no 3d blu ray for ps4

PlayStation 4 | System Update 4.5 (Beta)

If you applied for the PlayStation 4.5 Beta, you might want to check your emails as codes to participate have starting going out to players.

 New Features included in Firmware 4.5 include:

  • External HDD Support - Users can now attach external HDD’s to use as extra storage for games.
  • Custom Wallpaper Support - Users are now able to screenshot an image within a game or application and then apply that image as a background on their home screen
  • Quick Menu Refresh - With update 4.0, the quick menu was given a new UI, now in 4.5 those changes have been tweaked slightly using up less screen space so more of your game is visible in the background
  • Simplified Notification List - Notifications have been redesigned and tweaked into a more simplified layout. Pressing the Options button will allow for filtering of your notifications.
  • 3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR - Support for 3D Blu-Ray Disks has been added, users are now able to watch Full 3D movies using the PSVR headset.
  • Post on PlayStation Network Activity Feeds - Under “What’s New” and other locations across the PS4 system Players will now be able to post directly into their feed (Images, Text & GIFS)  
  • Boost mode (PS4 Pro Only) - A new “Boost Mode” has been added to update 4.5 for PS4 Pro Owners, this new boost mode takes advantage of the Pro’s upgraded hardware by allowing the console to run at a higher clock speed on older/ non-pro patch games. Early reports from players have revealed that many older games are now running much smoother with higher/ more stable frame rates.