. The same damn thing.”

“What is it about?”

“A fire. A big fire and I’m always in it. Sometimes the nightmare begins when the fire first starts, but sometimes it just starts in the middle. I’m in the middle of the fire, it’s so hot, everything is burning and everyone is screaming. It’s foggy and I can’t see anything clearly.” As Carla described her nightmare, her voice began to grow shrill in panic.

“Just shapes, running around! Screaming and crying. There’s always books on the ground, going up in flames. Books, falling off their shelves and catching fire! And I’m running around, trying to escape but there’s no way out. There never is!”

Carla paused and I could hear her breathing heavily. It was during this brief respite that I realised that I too, had been hooked up emotionally into her story. I was sitting, quite literally, at the edge of my seat, and was leaning forward in anticipation. I opened my mouth to speak, when Carla continued.

“The air is thick and hot. I can’t breathe, I’m suffocating. Everyone around me is falling to the ground. The flames are getting bigger and bigger! I try to crawl for the exit, but I can never reach it.”

“And then what happens?” I croaked out.

“I wake up. I always wake up as soon as I pass out in the dream. I wake up, and I’m screaming and I’m crying and I’m sweating and thrashing. It takes me ages to calm down and I can never go back to sleep,” Carla’s voice broke in mid-sentence.

For the first time in many sessions, I was at a loss for words. I had so many questions in my mind. Eventually I spluttered out a question.

“You said there were books in your dream?” Yes, a weird question, I know. But it was bugging me.

“It’s always in the library. The fire. It starts there.”

“I see. Well – since these dreams are getting in the way of your sleep, have you tried taking sleeping pills?”

“No pill can help me,” Carla laughed darkly and snarled. “Do you want to know why?”

I winced involuntarily in my seat. Up until this point, Carla had displayed a wide range of emotions. She had gone from desperate and pleading, to panicky and shrill. Now, she exuded a sense of cockiness and cynicism. I couldn’t get a handle on her at all.

“Sure. Why?”

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Minis are done. On to the other commissions. The batch three is finally getting their invoices tonight. Batch 2 arts are going to be mostly done between today and tomorrow, (aside from the durgon for @asmund-scion-of-ice. that might take a little longer given the details, but I will keep you up to date, bro) Batch 3 will be finished by Saturday.

At this moment, I need to make my new commission post before accepting new commissions. You can go ahead and email be, but do understand that aside from one or two things, everything is going to be a bit more expensive. Between my needs and how long it actually takes to work on each pic (if I added up all my time, each of the major arts I have done so far have been a total of 3-5 hrs each at least. 30 is way to low for that much work on a color art)

But at the same time, I will also be expanding what I’m offering.

I’m still working on the exact prices for the post, but this is a rough idea of what it’s going to contain:

Single character arts:
15 -1 hr Sketch
20 - Color sketch
30 - Line art
35 - Line art with Shade
40 - Color/flat
50 - Color/Cel shade
70+ - Paint/soft shade style

Other offerings will be things like character sheets with different options, as well as updated options for Character arts with a price change on additional characters, as well as background and special effects options.

More on that between now and Sunday. I’m not sure when the post will go up, mind, I’m still trying to get my patreon set up and a few other things while still taking some time for myself as well.

And the best part to all of this is that once i do get that other stuff ready, I’ll post it to my deviant art and twitter accounts as well. More reach, more potential XD

*Sends good vibes to all*

Zach Werenski - Childhood Crush

anon request: Can you make a Zach Werenski one. Maybe about him taking that puck to the face during the playoff game. And can it be really cute and fluffy

@faithmikami requested: Hi there! I was wondering if you could write an image where a girl is dating Zach Werenski and attends the third playoff game against PIT. She’s in the crowd and sees him get injured and is allowed to go to the locker room to see how he is. Thanks! :)

anon request: can i have a zach werenski imagine about his injury and you going to the next game to watch and then coming home and taking care of him/cuddling him

anon request: Can you do a Zach werenski imagine please? Maybe about the injury if you need inspo :)

anon request: Can you do an imagine about Zach Werenski? Maybe like being in the crowd as he got hit kind of thing? Thank you!!!

an imagine about zach werenski’s injury was a very requested imagine and i still have more requests about this. i do love zach werenski though so i have no problem writing these!! XD i decided to put a cute little twist to it so i hope you like it

requests are open:))

Originally posted by werenskiz

“yes y/n zach would love if you came and visited us here in colombus!” mrs.werenski gushed into the phone. for me it was just hitting the end of exam time and for my best friend zach it was the beginning of playoffs. well soon to be the third game.

“i don’t know mrs.werenski, i want to but i have so much to do” i babbled on about why i shouldn’t go. “y/n zach hasn’t seen you in forever, he would love it if you came to watch” that’s where she had me. i haven’t seen zach in so long. i used to always watch him play hockey at the joe, he truly was a talented player.

zach and i were always best friends, the dynamic duo. i was always by his side and he was always by mine. he supported me in my hockey and i always supported him in his hockey, even till this very day. throughout the years i manages to develop feelings for zach that a best friend shouldn’t feel and i’ve tried pushing them away but they always pop back up. he’s never really shown an interest but maybe i just never looked.

“fine” i fake sighed but was quickly followed by a overly girlish squeal. “i’m so excited too see him!” i laughed to his mother. “trust me y/n, he’s gonna be happy to see you too!” she joined in on my laughing. “when should i book my flight?” i asked. “oh don’t worry about that hun, we have it all covered. ill send you an email and print the ticket that’s in it, and there is your flight” she explained.

i could hear the loud sound of zach from the other side of the phone, “zachs coming but ill see you soon!” she said in a hushed tone and hung up. i smiled before putting my phone down and quickly opening up my email. the flight leaves tomorrow at 9:00am. oh boy. it was already 6:30pm and i haven’t even started packing.

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Every Me And Every You - Sixteen

Spencer explained his game to you as you both ate your dinner, you taking a bite of the over cooked steak and vegetables, followed by a bite of the steak and hand cut fries that you really just wanted a whole plate of.

The apartment was the perfect temperature, not too hot or cold so although you did still feel somewhat exposed, you weren’t uncomfortable at least.

“So, in this folder is a list of statements that essentially all begin with the world ‘Tonight’. It’s broken down into sections. The first section is ‘Tonight you will…’ and the second section is ‘Tonight, we will use’. The third section just asks you to list some numbers, but they will correspond with a ‘Tonight X will happen this many times’. You’ll go through and answer either yes, no or a number to each point and then when you’re done, you’ll select some more numbers at random, from a bag. What ever numbers you select, we’ll do. Or won’t, depending on how you’ve answered.”

You think you followed him. “So statement one could be ‘Tonight you will…. suck me off’ and I answer either yes or no to it. Then if number one comes out of the bag, we either do it or not?”

“Exactly.” He was grinning at you, as you cleaned the last bit of food away from your plate.

“Okay. That sounds fun.” You just wouldn’t tick yes to the things you weren’t keen on. Easy. Although you knew that even if you did answer yes to something, you wouldn’t have to do it if you really didn’t want to. So where was the thrill?

“Great. So, you can open your folder and start answering. Take your time.”

You pushed your empty plate and cutlery forward, placing the folder in front of you and opening it.

In front of you was a piece of paper, numbered one to twenty and split in three sections.

“Where are the statements?” Confusion filled your brain, the page was blank apart from the numbers and section headings.

“In my folder,” he replied, his eyes on yours. He rolled his bottom lip into his mouth, releasing it slowly.

“So are you going to read them out so that I can answer?”

“Nope.” The corner of his mouth travelling upwards in a smirk.

“So how do I know what I’m….. Ohhhhh. I don’t.”

That’s where the thrill was. You were answering yes or no, but you didn’t know what to.


Alright. This could be interesting.

You picked up the pen and started working your way down the list, randomly selecting yes, no or writing a figure where applicable. It specified between one and ten.

Every so often you heard Spencer tut, or suck in his breath.

“Oooh, that’s a shame. I was hoping you’d answer yes to that one.”

“Ten Y/N. Really?”

“Oh you’re going to like that one.”

“Spencer…. You’re distracting me.”

“I know. But you’ve been distracting me too. Do you know how frustrating it is sitting here and not touching you. Your nipples are so fucking hard against that night dress….. They’re begging to be sucked.”

It was a good job the seat below you was leather and would wipe clean easily.

“Seriously Y/N. Your body is so perfect.”

“It’s really not Spence. I’ve got cellulite and stretchmarks. I’ll admit that I don’t mind my figure, working where we do keeps me reasonably fit and toned at least. But I’m far from perfect.”

Spencer rose from the table and walked around to your seat, kneeling on the floor in front of you and placing his hands on your thighs, turning you to him.

“Y/N, your body is perfect to me. Accept it. Love the things you see as an imperfection because they make your skin and your body unique to you. Don’t let me hear you contradict me again. I adore your body, I would spend all night worshipping it if you let me.”

He lowered his head and pressed his lips against your legs, kissing each thigh in turn.


Having him spending all night worshipping you sounded like heaven, and you were pretty sure his words had turned your insides to mush.

He stood again and returned to his seat, reaching for a small velvet bag before he did so.

“So, shall we see what this worship will actually entail?”

You nodded, both nervous and excited. He raised his hand and tossed the velvet bag at you. You reached for it, catching it and mentally high fiving yourself for your reflexes.

You tugged on the draw string seeing that the bag was full of marbles, each with a number painted onto them.

“So, I just pull them out? How many?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking. Leaning forward, he rested his head on his hand, stroking his chin.

“Shall we say five, and we’ll see what we come up with. Choose a marble and read the number out along with what your answer was. And then I’ll tell you the statement. You can check them yourself if you like.”

Adjusting yourself on the chair, you reached into the bag and pulled out the first a marble, turning the smooth cool ball over in the palm of your hand.

“Fourteen. And my answer was yes.” You placed the marble on the open folder, watching it roll slightly until it stopped in the crease of the binder.

“Fourteen. Alright. That was from the Tonight We Will Use section. So it looks like we’ll be playing with ice and fire later.”

“Fire?” Alarm coated your voice.

“Candle wax Y/N. Candle wax.”


“Next one?” he asked and you reached inside the bag again and pulled out another ball.

“Three. And my answer was no.”

He checked his own sheet. “I think you’ll be pleased you answered no to that. I’m not sure you’re quite ready for that and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’d be ready for you to do it. But it was an old game sheet which I’ve not updated.”

“Explain.” You raised your glass to your mouth, taking a drink.

“Tonight you WON’T be anally penatrating your partner.”

You nearly spat your drink out, managing to swallow it quickly and compose yourself.

“You’d actually want me to do that? How would that even work?”

“Male G spot, Y/N. And…. With a strap on of course.” He looked amused at your reaction and you could feel yourself flushing red and the mental image you now hand of you fucking Spencer from behind.

Just what the hell.

“I’m just gonna pick another out okay.”

You reached in to the bag and selected another marble. “Nineteen and the answer was five.”

He smirked. “The number of times you’ll be bought to the edge of orgasm before you’re allowed to come.”

Fucking brilliant. Five ….

You were totally going to be begging by the end of this and the look on his face told you that he knew it.

“Another one, Y/N?”

Okay. Another one. You pulled out another and checked the number again your paper.

“It’s another number. Ten.”

“The number of times you will be paddled.”

“Paddled….. Those things that look like the backs of hair brushes?”

“Yup. I have a wooden one and a plastic one. I’ll let you choose which one when it come round to it. Next?”

You already had your fingers in the bag, ready to pull out another.

“Four. Yes.”

“Fantastic. I’ve been waiting to find out what your lips would feel like around my cock. Looks like I’ll be finding out.”

And that meant you’d finally get to actually see him.

“Just so you know, the statement in full is: Tonight you will give and receive oral sex. So I’ll be tasting you too. Perhaps whilst you’re sucking.”


“Not that you’ll be allowed to finish.”


“Do you wanna choose another?”

“Well, I kinda wanna know what my six strikes are going to be cashed in as.”

“I’m saving them for tomorrow. You might acrue more by not doing something I ask this evening.”

“Okay. I’ll choose another. Eleven. And yes.”

Consulting his list, he pursed his lips.

“Ever worn nipple clamps Y/N?”

“Nope… But I’m guessing I will be, right?”

“You got it.”

“Fine. Question…. So this has dictated how many times I’ll be bought to the edge before I can come. What about you? Do you get to finish whenever?”

“Good question. And the answer is yes. Although this will mainly be about you. But if I want to come, I’ll come. If you’re doing something to me and I’m near and I want you to stop, you’ll stop. Spit or swallow by the way?”

“Generally depends on my mood, and where I am. But you’re the boss, so you tell me right?”

He smiled. “Thats right, I do. So swallow I think. But I’ll let you know. Now…I’m going to clean these plates away and bring dessert out. Climb up on the table and take that night dress off please?”


He stood and gathered up the plates before turning to you.

“Dessert time. You’re going to be my dish. Get naked and lie down on the table Y/N.”

Jesus fucking christ….

I survived yesterday evening and I am actually looking forward to starting my new job next week 🙈
In more bookish news: I’m not really making huge progress when it comes to reading The Catcher in the Rye 🤔 It’s not bad, but everytime I think back on what happened in the last chapter I read before sleeping, I have a hard time actually remembering it 🙈 Anyway, I still like it and it’s a small book, so I think I might finish it either tomorrow or Monday 🙌🏼
I really hope I’ll finish my September TBR early so I can dive back into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 🙈 I already miss Hogwarts, although I just finished my reread of The Chamber of Secrets last Monday 🙊

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Ok short story time but tonight I was lucky enough to be in the studio audience for tonight’s episode of The Project. As you could probably tell, DAVID BOREANAZ was also there. I have loved Bones and David for yeeeaaarrrss and actually being in the same room as him was unreal. They had him on at the end of the show so I was sitting through the news stories/some dude from Twilight and Manny Pacquiao thinking David would never come on. It just didn’t feel real. Anyway, just before they introduced him, he walked in the room. (The room was actually really small. Like just a bit bigger than an average living room.) I rememeber at that moment I lost all function. I was near the door side of the row which meant he was only a few metres away. Literally nobody was paying attention to the show as soon as he walked in. We were all glued to the side of the room where he was standing. Then of course they played his Buffy/Angel/Bones intro while he shook hands with everyone. Then the interview went on and he looked into the crowd and we had like 0.5 seconds of eye contact. I know we already knew this but damn hes good at interviews. So much energy, seems like such a decent guy. After it finished he waved goodbye to us and got photos with the Panel and then waved goodbye to us again. After that the hosts came and spoke to us saying how great David was.

So that was day ¼ of seeing David. I’m still shaking. I might livetweet or tweet the aftermath of actually MEETING him tomorrow and getting autorgaphs/photos with him over the weekend. Follow me if you wanna see some crazy Bones/David Boreanaz fan post some crazy tweets.

Life with the Schuylers - Chapter Three (Peggy)

a/n: here is chapter three. I’ve had some trouble writing this chapter because due to a lack of response and feedback more than people just asking to be tagged I’ve lost a lot of motivation for this series which makes me really sad. I love this world I’m creating and I’m really enjoying writing it and coming up with ideas and I hate that that’s being tainted. So please, please if you enjoy this please tell me what you think!

warning: I don’t think anything in this chapter

word count: 3,424

tagged: @tailored-shirt-tails @legendaryapplesauce @turtlenecks-coffee @pheonix-fire-fangirl @eliza-the-actual-ray-of-sunshine @hercules-mullifan @musicalmoriarty @serkewen12 @lupinschocolatefrog @imagineimeliza @wrotemywayoutimagines  

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“Hercules, it’s 2 am what do you want?” Peggy groans, rubbing her hands down her face after hitting the speaker button on her phone.

It might be 2 in the morning, but Peggy definitely wasn’t sleeping. She’s pretty sure her sociology professor hates her, springing a 1000 word paper on them out of nowhere seemed particularly cruel to her. So here she is, hunched over her laptop at 2 am desperately trying to finish this paper before she has to submit it tomorrow afternoon.

“I figured you’d want some company,” Herc says and by his tone, she can tell he’s probably sitting there shrugging like it’s no big deal.

She sighs, slipping her glasses off and rubbing the corners of her eyes. After staring at her computer screen for hours on end, her eyes feel like they are burning and even with her glasses on, they still seem to be going blurry at times. She wishes she could have gone to bed hours ago, but every time she looks over her document it seems like she’s found another problem to fix.

“You should be asleep,” she mumbles, paying more attention to her computer than the man on the other end of the phone.

“So should you, come on pegs go to bed. You don’t need to finish tonight it’s not due until tomorrow night,” he says.

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100 days of productivity day 10// today i actually got a lot done and i’m really quite happy! I finished some small work for science, finished a journal entry for my project class, made a history mindmap (which i’m actually pretty proud of, might post some pictures of it later if anyones curious), read some of my novel for english, and worked on some maths problems which I don’t really understand, but i’m going to ask my teacher tomorrow ⛅️

Also, I apologise if the pictures seem a little orange. I took them at about seven and the sun was getting ready to set.

On that note, does anyone know much about literal algebraic equations?

15.05.17 || 36 out of 50 days of productivity
I tried out a new spread today, inspired by @stvdybuddies. I really like it but I do have a lot of blank space which needs filling in so I’ll probably modify it. I doubt I’d use it every day but just until exams are done I think it’d be useful to try and time everything and look at what I actually did in comparison to what I set out to do. That way I might be able to start timing things better? Hopefully at least. I’ve almost finished planet earth and I guess I’ll be starting EMW tomorrow (I know it’s really bad I keep pushing it further and further and I’ve only got a week until the exam xc)
Hope everyone’s alright!

samantha-girlscout  asked:

Is it too self indulgent to ask for chlonette yoi au?

“Oh, this reminds me of those little micro apartments in New York City that I stayed at with a friend while I was in the states. It’s so itty bitty but it’s strangely charming. Is there a couch?”

Marinette slammed down the final box of Chloe’s luggage – box 49 out of 49 – and sat on top of it as she tried to catch her breath. “No. There’s no couch.”

“Hm. A television? Portable A/C? A vanity mirror so I can do my makeup?”


Chloe pouted and looked about the room with her hands on her hips. “That’s annoying. Oh well. I guess it’ll do.”

Marinette started to pick her hair up, wincing at how sweaty the back of her neck felt after climbing all of those stairs. “We really don’t have any spare rooms in our apartment so you’re going to just have to bunk in my room for now. It was either this or sticking you on the couch.”

Chloe tipped her head and chuckled. “You look a little annoyed. Don’t worry! You can pay me my coaching fees after you win the Grand Prix. I’ll bill you later.”

“Wonderful,” Marinette grumbled, glaring at her through her bangs. “Your charity and consideration are truly breathtaking…”

“Oh well, I try my hardest,” Chloe smiled, not picking up on Marinette’s sarcasm as she kicked off the house slippers that Marinette’s mother had given her. “It’s difficult, but papa always says it’s important to put up a good facade for the public.”

Marinette rolled her eyes and started to push some of the boxes to the side to make room for the futon that her mother was going to bring up for Chloe to sleep on later. She wondered if all of Chloe’s fans were aware of how downright vapid she sounded or if this was something that only Marinette had the privilege to see now that Chloe was going to be her coach through this season. “Well. You might have to finish unpacking tomorrow, but maman will have that bed for you in a bit.”

“Oh don’t worry about that darling,” Chloe waved away. “It gives us time to chat for a little bit before bed.”

Marinette frowned. “I’m a little tired actually. I thought I could get a good night’s rest so that I’ll be ready for practice tomorrow.”

“You’re so anxious,” Chloe chuckled, crawling closer to where Marinette was sitting in the middle of the floor. “It’s not that late. Besides, if I’m going to coach you, we should try to learn a little bit about each other, hm?”

Marinette blinked when Chloe was suddenly directly in front of her, her face leaning in so that it was only a few inches away from Marinette’s face. She blinked at Chloe’s sharp little smirk and felt her mouth go dry. “U-Uh. There’s not really that much to tell.”

“Nonsense,” Chloe waved away. “I’ve only seen a few of your competitions and that’s hardly enough information about you, especially as your esteemed coach. We need to get a little bit more intimate than that.”

Chloe’s manicured finger tapped the bottom of Marinette’s chin and tilted it up until she couldn’t possibly tear her gaze away from Chloe’s. “We’re going to be staying here together for a while, right? So I have time to learn everything about you. It’s important if I’m going to help you win the Grand Prix you know.”

Marinette gulped when she felt Chloe’s nails gently drag their way up and down Marinette’s cheek. Marinette wasn’t sure if she wanted to melt against the touch or scramble away against the wall until there was as much space between them as possible. “I-I, uh….don’t know what you…ahem. What you want to know.”

“Everything,” Chloe smiled, her voice low and smooth. “I want to know the kind of rink you skate at, all your favorite places that you like to visit in Paris, what you do for fun.” Chloe bit her bottom lip shyly and stared at Marinette through her long eyelashes while her other hand danced down Marinette’s arm and rested on top of her hand. “If there’s a girl that you like.”

Chloe was so close that Marinette could feel her exhales against her lips, and all Marinette could do was sit there and feel her body tremble and her face grow hot. “We really should build up a little trust in our relationship before we start practicing, hm?” Chloe asked. “Besides, it’s rather hard to be rooming with a pretty little thing like you and not want to get to know her a little better.”

The moment Chloe licked her lips and moved her face a touch closer, Marinette panicked, let out a small squeak, and rolled off to the side until she was able to duck away from CHloe’s advances. She quickly hopped up on her feet and laughed harder than she meant to. “Wow! Uh! Maman’s sure taking a long time to find that futon! I’m going to go down and help her while you stay here and get settled.”

She didn’t wait around to see Chloe’s reaction and bolted down the stairs to her bedroom, waving her hands in front of her face and hoping she’d cool down quick enough before her mother started asking questions. 


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Haha, well here’s a smudgy lil pen doodle of my fav scene from the recent chapter of The Party Incident :)
I wanted to do this because I’m working on two bigger(?) projects (if you could call them that) on this fic that’ll take me longer.
First off, I’m doing one that has to do with the Photography Incident that I’m excited to do :3 It’ll be digital, so it’ll take a while if I want it to turn out the right way ;-;
And I’m doing a lyric video of sorts with this AWESOME cover of a song I found that will follow though some of my fav parts of the story :^) that’ll just be with pen on paper, but will take longer with all the panels. I really have to commit myself to those things. (I haven’t actually finished any of the ones I started like this so we’ll see how that goes)

God, if only I could draw as well as I could write…. rip.

But there’s… an update for you guys??? I guess?? Just my plan for the next while ;-;

To all those DEDICATED followers I have that check my blog everyday and constantly refresh, just waiting for me to post hahhahHAHA


*sigh* If I’m lucky, I might get one of these finished tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes :/
I won’t draw anything else until it’s finished!!! SWEET BABY JESUS I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THESE PROJECTS

Hogsmeade- Peter Parker One Shot (Hogwarts AU)

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Prompt: (requested by @timstephxo ) Hey I was just wondering if you could do a Peter Parker hogwarts au where the reader and him are best friends (both in Gryffindor) and the reader gets asked out on a date and to be nice they say yes but they actually like peter and peter gets jealous and the one shot basically ends in fluff if that’s okay with you :)

Word Count: 1000


“Hey, Y/N, you’re going to Hogsmeade tomorrow, right?” Peter asked you as you two walked down the corridors of Hogwarts to the Herbology greenhouse.

“If I finish my potions essay, yes.” You replied.

“The potions essay that isn’t due for a week?” He questioned.

“Yes, but you never know what assignments will be thrown at you between now and then, so you might as well get a head start.” You shrugged.

“I guess you’re right. Anyways, if you’re going to Hogsmeade, would you like to-” Peter was cut off as Teddy Lupin appeared beside you.

“Hey, Y/N.” Teddy said with a bright smile.

“Oh, hey, Teddy.” You replied, politely.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” He asked.

“Um, sure. Peter, you can go into Herbology, I’ll just meet you in there.” You stated and your best friend nodded. Peter continued to walk and turn briefly to see you talking with Teddy in private. With a heavy heart, Peter returned to his journey.

“So, what’s up, Teddy? Do you need more help on Divination?” You asked.

“No.” He shook his head, causing his bubblegum pink to fall even more out of place. “I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to Hogsmeade tomorrow.”

“Like a date?” You questioned. Your thoughts drifted back to Peter. You really liked him, but he saw you as just a friend- just a best friend.

“Yes.” Teddy nodded.

“Sure, I’ll go with you.” You replied, pushing your depressing thoughts of Peter to the back of your mind.

“You know, for one of the most academically gifted girls I know, you aren’t so bright with social cues.” He chuckled as you two started to walk to Herbology.

“Hey!” You exclaimed, hitting his arm with your textbook.

“So, I’ll meet you at the entrance to the Gryffindor common room tomorrow?” He suggested.

“That sounds great.” You nodded as you entered the greenhouse and broke off into your respective sides. The Hufflepuffs had one long table of plants and the Gryffindors had another. You came to a halt at the Gryffindor table, standing beside Peter.

“What did Teddy want?” Peter asked.

“Oh nothing.” You replied, “And, yeah, I will definitely be going to Hogsmeade tomorrow.”

“Really?” His voice raised in excitement.

“Yeah.” You nodded and paused, “Actually, that’s what Teddy asked me about.”

“Oh.” Peter mumbled.

“So, what was it that you were going to ask me about earlier?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head. You were prevented from asking any further questions when Professor Longbottom came in to teach the lesson.


The next day, Peter had hardly spoken to you. He mumbled a ‘good morning’ to you at the table and said something about his potions essay before he ran off. A few minutes before Teddy would pick you up, you asked one of Peter’s roommates if they had seen him.

“No. He hasn’t been in his room all day.” Ned said, “I don’t know where he is.”

“Well, if you see him, can you let him know I want to talk to him?” You asked.

“Will do.” He nodded and turned back to his game of wizard’s chess. You looked at your watch and saw that it was time to leave. The Gryffindor common room door opened for you to leave and you were met with Teddy standing on the other side.

“Y/n, you look lovely.” He smiled.

“Thank you, Teddy.” You replied, blushing. He led you through Hogwarts and out towards Hogsmeade.

He took you to the Three Broomsticks for butterbeers. There was little conversation and even fewer jokes shared between the two of you- the exact opposite of you and Peter, or what you and Peter used to be like before today. Teddy’s head shot up when the door opened and in walked a group of Ravenclaw girls. You watched as one of the girls made eye contact with Teddy and then turned away quickly. You looked back at Teddy and took in his posture- he was sitting up straighter with his head held higher and his chest puffed out more. Turning back to the girl once more, you recognized her. Last year, she and Teddy had been Hogwarts’ “it” couple.

“I’m going to grab us some drinks.” Teddy said, instantly taking off towards the counter near where the girls stood.

Almost as quickly as Teddy left you, you stood up and exited the restaurant. You felt a shiver run through you as you thought of how you had just been so easily used. You started up the path back towards Hogwarts. You turned a hard corner and ran straight into someone.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” They said and you looked up at them.

“Peter?” You asked.

“Y/N, I was, uh-” He stuttered.

“Why are you going to Hogsmeade alone?”

“Why are you leaving Hogsmeade alone?” Peter asked. You looked at him in shock and he cleared his throat to start again, “I meant, where is Teddy? I thought you were on a date.”

“He- um- he used me to get back at his ex.” You stated, looking down sheepishly, “Him asking me out was so out of the blue- I should’ve known.”

“I’m so sorry.” He said, hugging you tightly.

“I’m okay, Peter. I’ll live. I just know who won’t be getting any more Divination help.” You chuckled, pulling away from your friend, “So why are you headed to Hogsmeade?”

“Honestly,” Peter started, embarrassed already, “I was coming to see you. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I know it’s creepy, but you’re my best friend. I’m always going to protect you and I’m always going to love you.” He clapped a hand over his mouth, realizing what he had just let slip out. “I mean, um, I-”

“You love me?” You asked with a smile.

“Yes.” He nodded, “Did I just ruin this friendship?” He asked, making you laugh. You leaned up and kissed him.

“Does that answer your question?” You replied as he blinked at you, completely stunned by your previous action. “I love you, Peter Parker.” Smiling, Peter leaned down to kiss you again.

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A Year Later: Joseph

It’s Friday night, and I wrote this in an evening. Let’s keep the series going. This one was super cathartic, not gonna lie. 

profanity, minor violence

2,127 words

The bright sound of ice clinking against glass punctuates the gentle murmur of Jim and Kim’s. Mary, Robert, and I sit in one of our usual corner booths. Some nights are “watch Mary flirt with unsuspecting twenty-somethings” night. Some nights are “throw rocks at stop signs” nights. Some nights are “call it slightly early to let Robert take advantage of my need for validation and desire to sleep with hot guys” nights.

This night is none of those.

Tonight we’ve all just settled on the fact that we’re terrible parents and our lives are a mess to varying degrees, but there’s also nothing we can do about it at the moment. So we might as well drink the hell up.

Amanda wanted distance. I can respect that. She was right in that we both really needed it. I had gotten a phone call from her for the first time in months telling me she landed safely with her host family in France. An e-mail told me about her acceptance to the semester long art program only about two months ago, and details had been sparse. All communication had. Maybe it was for the best.

Hugo and Damien pass by the window of the bar hand in hand, and I let out an involuntary grunt of disgust.

“I told you I could hook you and Dames up, but noooooo,” Mary says lightly.

“He’s just a little too weird. I can’t deal,” I respond.

“I keep telling you he’s more normal than you think.”

“Whatever. They’re a cute couple. They deserve each other.”

Becoming friends with Mary wasn’t an all at once thing, but it was still insanely weird. After the…unpleasantness…with Joseph, I didn’t think she’d ever want to talk with me again. She was the one to come and sit next to me at the bar, though,  and initiate conversation the night after Amanda left for school. Then I found out about Robert and Joseph. That’s when I realized what we had all formed was less a friendship and more of an alliance. A tiny coalition of people who had been both metaphorically and quite literally screwed by Joseph Christiansen in various ways.

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