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I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be tabling at APop Festival in Torrance CA on the last weekend of July! This is my first artist alley table so I can’t wait to see how it goes! *_* (I chose a small event so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, haha)

For the occasion I’m making some Festival!Watch OW keychains! Depending on how well they do I might make more batches, but for now they’ll be limited for this event onlyyy.

YOI x Avex Pictures Animate Kyushu/Okinawa Special Sets by Kubo Mitsurou

Original Release Date:
December 2016

Featured Characters (7 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri

Kubo sketched special chibis for these exclusive items featuring the main trio! Each set includes the 75mm large can badge with all three characters (Center), a 54mm can badge of a single character, and a large acrylic key holder of a single character.

The three sets were sold exclusively at Animate stores in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions (Hasetsu, based on the real city of Karatsu, is located in Kyushu).

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I have been wanting to try this acrylic pouring/pulling/cell technique for a while now. So yesterday I prepped some canvases I had laying around so they would be ready to have a little fun today.

I had also received the order of treadmill oil (100% silicone) which gets mixed into the paints, along with pouring medium.

The first one I tried, I get really nice blends of colors but not much cell action.  So I added a bit more silicone to each color and from then on….WOW!

This is so fun and freeing - as there really are no mistakes and no pressures while creating.

And along with making some really cool pieces of art, I will also be able to scan these in and use them as textures and colors in future digital art as well!