no actual spoilers from the new chapter

I’ve been trying to pull out the important bits from chapter 87 and here’s what I’ve got:

1. It’s confirmed that the marley’s plan to exterminate all the eldian’s.

2. It’s confirmed that the smiling titan is dinah fritz (grisha’s ex wife did eat his new wife).

3. It’s confirmed that all the trost titans are the ex-revolutionists.

4. It’s discovered that kruger is the owl and the rogue titan (did he actually safe grisha that day his sister was killed? idk!). Also, it seemed to me that kruger didn’t want it to be known that dinah was from the royal bloodline - was this maybe to protect zeke?

5. It’s discovered that only eldian’s can be turned into titans.

6. It’s discovered that new titans are made when the spinal fluid of an existing titan is injected straight into the spine of the victim.

7. It’s discovered that mikasa and eren have actually been imprisoned for disobeying a superior officer and endangering the lives of fellow soldiers (hanji was being totally serious!).

8. It’s confirmed that eren has grisha’s memories (what this means for the future and for eren’s sanity, i do not know. poor boy! It only seems to get worse.)

9. Interestingly, armin is free to do as he pleases i.e. he isn’t behind bars despite being a new titan shifter whose previous incarnation had been an ‘enemy of the people’ (sorry bertl ily!) i wonder how that conversation went with zackley and the others. i wonder how it all went. I want to know. I really hope isayama’s going to fill us in.

10. It’s confirmed that the ocean is pretty darn close.

Tokyo Ghoul and The Story of Salvation History from The Bible Parallel

*Reads Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 66 spoilers”

* Pulls out the good old Bible*

*Cracks Knuckles “ My Time has come”*

Time to put 14 years worth of Theology courses to use, and please be ready for a very long TG Meta, that might in fact take a while to read. But, Hey make a cup of tea, learn something new it wont hurt you. However, I actually cut this down a lot like I have more notes on this subject. I apologize for grammar and spelling errors.

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 So before I read this chapter I was thinking only of the near-certainty that my son Zandeh would reappear, but the Gieve-Daryun interactions in this chapter? NOW ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOMENTS (don’t worry I am still gonna fangirl a lot over Zandeh, haha).


He’s actually about to praise him, lol.

To see Daryun acknowledge what Gieve has done in his absence and give him his sincere thanks warmed my heart in a way that I wasn’t expecting. Of course it’s tinged with the typical Gieve humour but is no less meaningful for it. I loved Gieve’s admission that having his worth acknowledged is a good feeling. He looks so surprised when Daryun commends his behaviour - he’s not used to doing good deeds for the right reasons! I live for this kind of steady character / relationship development. And did you see the smile on Farangis’s face when they shake hands? I swear she’s proud of Gieve.

*New Chapter of SnK is Released*
  • Ideal Fan's Reaction Posts: expresses their criticisms and issues of the newest addition with direct points and/or organized justification in a mature dignified manor that shows they are aware this is simply their point of view
  • Me, Reading Those Posts: although I may or may not support your opinion your polite discretion allows me to easily see where you are coming from and therefore rightfully respect your ideas
  • Too Many Fan's Reaction Posts : blatantly shits on the content with loose objections and chaotic mean commentary that not only attacks the story and Isayama but other fans as well
  • Me, Reading Those Posts: *looks into the camera like I'm on the office* Fucking pissbabies everywhere goddamn I know it's an important skill to be able to criticize the things you love as to not be totally blinded by them but jesus christ ya'll need to chill

This is so beautiful,. I ordered Hiro Mashima’s “Fantasia” book and it came 2 months early. When I saw this in the mail  I started to scream and fangirl, so much that I actually got tired from all the excitement. Today was a day full of surprises, not only with the new chapter but with this amazing book. I can’t wait to start drawing from it!!!!!

Chapters 431 + 432 Thoughts

The spoilers yesterday turned out to sound a lot worse than what the chapter actually was, so thank goodness for that. It was hard last week for me personally to feel excited about team Natsu being back together, but this week felt more right to me. Plus, we actually got to see Lucy using new attacks, which I’ve been waiting for ever since Mashima revealed her stardress ability.

Also, the new armor and sword technique from Erza was awesome. It’s been a while since we’ve seen new armor for her, and the time skip gives a good excuse to debut a bunch of different ones a little at a time. And unsurprisingly Erza has no problems taking down Jerome. These Avatar people continue to be no match for FT. I also loved the team work between Gray, Lucy and Natsu in the beginning.

As for the next chapter, Mary’s power does indeed have the ability to make people sick, since she infects her opponents with a virus, unfortunately for Lucy and Taurus. But Wendy comes in and heals her, and Wendy now can invoke Dragon force at will, so good for her.

As for Gray, I like how he talked about Silver when he said he’d never do things the way Avatar have. It makes me even more thankful that he was never corrupted in the first place. The different clone Braiya were silly since they never ended up doing any damage, but when Juvia came up behind Gray, his terrified faces was hilarious. Only a small amount of people can say they’ve struck such terror into Gray before lol! I wonder if he felt like he was about to be in big trouble haha! 

And this is where I’m glad the love rival thing was short and funny, rather it being the reason Juvia got well, since we find out it was actually thanks to Wendy’s magic finally managing to heal her, and it was Juvia sensing Gray in danger that triggered them to come.

However, where did Juvia’s rain go? I guess just the fact that Gray was found was enough to stop it, but I kind of wanted to see it carry on a bit longer with a more dramatic conclusion, since it was such a sweet moment when it stopped the first time around.

Also, I’m not sure what to make of Gray’s reaction to Juvia. I liked her hugging him, and his reaction to it was different than normal IMO. He didn’t get put off, creeped out, or even irritated by it. He just seemed surprised. And he certainly still looked guilty. I’m glad he wants to explain to her properly why he left her, so I HOPE there’s a serious conversation that follows in future chapters. I’m just not sure what Gray is going to say, or how things will be wrapped up/dealt with

Of course it’s not surprising that Juvia isn’t upset. I never actually expected her to be. It’s just not in character for her. And now wasn’t the time for it anyway. So, her quick “I understand” to Gray’s words were perfect for the moment. She needed to help fight, and this is when we see how their time training together has affected Juvia. First of all, she has a new attack “Water claw.” And secondly she strips lol! So, synchronized stripping from Gruvia. That’s why Mashima gave Juvia that outer layer over a corset lmao! And the panels of the two back to back, and later on attacking together were awesome. ^-^

And it looks like Natsu will be fighting the Priest Arlock, so that will probably be the focus of the next chapter. My guess is that Gajeel and Levy are also due to show up soon. I can imagine Gajeel still wanting to arrest Gray, and the situation needing to be explained. If he does try to do so, he’ll have to get through Juvia first lol! Somehow I kind of want to see that, Juvia trying to stop Gajeel from arresting Gray, while being very confused about the situation, since she still doesn’t know what he’s been doing lol.

Anyway, I’m mostly satisfied with Gruvia’s reunion, and a lot happier with these chapters than I was with the last two. I still hope Gray explains himself properly to Juvia, and that this isn’t the end of it. I think he will though. Mashima seems to have set it up for that. Those two panels of his face before he apologizes seemed to indicate he really wanted to say something, but as he mentioned, it wasn’t the moment for that. Plus, they still have their home, where all of Gray’s things are, so that needs to be dealt with if they are to move on with Natsu’s efforts to regroup FT.


What to know before reading:

  • I will be updating this post every couple chapters as I make my way through the book with both summaries of what’s going on and cool, new facts UPDATE // I’VE FINISHED
  • Everything that might be considered a spoiler (some big, some small) will be hidden behind the “Keep reading” bar, so as not to ruin anything for others
  • I have not seen the movie, and although junior novels tend to stick very close to the film it’s adapting, know that some things MAY differ from the actual movie
  • Have any questions? Message me

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Oddly enough, this whole shit of leaking 7 pages a day ahead of time, as well as the full chapter being basically spoiled via text, is actually taking a lot away from the actual chapter. 

I miss the old days when all we got was a panel leak and we based entire theories on that little bitty spoiler. And when the chapter came out, it was all new shit.


there are so many interpretations to it i could write a goddamn book

let’s go through some of'em:

  • the stated on this ask answered by noragamis. could mean he’ll drift apart from hiyori and maybe watch her from a distance, bc he’s finally learned to put her in front of his own needs and desires and he acknowledges their contact will only be detrimental to her. since he can’t severe their ties bc she opposed it, maybe he’ll just try to create a distance till she inevitably forgets about him. though that might’ve hurt his past self, he’s now learning to be selfless so he’s okay with that.
  • it’s just a contrast between baby yaboku and current yato, bc as a kid he really wanted to do things for others and please everyone, and that’s him acknowledging there’s really nothing to be done in that case and he just gotta accept that “in the end only humans can save/help each other”. and that’s what current yato is doing/trying to do, even if it hurts his ~*TRUE NATURE*~ (nope, i’m never letting that theory go until this manga ENDS) which is to do everything and please everyone. it symbolizes his accepting that he can’t always do everything for everyone and he can’t be someone’s only/true savior.