no actual spoilers from the new chapter


I guessed they were buisness partners and that seems to be true!

*Update*: Thanks for the notes guys! I just wanted to point out that this recording seems to be from when the company first started, so the “new” character might not actually be new to us ;)
Lucky Clovers

So, the first scans of the new chapter are out (slight spoiler alert!).
At the Christmas party, Shiemi gives everyone a clover charm.

Me: “Hold on… that looks familiar…” *flips through manga* “Duuuuude.”

Did we just stumble upon some sort of standard Exorcist goodbye tradition, or…?
We still don’t know the Important Big Thing Shiemi’s mom told her that made her quit exorcism. And then then there’s the real shape of the Grigori. And some theories about the Moriyama family’s relation to one of them in particular.

…Could it be those lucky clovers are actually sprouts from Shemihaza?

You’re breaking your own heart
Taking it too far down the lonely road
You say you just want love
But when it’s close enough you just let it go
The very thing you’ve been the most afraid of
You’ve been doing it from the start, breaking your own heart

kunikida is breaking my heart right now and i’m an actual mess about the new chapter. FREE HIM.

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How could Magnus not see that Alec was depressed for two years???? Like I know he has his own shit going on and Alec's a great actor but fuck. The worst boyfriend award goes to...

Spoilers for Chapter 25 of ALDNT

He did see, and he didn’t say anything. The same way that Alec didn’t say anything.

I know it’s basically impossible to tell in a story that’s so tightly from Alec’s POV, but Magnus was just as miserable as Alec during that year. It was caused by slightly different things, and it definitely manifested in completely different ways (since they’re completely different people), but every single day was also a struggle for him. He didn’t understand why Alec became so distant, he didn’t understand why Alec stopped talking to him, he didn’t understand why Alec would obviously lie about things when Magnus did try to talk to him, he didn’t understand why Alec stopped saying goodnight to him before he went to bed alone, he didn’t understand why Alec stopped touching him, and didn’t reciprocate when Magnus would try to touch him. 

And because Alec lied about so much during that time, Magnus ended up believing many things that weren’t true. Alec said Max was perfect all day (so he wouldn’t have to admit how much he struggled), so Magnus was devastated when Max would be so difficult for him. Magnus ended up convinced that Max was perfect for Alec, and awful for him, and that it meant Max didn’t like him. Alec always said that he was fine, and his day was fine, and that there was nothing wrong. So Magnus could only see that Alec became miserable when he came home every night. Every night, Magnus would ask how Alec’s day was, and Alec would lie, and walk away. He clearly didn’t want to spend time with Magnus when it could be avoided, and he never said anything he didn’t absolutely need to say. 

Yes, Magnus could see that something was wrong. And yes, he could have tried harder to get Alec to tell him the truth. But he didn’t. And Alec didn’t admit that he was struggling. Neither of them did anything. They both sat back and watched the relationship deteriorate. All either of them had to do was say “Hey, we need to talk about this”, and that would have been it. But neither of them did that. The situation wasn’t more Magnus’s responsibility than Alec’s. If Magnus is guilty for not saying something, so is Alec. The situation is a lot more complicated than “blame” (something Alec acknowledges in the chapter), but if it were as simple as that, they would be equally to blame.

It was a complicated, difficult, horrible year for both of them. They were both equally aware that they needed to do something about it. And neither of them did. “Worst boyfriend” doesn’t even remotely apply to the situation.

Thanks to reading the spoilers and the raw pages I think I figured out who is our Middle East Union. And for the first time ever, my prediction was true in this month. 


So, if you are familiar with my posts or following me you have read that I pointed out that Marley’s new enemy, Middle East Union might be the actual Middle Easterners in real life but like I said so, it seemed more likely to me that they are the East Sea Clan.

After discussing it with some fellow mutuals of mine and reading the new chapter from raws, I am convinced that it is indeed the Middle East in real life has a cameo in this chapter as Middle East Union!

First, I, like all of you, suspected that it is the East Sea Clan that Marley is in a war with currently but the word was different, Beast and Armored Titans were being referred as their usual names but if it is indeed the East Sea Clan then why was Isayama giving them a different name and kanji? He refers East Sea Clan as Touyou as @suniuz pointed out HERE. Thanks @falcon94ssy for sharing it with me!

But Isayama was not giving us East Sea Clan, no.

He was not changing their name, he was introducing us a new nation in the SnK world.

Middle Easterners. Or well, Middle East Union as he refers it.

How did I figure this out? Well, the names are close that is obvious indeed but what else I got? The power of my nerdness.

Let’s look at the enemy line our new hero Gabi jumped in! There are two enemy soldiers who are ready to shot her there.

Please pay attention to these soldiers’ hats. Yes please, focus to their hats on their heads.

This is a traditional Eastern hat, known as fez

I know you guys are not familiar with this, so let me show you a basic example of a soldier wearing a fez.

This is an Ottoman soldier.

An Ottoman Soldier, date unknown.

Mustafa Kemal Paşa and Enver Paşa with other unknown people in Istanbul, 1919.

Around the beginnings of 1910.

Seems quite similar, right?

And hats are not just the similarity here, uniform, facial structure, the way Isayama drew those enemy soldiers… It all just screams to me. And it all seems amazing.

So when I was cracking about how Middle Easterners can be the Middle East Union in new chapter, I was not cracking, I was predicting. 

I was right.

But of course this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, no matter how Isayama portrays Middle East Union, we should be happy because Middle Easterners are being added to a fictional world no matter what side they are. I trust the way Isayama writes characters, he showed us how good he is when it comes to character arcs already. We should go and praise him for writing a colorful and complex this story like this! I am trusting him here and I recommend you all to do the same things as well, we will see how things will turn out in upcoming chapters!

Thank you all for reading!

Type-Moon 4gamer Interview 2017 Notes

- Lots of talk about Beasts, probably playable Beast type-servants at some point. No indication if he means new Beasts or if playable versions of Tiamat and Goetia. Personally, I[The translator] could see Tiamat but not Goetia.

- He really, really wants to do a Tsukihime event, or at the very least wants to put Arcueid in the game.

- Nasu’s favorites are Jaguarman, Ishtar, Kiyohime, and Tamamo.

- “We appreciate the foreign playerbase.” no mention of localizations but he’s at least aware of it.

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Lucid Dream : A new chapter has arisen!

Howdy everybody? (\ʕ◕ᴥ◕❀ʔ/)

Finally after like a million years I made a cover art I actually had a bit of an art block lately, because I’m not satisfied about my style. Thus why there are not many doods to go with this update, and the Jesse & Hanzo I doodled look a bit different from the cover art (˃̵ヮ˂̵)

Voilà voilà ʕ❀•̤́ᴥ•̤̀ʔ hope y’all enjoy the chapter!

Previous chapter - Next chapter

Below is a super spoiler doodle - please do not check till you read the chapter ʕ•̤̀ᴥ•̤́ʔ I count on you not to cheat~

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Iruma supports Keebo’s equality

Just a few pages from New Danganronpa V3 Anthology Vol. 1 that feature Miu Iruma refusing to change K1B0′s appearance in order to make his exterior “more human” due to her own personal ethics.

It’s a good insight into Miu’s character as well as supportive of the fact that she sees him as no different than any actual human.

(Then she gets all flustered and flattered when it’s said that she “consoled” Keebo because it implies a certain kind of cuddling to her and KIIRUMA AHOY)

No Spoilers for the game since this all takes place within early Chapter 1, but I guess you might learn about the characters a bit in here.

Scans from @shslscans.

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I love how unlike Kaede and Kiibo who give hope Saihara is the only protagonist who receives hope it's a nice change

This is a really good way to put it anon, and I agree wholeheartedly! In a series that’s centered around the idea of “hope” and “despair” and having to pick one or the other for so long, having a protagonist who ultimately rejected both, and even the cycle of “hope vs. despair” itself, was so nice.

Saihara’s strengths don’t lie in his ability to motivate or spur others on to greatness. He’s not the motivating sort of protagonist at all. He’s anxious, depressed, and suicidal for pretty much the whole game. Everything about Saihara, even pre-game Saihara who was willing to throw himself into the killing game willingly, centers around the fact that he’s an extremely depressed person who does not want to take the spotlight or take charge of the situation in any shape, form, or fashion.

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SnK 93 (spoilers)

Interesting facts we’ve learnt from the recent chapter:

- Zeke transforms people into mindless titans by injecting his spinal fluid and hearing his roar. This is unique to him as the Beast Titan, probably because of his royal blood. Marley presumably does not know about his royal blood (from this comment on reddit)

- If a shifter dies and is not subsequently eaten to make a new shifter, a baby would inherit it, so the power is never lost.

- Marley is in a sense behind technologically compared to other countries. Even the island developed weapons against titans while they just relied on the titan’s strength, which means they’re reaching their limit.

- The Ackermans are terrifying. Like I thought Mikasa’s strength was just used for humour at first but they are actually terrifying.

- The cart titan’s a female and spent some time walking on all fours after changing back (probably)

- Ymir is 100% ded lol

Translation was a bit iffy so some parts that will need clarifying

- The armoured titan “being lost” which definitely didn’t happen since he wakes up in a few pages, so maybe they just mean he was incapacitated for a while

- Zeke has a son?? (though people are saying contrary)

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Hey sandflake, I was wondering if you could explain the ABoT au with Reigen in the attic? I haven't been very active or read much in the discord chat for most of the month actually, so I haven't really kept up with the various fan stuff. Happy new year!


The idea was this: what if Mogami had succeeded in taking Reigen over in chapter 8? And from that came a whole lot of yikes : Mogami murdering poor sweet Tetsuo via Reigami, keeping Reigen as a constant flesh sack and just using his funds, handcuffing him to the bedpost at night for a year, what with the nightmares, sickness, hypothermia, nicotine withdrawal, etc etc.

So obviously this was my next step 

Then it spiraled again. Reigen grabs Mob from the basement and they GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE and it works cause blood tag, they go to the police who are competent. There was a lot more angst ideas here that were too fast for me to keep up with,


Because Purple Master List

CHAPTER LIST (the main, multi-chaptered story)

Introduction:  Happy Birthday to Me

Chapter 1:  Ladies First

Chapter 2:  So This is Awkward

Chapter 3:  Cinderella

Chapter 4:  Whatever.  Birthday.  Fuck it All.  Yay, Wine!

Chapter 5:  Switch

Chapter 6:  Stretch Marks

Chapter 7:  So, Do You Come Here Often?

Chapter 8:  Pickles Are Gross

Chapter 9:  Please Shut-Up

Chapter 10:  This is Real

Chapter 11:  I’m OK With This

Chapter 12:  And the Feature Story of the Evening

Chapter 13:  Because I’m Graceful Like That

Chapter 14:  Let Me Take Care of You

Chapter 15:  Here We Are

Chapter 16:  The Elephant in the Room

Chapter 17:  Baggage, Complications, & Some Declarations

Chapter 18:  Will You Stay With Me?

Chapter 19a:  The One With the Free Pass List

Chapter 19b:  Kate’s Rule of Falling

Chapter 20:  This is Something Special

Chapter 21:  If Mama Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy

Chapter 22:  All of You…Everything

Chapter 23:  Well & Truly

Chapter 24:  All the Strawberries

ED & KATE ONE SHOTS (stand-alone pieces, still part of the same world as the chaptered story [same characters, etc…], but out-of-joint with the timeline of the story)

New Mexico (HUGE SPOILER here - read at your own risk!)

Icy Hot

I Love the Way You Wake Me Up

It’s About Damn Time! (Another BIG SPOILER!)

Hospital (part 1 of 2) 

Home (part 2 of 2, sequel to Hospital) 

Toys (unfinished!  may or may not ever be finished, but it’s kind of fun!)

Sleepy Intimacy

EXTRAS (not a part of the actual story, but my thoughts and musings on elements of the story)

Inside Kate’s Head

Some Musings From Kate

Reasons Stars Should Be The Two-Part Movie:

- Quicker plot advancement with focus on Usagi, Galaxia, and ChibiChibi.

- Overall less “development” needed as the girls are literally killed off quickly in the first few chapters.

- It’s only 10 chapters long.

Reasons Dream Should NOT Be The Two-Part Movie:

- Important “development” episodes/chapters for each girl.

- Lots of important story details from their past.

- New power-ups and transformations for everyone.

- Lots of ACTUAL character development.

- It’s too long to condense!

- Lots of Mamoru development and background.

- Lots of characters to introduce (I mean jeez there are ELEVEN villain members!!!).


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So I understand that in ch5, Maki poisons both Ouma and Momota and that there was only 1 antidote, but what I'm wondering is why couldn't they share it? Couldn't they both have taken half or does it only work if one of them takes the whole thing?

You know, that’s actually a question I’ve wondered myself. Sadly, I think most of the reason comes down to “because the plot demands it.”

As good as Chapter 5 is, it’s true that the antidote is given a pretty weak explanation which has left me rather dissatisfied. Pretty much nothing about it is explained, actually, other than “it’s the only antidote to the torture poison Maki used,” and “there was only one bottle of it in Saihara’s lab.” Absolutely nothing is said about if you have to take the whole antidote in order to recover fully, or if half the antidote would be half as effective, etc.

In my opinion, sharing the antidote could’ve potentially worked as a short-term solution, at least. Even if it didn’t completely heal either of them, it could’ve at least bought them some time or slowed down the effects of the poison. Meanwhile, as an old-school detective with a preference for armchair theory, Saihara is supposed to be kind of an expert on poisons and antidotes. That’s why they were put in his lab in the first place.

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Lol y is every touken shipper so sad bout the new chap? As a non touken shipper it is clear as daylight that touken's gonna happen. Sensei ships it like his life depends on it. I don't actually ship anyone from this manga probably bc my first priority is all of them being alive. But don't worry guys it's gonna happen. Give them time to develop a lil bit. Ishida sensei just ships it too much lol

looks like the spoilers about kaneki rejecting touka were false, as nothing of the sort happened in the actual chapter. i mean, i would have been very understanding had it happened, but it looks like sensei has different plans. 

and yes, i agree! it’ll happen. if there’s one thing i’m confident in, it’s touken eventually becoming official. :’D