no one talk to me i'm really mad

“Show me instead." 

i say this every time, but seriously… read @tyranttortoise‘s Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady. this latest chapter is one of only innumerable reasons why it is forever in my top favorite fics, period.

… and talk about seeing fireworks with a kiss. <333 honestly red is my eternal weakness, and i’m not even mad about it.

ok i love R calling Enj “Apollo”

so what if Enjolras’ first name was literally Apollo and he thought it sounded too arrogant and stupid and hated he it, so Grantaire comes out of nowhere and, without knowing that, starts calling him Apollo because of the god and Enj was really mad and also thinking “yo wtf how does he know my name” and R keeps calling him Apollo and Ferre and Courf think the whole thing is so funny cause they know R has no idea Enj’s name is actually Apollo

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So my boyfriend hasn't had sex with me for two months because I told him how my ex gave me a std ( I'm free of it now ) and out of frustration I had a one night stand with this dude from Facebook and now I feel mad guilty cause me and the dude have been texting for a week now and I'm really feeling him , but ion wanna dump my BF for some guy that may be leading me on or jus " talking" to me , plus I still love my BF , what should I do ?

Just break up with him yall both ridiculous

end the madness please

So I think Bbomb is one of the most perverted idols but no one talks about it much because well Block B

He really likes his butt being spanked..

He enjoys messing with the other members…

I don’t think is was a mistake… He probably said it to make it sound like one though…

His dancing… fucking body rolls… he’s going to kill me one day

I’m so done with him and his perverted ways…

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Does anyone know who the writer is of this one fic I read where tae was a murderer and he sort of seduced you at a ball/party and then murdered you but eventually he turned mad?? It was so well written my little description of it really doesn't do it justice😂😭but pls if anyone knows what I'm talking about pls let me know!✨

ah, I swear I’ve read this and it was such a rush and so riveting to read…also lowkey hot. I could have sworn @versigny was the one who wrote it because I distinctively remember “la vie en rose” but I guess I may have it confused with someone else?

Does anyone know it? It was a psycho!tae/serialkiller!tae scenario with maybe two parts????

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Someone made an "A dead Keith walking" animatic but for klance and many comments said that it's better than yours just because it's klance and I'm so fucking salty right now. Even the title was scammed, why? Is this fandom like this??

theyre just mad bc i didnt give them what they wanted i really dont care tbh at least someone was willing to make a version for it so i dont have to deal with ppl whining at me to make one for them :/ anyways those who talked shit are pissbabies who think they can get what they want


The casting agent had seen me open up as a duo with my drummer, Zeke Hutchins, supporting Nick Cave in 2013. Somehow, the mental Rolodex of this guy—I don’t know what phrases came to mind when they were talking about the casting for Rachel, but somehow I was somebody that they wanted to audition. It was because of the show that he saw me open up for Nick Cave. […] I picked “I Wish I Knew” for the audition. I felt like I could sing that naturally as opposed to somebody else’s song in an audition. I didn’t really know the context at the time. When I showed up on set later, we had talked about doing other songs, but that one ended up being the one we circled back to. 

Sharon Van Etten on how she got involved with The OA

the signs as people i know irl
  • aries: the little leader of their friend group. does the hard thing. probably finds a lot of their friends annoying and/or ignorant. is either having the worst or best time of their life, there is no middle ground. shows people new things and then regrets not keeping it to themselves. needs a nap.
  • taurus: wants to fight literally everyone. sometimes says offensive things and has no clue why it was offensive. is probably going through their "random phase" and still uses XD. sends memes in the group chat. is refreshing in the sense that there are still people with kind hearts out there.
  • gemini: always has an excuse for everything, may it be shitty or not. is "afraid of confrontation". about 90% of the conversations with them involve something they're passionate about. picks up phrases that their friends say and say them all the time.
  • cancer: low-key thinks that they are better than most people. plays like thirty million sports. would be the most prepared for a zombie apocalypse. would try to protect their reputation at almost all costs. manipulative to a point but tries their best.
  • leo: more artistically talented than athletically. changes depending on who they are with, may it be texting style or their sense of humor. is smart in one way but completely clueless in another. would do anything for one or two people, even if those people wouldn't do the same for them.
  • virgo: probably has a million unfinished projects. double and then triple and then quadruple texts you. needs space. laughs at literally everything and gets louder as they get more enthusiastic. can't let go of someone, even if they're long gone.
  • libra: really preppy. a full-blown thespian. cringes over the phases and friends that they used to have. has good intentions but sometimes they can fall flat. probably had a cat phase.
  • scorpio: wears a lot of black. is a smartass. isn't afraid to call people out on their bullshit. has the weird "i'm mad at you because you're mad at me" mentality. probably knows all of your secrets. is the friend that you force to interact with people when you're too scared to.
  • sagittarius: that really attractive and really athletic person that you want to hate but they're a sweetheart so you can't. probably prefers having one or two close friends as opposed to a lot of acquaintances. is quiet around people they don't know very well.
  • capricorn: are too afraid to say anything when people talk shit about someone/something that they like. has the weirdest sense of humor ever. a little bit of a perfectionist. has quirks that they thought were normal until someone else pointed them out.
  • aquarius: are exceptional at having people only see the side of them that they want to be shown. can make almost anybody laugh and are probably one of the kindest people you can ever see. are not above bending or breaking the rules so things can work out in their favor.
  • pisces: is tired of being categorized as the crybaby/overemotional sign even though it's really accurate. probably has no clue what is happening. is better at communicating with animals than people. has lots of useless trivia in their head.

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This isn't really an ask but I felt like you might be amused. I was explaining hogwarts houses to my coworker and I said "I'm on slytherin cuz I'm cunning and ambitious". A server came around the corner and said "are you guys talking about cunnilingus?!?!" And tried to high five me. Now he's mad at me cuz I won't high five for cunnilingus.

Andy: that’s gonna be one of my new things. *high fives*

In fourth or fifth grade, all the girls had this assembly where a district nurse told us about puberty and how our bodies would start changing. We talked about everything from shaving and deodorant to periods and bras. She (the nurse) told us it was all normal. . and then, after, we were told to lie to the boys about what we talked about. All the girls knew the boys had a similar assembly about puberty, but, for whatever reason, we were told not to talk to the boys about ours. As if our puberty was somehow less than? or wrong? or like it should be a secret? It’s a very problematic mentality to push on 10/11 year old girls.

And then, years later in high school, I had guy friends asking me about periods. They’d never been told about them growing up, and they were too shy to ask their moms or sisters. Other girls were horrified when they heard I told boys about it. Again, they acted like it was somehow wrong to talk about it to someone of the opposite gender. 

If we don’t educate boys about periods, how are they supposed to know why the women in their lives are in pain and a little extra emotional once a month? How are they supposed to understand how to help? or to be sympathetic? How are boys supposed to be compassionate when they don’t understand what’s going on? And why are we teaching girls from a young age that their bodies changing is somehow something to be ashamed of when it’s literally a normal, natural thing? 

Periods are not something anyone can control, there’s no choice involved. It’s natural. Boys should be made aware of it and girls should not be made to feel ashamed. No one should feel uncomfortable talking about periods. No one.

you know the signs are mad when they say...
  • aries: "i'll never forgive you for this"
  • taurus: "i did nothing wrong"
  • gemini: "i don't care what you think, my opinion is better"
  • cancer: "i'm sorry, but the way you're acting is ridiculous. you remind me of an elementary schooler."
  • leo: "excuse me? do you really thing you can do this to me after everything i've done for you?"
  • virgo: "you're one to talk."
  • libra: "leave me alone. i don't want to talk about it anymore"
  • scorpio: "oh yeah? well let's not forget the time that you ... asshole"
  • sagittarius: they most likely won't say anything, they'll just storm away
  • capricorn: "you're a disappointment."
  • aquarius: "you don't control me. you can't make me do anything"
  • pisces: "whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore."

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I hope you realize that a lot of the things you talk about are really inaccurate???First of all, antis aren't "mad because of an age gap" an age gap doesn't matter if both characters are adults. A 32 year old and a 40 year old are fine. But a 17 year old and a 25 year old? One of them is a minor. And antis aren't the ones making toxic fandom spaces. I'm close to the ages of the characters, so I don't want to see them shipped w adults bc that makes me uncomfortable. (1/2)

Antis ARE the ones making toxic fandom spaces because you are the ones abusing people and telling people to kill the themselves over fictional shipping and who are warping the meaning of pedophilia and CSA to the extent it’s putting minors in danger. Anti communities create a perfect environment for minors to be groomed because you all spread such naivety which is incredibly dangerous and needs to stop.

These are fanon ships. I don’t understand why you antis still cannot understand that after the amount of times we’ve told you this. They are NOT based on any canon ages, which I’ll add AREN’T CONFIRMED anyway. Fanon and canon are NOT the same thing. If you don’t like a ship or it makes you uncomfortable, then blacklist it or avoid it. Other people should not be abused or suicide baited for enjoying a FICTIONAL ship dynamic they have every right to enjoy just because you cannot understand the concept of what fanon is and creative freedom. I didn’t receive the second half of this ask but if it’s anything like the first half I don’t even need to read it to know it’s going to be false or misinformed. You cannot go around expecting people to not like things just because you don’t like them because that’s not how the internet or the real world works.

Take responsibility for your own online experience rather than expecting others to.

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Okay I have one but I'm gonna take a wild turn with this one bc what is life without getting deep am I right? Concept- you telling Fionn you think Harry is going to break up with you bc you're both about to get really busy and then Fionn telling him what you said (bc sometimes a friend has to snitch)

Harry would be so sad. And I could see it leading to a serious talk. “Baby…. don’t get mad at Fionn…… but he told me what you said.”

And your heart drops. “Harry I didn’t mean–”

“That’s not going to happen, y/n. It’s not. Unless it’s what you want, I’m not going anywhere.”

You feel tears well up in your eyes. “Baby of course that’s not what I want.”

“Then you’re stuck with me. C'mere.” He pulls you into him and kisses your head. “I love you.”

You sniff, trying to fight the tears. “I love you too.” After a few moments of silence, you add “I’m gonna kill him for snitching.” Which makes you both giggle.

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I've been going out with this girl on and off for three years. She lives in a different town but she comes down every weekend, but she doesn't text at all while she's gone. I feel like I was only her boyfriend when she needed one. I talked to her about it but she only got mad at me. I had to end the relatiknsho she's been abusive in the past and talks to other guys in a sexual way even when I'm around. Just the lack of communication sent me over the edge but I still feel horrible for dumping her

fuck, this anon must have been from forever ago im sorry im just now getting to replying. i hope youre doing better and youre moving on. but if youre still struggling then just know that you did the right thing. im really glad and proud of you for getting out of a toxic relationship. there are some people who dont know how to have good LDRs and people who take advantage of LDRs to be shitty. your ex was the latter. i hope your next partner is communicative, trustworthy, and treats you like youre the most special person in the world. 

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I just found out one of my close friends is dating a guy I've had a crush on for a really long time. She knew I had a huge crush on him and I they just started dating about a week ago or so. She didn't tell me and I only found out last night at prom because one of our friends accidentally told me. I'm not even mad that they're dating, I'm more mad that she didn't at least talk to me about it and see if I was ok with it and let me make an idiot as myself as I flirted with him and kept (1/2)

hanging around them whenever they were alone last night so I could hang out with her. I want to confront her and tell her that I’m hurt, but I also don’t want to start something. What do you think I should do? (2/2)

i dont think talking to her will start anything if you go about it calmly, hopefully she’ll hear you out. and i dont think you made an idiot of yourself by hanging around them at prom at all, it’s normal for you to want to be with your friends on a special night like that. also high school stuff seems like such a big deal when it’s happening but i promise you, in a year or maybe even less it’s gonna feel like it never even happened 😘

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Ssup Raph! So I wanted to ask you. Umm. How would you deal with .. Idk. FAKE PEOPLE. Fake people meaning; someone who is on your face "kissn'ass" actin' like they're your friend, and then when your gone.. They talk mad ssh-... I mean they talk smack about you. I'm dealing with that problem at my job.. And I'm not the victim... but these two other girls, one of them is just so .. Ignorant, she doesn't accept how fake her "friend" is. And they both hate me now, they think I'm against them.

Got two options really. One, call them out on it and put up with the crap or two, let them get on with it and let her learn the hard way. Either way, this “victim” is gonna get hurt. Because she be sorry she didn’t listen to you and upset she got used.

Personally, I would punch them all in the face. But I don’t have a job at stake here.

I LOVE how considerate of Robert’s feelings Liv is… 

No one else, bar her brother before it got too hard for him, has given a flying crap about Robbo. Remember when Robert was talking about being strong for Aaron and he broke a little inside and said…

Who’s ever there for me?

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She is

Even though she really shouldn’t have to be because she’s only a baby. She’s got a big, forgiving heart Olivia has.

I hope Robert remembers that a bit on Monday and doesn’t treat her like complete dirt when he calls her a liar. 

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And just like that, Tunnel Rats has gone through another paradigm shift. I hope you all can forgive me (winces)

Also, I truly dislike writing songs for fics. I’m not really good with lyrics, and I feel like whenever I try to write them it’s on par with “wheels on the bus”, but the opening ceremonies for the match-dance in Aut-Magi require a song, so we get Holtz singing at least before the abject nudity takes place? Perks?