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do u ever just get the overwhelming feeling that you’re no one’s best friend? sure you’re friends with some people but they’ll always pick that one person over you and so will everyone else for someone else. they might consider it maybe for a second but they won’t pick you in the end and you know it. if so hmu we can be best friends please

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Presterek (but on their way to The Sterek) + 15 pretty pls you love me

[*makes smoochy faces yes, yes I do.]

“How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?”

Stiles paused from where he was grinding a mix of herbs that theoretically would give a boost to the umpteenth tracking spell that hopefully would tell them where Erica and Boyd were, and that was making Derek sneeze every two seconds. “Well,” he started, keeping his eyes down, causing for the short hair of his buzz cut to gleam in the lamplight. "I was a really useful asset since when I was really young.“

Derek raised an eyebrow.

“Oh yeah.” Stiles replied to Derek’s silent sarcasm. "At playtime in kindergarten I always managed to get the shiny blue HotWheels car with the purple flames on its sides that Scott loved so much, we were supposed to share it with the other kids, the teacher even made a rota for the toys that we liked most, the shiny blue car being one of them. But when it wasn’t mine of Scott’s turn, I’d go to the kid that had it and basically talk him to death, until he would move away and leave the car behind.“

Derek couldn’t help the huff of laughter that escaped him. It really, wasn’t that hard to imagine.

Stiles looked his way with a grin and continued, "Then, in middle school, during tests, I was pretty much the one with all the right answers.”

“You made people copy your test?” Derek asked, his face, he was sure, calling bullshit all over.

“In middle school yeah,” Stiles nodded, with a slight faraway look on his face, “but then I realised it didn’t make me popular or make me more friends or anything, they just used me. So after I stopped and told anyone that asked to kiss my ass.” He looked at Derek with the asshole smirk that he usually whipped out when he knew he’d done something right and felt cocky about it, and that always made Derek think that it looked dumb but made him always smile nonetheless.

So, Derek smiled. A small, little thing that barely betrayed the fondness that he felt for the person in front of him. But fondness, maybe wasn’t the right word. There was that, and so much more. Too much. And Derek battled a war with his wolf every day and every instant he spent with Stiles, since the moment he’d caught his scent that day in the woods, barely a year ago.

Because, it was him. And he knew it would feel- it felt right. But it wasn’t the right time.

Stiles was too young and still figuring out who he was and Derek… well, he was trying to figure out who he was without all the people he’d loved most his entire life.

So, yeah, it wasn’t the right time, not now. Not with everything that happened and was going on.

But he'd wait.

His smile dropped when he caught Stiles’ scent going funny, “And,” Stiles was saying. “When Scott got bit, I’m the one that always has a plan, should I remind you. Someone could call my plans genius in their idiocy. Like, they’re so clever that it’s stupid. Plus, I’m a spark, so that’s useful, and I don’t care what you say but I’m good with the bat too, I mean-”

“Stiles stop,” Derek frowned when Stiles’ chatter had increased in speed along with his heart rate. “I know all of this.” he said calmly.

Stiles shrugged. “You asked.”

Derek’s frown deepened. “What?" 

"When you asked why didn’t someone throw me away, since I talk too much or whatever. I’m useful, that’s why.”

It was like Stiles had shoved a knife into his gut and twisted it.

Did he really think- “I was just kidding. I didn’t mean it, not really.”

Stiles shrugged again, going back to grinding more herbs.

All this time, when Stiles had told him all the stuff that he did, he had been selling himself, like it was a fucking job interview, why Derek should keep him around. Because he was useful.

He didn’t know who was more heartbroken, him or his wolf, for doing such a poor job at making his mate feeling appreciated.

But if it meant something, it was that Derek was nowhere near able to be the person he wanted to be.

And Stiles was still fighting his own insecurities and Derek could do nothing about them but try to be the voice that fought them.

“You helped me, you’re doing that now too.” He said quietly, “No one did since Laura died. And you don’t have to, I know you know that. But you just do, because you’re good.”

Stiles’ heart fluttered. And he looked up, eyes slightly wide.

“Thank you.” Derek said softly, “for everything.”

There would be a time, somewhere in the future when Derek  would be slightly annoyed with Stiles’ constant chatter and he’d groan the same opening sentence, “How have you made it this long without someone throwing you out an airlock or something?” and Stiles would look his way with a smirk and reply with,

“Mostly charm and looks, but also determination” and wink, knowing full well that all he said was true and not feeling like he had to prove himself anymore. Not to Derek at least.

Derek couldn’t wait for that, but for now, he would wait and be everything Stiles needed when he needed it.

People saying Paul is being misogynistic because he threatened to punch Bridg*tte in the face is honesty hilarious…. because how is that in any way shape or form misogynistic when he’s treating her like an equal?

Violence is bad, and I’m not condoning him threatening her, but he’s treating her like an equal and not someone inferior.

If he threatened to punch Fr*nk, people would be praising him and all around there would be “yaaasss slay Paul, you go.”

He’s not threatening to punch her because she’s a woman. He said that he wanted to because he disagreed with her actions and doesn’t like her as a game player.

Genos was on his way to meet up with Sensei, arms laden with snacks and that night’s dinner’s ingredients, when something caught his eye. A tech store’s window display, various TV sets stacked and set to different channels. The small one in the bottom held his attention, flashing the bright colors of some old kids show.

He couldn’t name the characters nor hear what they said and yet the twisting, nostalgic feeling in his gut told him he had seen this before. Genos vaguely remembered the episode and as he studied the figures with rapt attention bits and pieces of the plot line came back to him and it wasn’t until Sensei’s voice was practically in his ear saying, “Whatcha watchin?” that he snapped back to reality and felt a flood of shame for allowing himself to get side tracked.

“Sensei! I didn’t hear you approach. Sorry you had to come find me.”

Saitama was crouched next to Genos, arms crossed about his knees, eyes locked on the little tv. “It’s cool. Figured something was holding you up, but didn’t think it would be this. Oh hey!” Saitama exclaimed, glancing at Genos with a grin, “I remember this show!”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I used to watch it as a kid, after school.”

“Ah. So did I.”

“Really…,” Saitama muttered , turning back to the outdated kid’s show. His grin had fallen but was soon replaced with a little melancholy smile. “Hey, I don’t get this channel at home. Let’s stay and watch it for a bit, okay?’

’"But what about dinner?”

“It can wait,” Saitama replied, already settled in front of the tiny tv. Genos frowned, perplexed not for the first time by his teacher, but he didn’t argue. And so they stayed and watched until the sun began to set and the street lights came on and only left when the store manager finally came out and chased them off.

What isn’t racist

Simply not liking a character 
Not liking a character for problematic behavior 

Calling a character out for problematic behavior 

What is racist 

Not liking minority characters for the same problematic behavior you like your white faves for or let your white faves get away with 

Calling out minority characters for problematic behavior but never calling out your white faves for this same/worse behavior

Going out of you way to defend your white faves but demonizing minority characters for everything they do 

Going out of your way to excuse all the problematic behavior of your white faves but finding any and every way to demonize minority characters for everything they do

What I know I look like when I’m talking about Narumitsu to people who aren’t Ace Attorney fans:

What the hell just...?

I’m… not in trouble? Uhm… what just happened… It took me half an hour to get the courage to call my boss, and she was… so understanding. She just wanted me to start feeling better soon. And she said that I am more than welcome to continue working there in the future… I am just… so glad. That’s not all; my mom took the whole thing very well. I certainly could’ve not expected that when all the other times she has yelled at me and not understood me at all, just insulted me for being how I am. But now… I’m the one who doesn’t understand her! This situation is too good to be true… so, uh. I won’t be inactive I guess! Since everything’s okay, more or less… Wow, I feel so stupid after making things seem so bad and now they’re better than I could’ve imagined. But I swear that the mom thing should’ve gone much worse! But uh… miracles do happen, I guess…?


T H E    M O T E L    L I F E    ( 2 0 1 2 )
A long time ago, you and me were fighter pilots in the war. The Flannigan brothers. We were famous. One morning we were heading over to Germany when we got ambushed. You and me versus 20 German fighters. It was a mess. Real dog fight. It was touch-and-go, but we were winning until a Nazi came out of the fog and started firing away at you. Luckily I came down and blew the son of a bitch up. “Thanks Tiger-5”, you said over the radio. Problem was, your plane was hit and your controls were stuck. You were heading towards Iceland, and there was nothing you could do. You disappeared into the clouds.

Ok but how does my masterlist have over 1100 notes and how am I just finding out about this now

You can say all you want about animal programs but the shit you learn is the greatest conversation starters for example have you ever heard about the mimic octopus that can imitate 15 other species or the fact that hyenas give birth through a pseudo-penis? Also, there’s a lizard that shoots blood from its eye to protect itself. The possibilities are endless and never have I been so equipped to break the ice since my remote broke two weeks ago just as I reached Nat Geo Wild