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Some Critical Role Math

So, it occured to me: In terms of sheer quantity, Critical Role is basically the longest I have ever spent watching a show.

Goblins and O’Brien specials aside, there are 76 episodes. Which in a normal show would be three seasons.

But this isn’t a normal show. The episodes are over three hours long. A regular TV show has 42 minute episodes. Total runtime on the series so far is 236+ hours (15 HOURS LONGER THAN THE SIMPSONS), which doesn’t include breaks, Critmas and the Q&As (thanks @critrolestats​).So if Critical Role was a ‘normal’ show, it would have 337 episodes.
An average television season is 22 or 24 episodes. Assuming 22 episodes to a season, we’re a third of the way through Season 16. 24 episodes a season, we’re watching the start of Season 15.

What other show have you watched 15 seasons of? Because according to Wikipedia,there are only nine scripted primetime shows in the US with 15 or more seasons. Four of those are ‘half-hour’ (22 minute episodes) programs. So really, only Gunsmoke, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, CSI and ER are longer. And by the end of the year, it will only be Gunsmoke (which is around twice as long right now) and the Law and Orders left. SVU will be left in the dust by mid-year, and Gunsmoke will be last show standing by the end of the year.

And while I’m here, Critical Role is around twelve and a half times longer than Harry Potter. Ten times longer than The Hobbit/LOTR. Five times longer than Game of Thrones (so far). It’s more than two and a half times longer than all of those combined. And how attached are we to the charactersand story in those? The defining fantasy media of the 21st Century. And we’ve had two and a half times the world building, the character development, the action, the drama, the comedy. Even if you cut the combat mechanics out, it’s still close to twice as long as long as those three series.

Fuck I love Critical Role.

Ch 236 has made me so so proud of how far Hinata has come??? (which is business as usual i know shut up)

but like, the game starts off and everyone is all “haha why is that tiny kid a middle blocker–”

oh shit son were you watching? did u see that!? that’s why

Now, Tsukibahara is f l u s t e r e d over this fluffy gremlin. Coach gives ‘em a pep talk like “y’all, just focus on the game as a whole” so they’re like ok ok we got this, #10 is rotated to the back now phew so they’re feeling all:

*manly shonen voice*