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That apartment has become a home to them. Every corner is overflowing with knock-knacks or memorabilia, and it give that flat such a Dan and Phil vibe. It’s grown with them over these five years, from vacant rooms to a lively place that they could truly call a home. They’ve gone through so much in these past five years: starting and finishing a radio show, starting a gaming channel, developing an app, finishing The Super Amazing Project, doing four Krave challenges, five phil is not on fire videos, voicing two characters in a Disney movie, two characters in a Disney show, going to Japan and traveling the world, writing two books together, doing an entire world tour, and so, so much more. They’ve made so many memories together that will always stay with them, and I’m so happy to have been along for the ride.

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I know it's really old already but what happened in Osaka 2012 after Yuzu got 1st? Can you elaborate? Thank you!

I think you mean Nationals in 2012?

Some Daisuke’s “fans”* (hooligans should be called) weren’t happy with Dai not winning and took on themselves to make their point known out loud during the ceremony (and not only there, the backlash didn’t end there).

There is some materials out there where Yuzuru said that he was pretty down after Nats 2012, but Brian told him to shake it off because that is what happens when a youngster “usurps” an “old glory” and the same happened to him when he won his first National Title.

*you may find some of those among more notorious Shoma Uno’s fans around. It’s pretty easy to spot the old grudge (although I’ve always been curious: being a blind fan aside, do they really believe Dai should have got higher scores than he already did? How much on PCS? 100 instead of 96? Because breaking news, he would have lost even with 100 on PCS)
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Bringing back to oldie but still goodie ship of Kunoichi Squared, because these girls are no one’s damsel in distress.

Track list: /1/ Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith /2/ Marina & The Diamonds Vs. Coldplay Viva La Primadonna - Zach Syrylo /3/ Outside With The Cuties - Frankie Cosmos /4/ When The Day Met The Night - Panic! At The Disco /5/ I Really Like You - Carly Rae Jepsen /6/ Touch - Shura /7/ Marina And The Diamonds & My Chemical Romance The Sharpest Bitch (Mash Up) - angrypenguin /8/ Horizon - Luna Blake /9/ Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko /10/ Beyonce - Crazy In Love (Cover) - Daniela Andrade /11/ Together - Krystal Meyers /12/ Cannibal Queen - Miniature Tigers /13/ Tear In My Heart - Twenty One Pilots