Who started this notion that the internet is a “safe space” for anyone or anything?  Seriously, I have a bone to pick with them.  I’m not even that old, I’m pretty much right in the generation of kids that started growing up with the internet (kind of shitty in the 90′s and early 2000′s but got a lot better very fast) and all we were ever told by pretty much every adult ever was that the internet was not safe. Fun? Yeah.  Interesting and informative?  Sure, if you know how/where to look.  But, safe?  Never.  

That being said I honestly worry so much about those who say something like their facebook page, or their tumblr blog, or any online community is supposed to be a safe space for them. I’m just like please, please, no.  It’s not safe, it’s not private, hell it’s not even all that friendly a lot of the time.  Please, I implore anyone who reads this, don’t go on the internet thinking anything more than your own inhibitions will protect you from anything.