A pocket-sized bundle of six handmade poetry zines from the Neutral Norway collective is now available HERE - it’s quite a small run so snap them up quick!


How to increase your dick size - Michael Milner

I am you in the mid-eighties - Aimee Bea Ballinger

Nrub nrub nrub - Hannah Levene

Eating in the rain - Percy Currie

Chaos Zine - Alfie Prendergast

Goast Goat God - Deva O'Neill


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Falmouth - Aimee Bea Ballinger and Rosalie Darien-Jones

I take you Falmouth in my bones and blood

in my stormy mouth, collecting white foam

at the corners I take you down, Cornish

home, settle settle, know me know my

spiked palm, my small stone beach my affinity 

with the water, shocked blue and stoney cold 

know me blotched bright red and freezing

my beached family, soundless southern gull

I take you drowning man down, down deep

down coastal path I know better than my

own roots, I take you, Falmouth home. 

Rosalie Darien Jones

It’s been far too long since the last time artwork graced the walls of an NN event and we can’t think of a better way to break this dry-spell than with the work of Falmouth based illustrator, Rosalie Darien Jones. 

(click image to go get lost in Rosalie’s beautiful blog)

A few of us have been working on some collaborative projects with Rosalie which will hopefully be coming to fruition early next year and we’re super excited for her to be exhibiting with us! 


Remember about a month ago (on the last full moon to be exact - look at sky for exact date) we got very drunk and launched our second anthology NN2?

(also if anyone wants to come over and vacuum that’s cool)

We are now looking for anyone with a blog/voice/soapbox to review the book for us. If this sounds like something that you could spend a leisurely afternoon doing then get in touch: neutralnorway@hotmail.co.uk (we might even be able to provide a copy for you) Thanks, NN x


What better day to announce the launch of our new book than National Poetry day! Facebook event link here.



Confusion hath fuck his masterpiece. 
― Bill Burroughs 

Neutral Norway have been working hard this past year as a collective. We return this October to launch The NN Press and our second book - **NN2** 

This is at once a book launch and a celebration of those who contributed to make this project possible; without the support of everybody who funded us we could not have completed our collaboration and we are proud to present the culmination of those efforts in a live reading from members of the collective, special guests and music from Herons! 

After party at SVA 10.30pm till late late late!

Tickets are available for £5 on the door, but Neutral Norway are all about the collaborative effort, so if you wish to contribute a zine or pamphlet then you can welcome yourself in on a £3 concession! 

Any zines or pamphlets of original works will be added to the Neutral Norway touring zine library. 

So make a note in your diary and a space on your bookshelf, we’ll see you there.