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Girardoni 1779 system Windbüchse

Designed in 1779 by Austrian inventor Bartholomäus Girardoni, copied and manufactured in Great Britain c.late 18th century.
.48/12,2mm caliber barrel, 20-round tubular magazine, gravity-fed repeating air rifle, leather-bound brass pressurized air tank fitted as the stock.

Hailing from the soon-to-be-extinct Holy Roman Empire, the Girardoni air rifle might be famous to American readers as one of the weapon brought by Lewis and Clarke on their expedition into the untamed West.

Possibly that exact same rifle, manufactured c.1795.

The rifle adopted in 1780 by the Austrian army was a .46~.51 caliber design fitted with a 20-ball gravity magazine and a 30-shot air tank made of sheet iron. These characteristics gave it a high rate of fire, a low muzzle report, no smoke upon shooting, and made it the very first repeating gun in military service, as well as one of the very first tubular magazine designs. Reloading was made through the forward end of the tube, after which the rifleman would be good to shoot 20 rounds by simply holding the weapon skyward and work the spring-loaded breech block to the side. Each soldier was equipped with two air tanks - not counting the one currently screwed on, a full magazine, 80 extra shots in 20-round tin tubes as well as a cleaning kit and a hand pump.

Staying in limited service throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, the Girardoni rifle had a few defaults that prevented its widespread usage, foremost of which was its stock/air tank. Although very difficult to manufacture in 18th century factories, it wasn’t tough enough for military service, and every dent would render it useless. On top of that the pump issued with it required upward of 1500 hand strokes to fill it completely if no specialized utility wagon was available

It also comes in pistol size.

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For the emoji asks: ☀️ ✈️ 🎵 🎀

☀️ what do you like the most about your best friend?

I don’t actually have a best friend in human terms, but I can say that my Best Friend died on the cross so that I can be forgiven for my sins. (John 3:16, Romans 5:8)

✈️ what is your dream city and why?

I do wanna go to Vancouver to study, since I already got an offer there.

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment

  • Symphony No. 10 in F major, P. 45: MH 51
  • Symphony No. 23 in F major, P. 14: MH 284
  • Symphony No. 31 in F major, P. 22: MH 405
  • Oboe Concerto No. 1 in F major, Op. 37
  • Organ Concerto in D major by František Xaver Brixi

🎀 what’s your fashion sense like?

Just a shirt and dark jeans. With Converse shoes, and occasionally, a black sports jacket.

SWTOR. Spoilers for the identity of a KotFE companion. And a baseline game companion. And a KOTOR companion.

There once was a droid saboteur
Who mayhem enjoyed, plain and pure.
Alas, we’ve no patience
For his derivations:
“Derivative” lacks the allure.

“Query: Master,” said HK-55.

Nalenne kicked the back of the seat in front of her. Pierce grunted and kept flying.

“Query: Master,” said HK-55.

“Whaaaat?” said Nalenne.

“Query: I perform the same functions as your HK-51, but receive none of the respect. I fail to see how he exceeds my performance in any way.”

“Maybe he whines less.”

“Passive-aggressive muttering: Only when you’re around.”

“Are you really going to make an issue of this?”

“Wheedling: It’s just that you appreciate a well-executed slaughter as much as I do. Why the incompatibility, master?”

“55, you’re a copy. Not only that. You’re a copy of a production-line droid that was a copy of a production-line droid that was a copy of a legendarily good droid. You’re like an ironclad merchandising deal given an unholy life of its own over the course of centuries.” Nalenne threw up her hands. “And they’re not even sequential! You just skipped a few numbers ahead to make yourself sound more advanced.”

“Outraged defense: I did not!” But his vocabulator sounded sullen.

“They should write a comic series about you…oh wait, they did. Balmorra was completely destroyed by their droid factories going berserk with assassin droids.”

“Observation: I don’t see the problem with that.”

Nalenne sighed dreamily. “Neither do I.” Then, realizing, she sat bolt upright. “That doesn’t mean I like you.”