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I hate it whenever a girl is the protagonist, there has to be some stupid love triangle/pentagon/what-have-you that is stressful and overly dramatic. Why can't there be a story where there is only one guy a girl is interested in? Or one where she isn't interested in any at all?

(and, answering nnyland at the same time, due to similarity!):
I hate that the main female always seems to have no value if theres no romantic interest. Not just as a main character but even the lead females often fall for someone too (its usually the main character or another lead d: ). Sexual tension is fine and all but in EVERY story it gets old. Theres more to women’s lives than love affairs. We’re capable of having platonic relationships.

Evvy: For the last two sentences, nnyland, high five. Anon, I agree, love geometry is very prevalent in books where the lead is female- and while that whole geometric process can be handled well, it so often… isn’t.
Would you agree that women recommend to non-female authors that, in a list of a characters priorities and motivations, if ‘getting a boyfriend’ is not in the top three, cool it on the romantic geometry? Or at least have her stay focused on her goals while lovers swoon at her feet.  

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Can I thank you for this blog? All my friends know I like kpop and all the time I get asked me why. I've played it for some of them & they agreed it sounds good but still say its weird. I ask "because I'm black?" & they say yes. Every. Single. Time.

Your welcome! We created this blog so other black kpop fans wouldn’t feel alone and isolated, so I’m glad you found us!

-Admin Nia