no expectations

[mini fic] rising upside down

he tian x mo guan shan

tags/notes: angst, swearing, allusions to sex, inspired by this song, artwork i commissioned by robnemmon, and a recent conversation with @19daysruinedmylife.

synopsis: jian yi disappears on the second day of high school. how does he tian tell guan shan that he’s going too? on ao3.

‘Let’s stop a second,’ He Tian says.

They stop.

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spookycockgoblin  asked:

I'm a gifted ADHDer too, and it sucks so bad lmao... All through my childhood it was just "You're so smart, why don't you apply yourself?!" (While never telling me what that means or how to go about "applying myself") and now I have these huge expectations for myself without the executive function to actually divert my brainpower to studying for a job or the attention span for developing an interest to dedicate my life to. It's basically the biggest battle between the two halves of myself (1/2)

2/2 Between the part of myself that says I’m better than everyone else (since I was always “so smart” ) and the part that says “Well if I’m so smart why haven’t I accomplished anything yet?” so yeah, sucky.


Morning routines in the bathroom aka: sometimes you’ve just gotta tell your bro that he’s pretty  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


BONUS bonus:


ik that im like super late to the party but i finally decided to post my designs for the boys,, better late than never right