Serenity, look at all these wonderful lives you’re destroying. Nephrite had literally JUST earned enough money to buy a set of sick-ass decorative horns. Don’t you feel kind of like a jerk now, Serenity

anyways i’m tired of y’all condemning kylo ren for his bullshit but overlooking the fact that anakin did the exact same shit like if you’re gonna absolutely despise kylo ren then despise anakin too cause they’re just as bad as each other thanks for coming to my ted talk

kids don’t even adequately understand sarcasm do you really think that they have enough mental development to block out negative societal ideas so that they don’t affect them for the rest of their life

the-gal-paladin  asked:

Why do you hate the nightingales? I mean besides their equipment being at best mediocre and the powers being boring and copies of high level magic.

actually i dont mind their equipment… what i dont like about them is what they are to the thieves guild

first of all, in oblivion the thieves guild took great pride in not killing anyone on their missions. when the thieves guild in skyrim then don’t care about guards being killed etc, that i can let slide even though i was a bit dissapointed with the thieves guild’s standars. BUT TheN The NIGHtINGALes coMes a LonG and theres this mission ALL ABOUT FINDING AND KILLING THIS ONE GUY and im jsut like no, no  non no no (even though he was going to fuck up a lot of shit the thieves guild wouldnt kill him, they would neutralise him some other way)

secondly fuck nocturnal. i hate that in skyrim she is the one whos responsible for all “luck” (good as well as bad) when it comes to the sneaky skills like if a n00b picks a master lock or a pro fails to pick a pocket then thats cause she decided so and i m just like BuLl SHIT what about good old fashioned skill who knows that n00b might have been a natural

I M So ANGRy at NOcTurnal aND hEr nightIngales fuck yOu nocurnal i am NOT becoming your servant for life and death imma steal you piece of shit skeleton key and never return rest in fuckiNg PiEces