no actual spoilers from the new chapter

Lucky Clovers

So, the first scans of the new chapter are out (slight spoiler alert!).
At the Christmas party, Shiemi gives everyone a clover charm.

Me: “Hold on… that looks familiar…” *flips through manga* “Duuuuude.”

Did we just stumble upon some sort of standard Exorcist goodbye tradition, or…?
We still don’t know the Important Big Thing Shiemi’s mom told her that made her quit exorcism. And then then there’s the real shape of the Grigori. And some theories about the Moriyama family’s relation to one of them in particular.

…Could it be those lucky clovers are actually sprouts from Shemihaza?

Type-Moon 4gamer Interview 2017 Notes

- Lots of talk about Beasts, probably playable Beast type-servants at some point. No indication if he means new Beasts or if playable versions of Tiamat and Goetia. Personally, I[The translator] could see Tiamat but not Goetia.

- He really, really wants to do a Tsukihime event, or at the very least wants to put Arcueid in the game.

- Nasu’s favorites are Jaguarman, Ishtar, Kiyohime, and Tamamo.

- “We appreciate the foreign playerbase.” no mention of localizations but he’s at least aware of it.

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SnK 93 (spoilers)

Interesting facts we’ve learnt from the recent chapter:

- Zeke transforms people into mindless titans by injecting his spinal fluid and hearing his roar. This is unique to him as the Beast Titan, probably because of his royal blood. Marley presumably does not know about his royal blood (from this comment on reddit)

- If a shifter dies and is not subsequently eaten to make a new shifter, a baby would inherit it, so the power is never lost.

- Marley is in a sense behind technologically compared to other countries. Even the island developed weapons against titans while they just relied on the titan’s strength, which means they’re reaching their limit.

- The Ackermans are terrifying. Like I thought Mikasa’s strength was just used for humour at first but they are actually terrifying.

- The cart titan’s a female and spent some time walking on all fours after changing back (probably)

- Ymir is 100% ded lol

Translation was a bit iffy so some parts that will need clarifying

- The armoured titan “being lost” which definitely didn’t happen since he wakes up in a few pages, so maybe they just mean he was incapacitated for a while

- Zeke has a son?? (though people are saying contrary)

anonymous asked:

I love how unlike Kaede and Kiibo who give hope Saihara is the only protagonist who receives hope it's a nice change

This is a really good way to put it anon, and I agree wholeheartedly! In a series that’s centered around the idea of “hope” and “despair” and having to pick one or the other for so long, having a protagonist who ultimately rejected both, and even the cycle of “hope vs. despair” itself, was so nice.

Saihara’s strengths don’t lie in his ability to motivate or spur others on to greatness. He’s not the motivating sort of protagonist at all. He’s anxious, depressed, and suicidal for pretty much the whole game. Everything about Saihara, even pre-game Saihara who was willing to throw himself into the killing game willingly, centers around the fact that he’s an extremely depressed person who does not want to take the spotlight or take charge of the situation in any shape, form, or fashion.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, thanks for the new chapter ^^ (and for all of your work). I want to ask cause I don't understand the final scene, when Dazai and Dostoievski talk. Can someone explain it?

Hi there! The pages were actually out of order, that’s why it added to the confusion.

The scene starts with Fyodor in a cafe and it’s there he meets Dazai. Dazai goes to say it’s hard hunting down a “demon” so they decided to get help from someone else and surprise, surprise! It’s Fitzgerald, who goes on to say, “Long time no see, Rat.” Then some explanation about how they used Eckleburg’s Eyes of God to locate Fyodor and how Fitzgerald helped because he couldn’t stand knowing the Guild’s leftover assets were taken over by some rat like Fyodor. Then we get a scene of a team led by Ango revealing themselves to take custody of Fyodor, though one person automatically dies just by contact. Neither Fitzgerald nor Dazai know of Fyodor’s ability, but I’ll assume from what we’ve curently seen that any form of physical contact with Fyodor is dangerous. An “Untouchable”, so to speak. So he’s in jail now, or whatever the Ability version of Azkaban is. But because his ability hasn’t been revealed and because this looked too easy, there’s a fair chance he’ll be coming back to wreck havoc. That’s more or less my take on it.

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Lol y is every touken shipper so sad bout the new chap? As a non touken shipper it is clear as daylight that touken's gonna happen. Sensei ships it like his life depends on it. I don't actually ship anyone from this manga probably bc my first priority is all of them being alive. But don't worry guys it's gonna happen. Give them time to develop a lil bit. Ishida sensei just ships it too much lol

looks like the spoilers about kaneki rejecting touka were false, as nothing of the sort happened in the actual chapter. i mean, i would have been very understanding had it happened, but it looks like sensei has different plans. 

and yes, i agree! it’ll happen. if there’s one thing i’m confident in, it’s touken eventually becoming official. :’D

ballet-coppelia  asked:

Hey sandflake, I was wondering if you could explain the ABoT au with Reigen in the attic? I haven't been very active or read much in the discord chat for most of the month actually, so I haven't really kept up with the various fan stuff. Happy new year!


The idea was this: what if Mogami had succeeded in taking Reigen over in chapter 8? And from that came a whole lot of yikes : Mogami murdering poor sweet Tetsuo via Reigami, keeping Reigen as a constant flesh sack and just using his funds, handcuffing him to the bedpost at night for a year, what with the nightmares, sickness, hypothermia, nicotine withdrawal, etc etc.

So obviously this was my next step 

Then it spiraled again. Reigen grabs Mob from the basement and they GET THE FUCK OUTTA THERE and it works cause blood tag, they go to the police who are competent. There was a lot more angst ideas here that were too fast for me to keep up with,


Really into “Ten years later” AUs at the moment.

The kind of AU where MC and the person they ended the game with aren’t together anymore at the party ten years in the future. And maybe have kids idk so it’s kind of like a Parent Trap AU?

Zen’s career eventually ate into his personal life with his wife and baby and bit by bit he missed birthday parties and other milestones and MC left so [Child] didn’t have to be disappointed anymore.

Jumin got consumed by work and/or an affair and MC left with their child/ren.

Yoosung and MC drifted apart as they got older. They got together, married and started a family when they were still very young and ultimately they just wanted different things. 

Jaehee got the chance to expand her business but it meant spending time away from home and at first it didn’t seem to matter because it never does at first. Before long, Jaehee and MC were juggling about six coffee places, hadn’t seen each other for months and had a kid too and something had to give and ultimately it was their relationship.

Seven took on a regular Joe cubicle job to look after his babies and MC but misses the thrill of hacking. He’ll never be ‘normal’, let’s face it. For some reason he convinces himself not to tell MC that he’s taking agency jobs on the downlow and MC doesn’t find out until the family is attacked by enemies of the agency. MC forgives him but they aren’t the same afterwards.

To use as few spoilers as possible: V goes to Alaska after promising he wouldn’t and lies about it. MC finds out.

After becoming a Dad, Saeran goes undercover in a new branch of Mint Eye/Magenta, in the hopes of bringing it down from the inside and ending that chapter of his life forever. MC finds out when the RFA investigates, but Saeran never actually mentions what his plans were.

But anyway, ten years after the first party, MC attends with the kids having not attended since ‘the break up’.

Drama ensues because the kids want their parents back together.

queenofdragons6  asked:

What are your thoughts on the dynamic between Saihara and Harukawa?

In two words: “unfulfilled potential.”

This will be a little tricky to write about because I feel like this is one of the areas where ndrv3 really did drop the ball completely. Their interaction could have been quite good—I really did enjoy the fact that they were so clearly not intended as a romantic ship throughout the course of the plot, and that it seemed like there was a lot of room for an interesting friendship dynamic to build between them.

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Balance Theory : Why Han Solo is not dead, Rey has no father, and the Sequel Trilogy is not a tragedy.

The last thing the Star Wars fandom needs right now is it’s own “Indoctrination Theory.” The second to last thing it needs are lies to cover-up or discourage fans who might be on to something. Especially when Mr.“Benedict-Cumberbatch-isn’t-Khan” is still working on the series.

With these things in mind, I would like to apologize simultaneously, for waiting so long before I shared this with the fandom, and also for posting it so soon, when we have more than a year before Episode VIII.

Either way, there is a giant bantha in the room that no one is talking about, and I just can’t take it anymore!!!!!

It is also why I feel obligated to warn you, that if you have only a casual interest in Star Wars speculation, you might want to turn back and skip this one for now. This will either potentially spoil some major events in the next few chapters (where I might be right), or set expectations so astronomically high that no movie could ever live up to them (where I might be wrong).

As this is about the future of Star Wars, this is your SPECULATION. WARNING. That being said,  I HAVE NO NEW INFORMATION, this is simply an alternative analysis of the Star Wars Saga. I will not be discussing ANY actual spoilers or how they play into this. This is an analysis of Episode 7 and the rest of the star wars saga along with occasional references to other materials from the Disney cannon. I will NOT be referencing ANY interviews, released materials or other spoilers about Episode VIII.

There has been a lot of discussion and theory about TFA and all it’s similarities to ANH and TPM, but the differences are just as important and those differences haven’t received the attention they deserve.

The big theories relate to Rey, who she is, and who her parent(s) are. Is she a Skywalker? Is she a Solo? Anakin reincarnated? The Force Awakens suggests all these things.

I believe that while none of these ideas are correct, none of them are completely and totally wrong either.

Still with me? Okay, let’s activate this crazy Holocron.

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A small preview from my next Pixel Rust chapter. Madeleine has a date spends the day at the boardwalk. I need several more screenshots before I can actually post it “properly”, but I’m getting a new computer tomorrow and I have to set it up, reinstall my games, and transfer all my files over so I’m not sure when I’ll be able to play again. Hopefully soon, though, as I’m really looking foward to this update! :D

Tokyo Ghoul and The Story of Salvation History from The Bible Parallel

*Reads Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 66 spoilers”

* Pulls out the good old Bible*

*Cracks Knuckles “ My Time has come”*

Time to put 14 years worth of Theology courses to use, and please be ready for a very long TG Meta, that might in fact take a while to read. But, Hey make a cup of tea, learn something new it wont hurt you. However, I actually cut this down a lot like I have more notes on this subject. I apologize for grammar and spelling errors.

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anonymous asked:

What was Iruma's motive for attempting to kill Ouma?

Thank you for asking this! Chapter 4 is still such a mess of misconceptions and mistranslations and fake spoilers—I think I’ve actually seen worse fake spoilers for Chapter 4 still than I have for Chapter 6, and you’d think it’d be the other way around considering all the big reveals that come at the end.

I hope it’s okay if I try and use this ask as a way of clarifying a little bit more on Chapter 4! I know I’ve done a lot of that already yesterday, but I still want to try and help clear up any other matters on the chapter that people might still be fuzzy about.

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Mob Psycho 100 chapter 99.3 bonus:

- Reigen is aro *-* (and so relatable)

- Reigen pointed out actually an important thing: Tsubomi and Mob as they are dont do anything to appear different from themself; they are stuck on their own identity and also judge people with their own opinions and not from borrowed ones.

- Serizawa knows Reigen’s pessimistic side now. Please help him *-*

- ‘Whats the matter?’. Teru didnt meet Mob since like broccoli arc and appears out of nowhere and even doesnt greet firstly?? *-* (it seems like he was there waiting for Mob so even doesnt feel the need for greetings lmao and has also a new brand shirts for the occasion xD)

- Teru saying ‘we are the same’ made me actually cry ç.c

- Teru appreciates all her fangirl’s gifts (cry again ç.c)

- NO plz Teru.. you already gave good advices..really choosing the outfit..maybe at Carnival or..not now

- I guess Ritsu was on his knee in his room in silence as soon as he returned from school

- Now i’m curious on what kind of tricks could have done Tsubomi to Ritsu..

- (Going home in the middle of hide-and-seek it’s really cruel)

- Lmao really? Mob feels better only seeing Ritsu nervous

- (at first i thought they attend a brotherly telepathic conversation but seems like mob has no idea of what ritsu is thinking *-*)