wooooooooow tumblr awards yay


  • mbf P    I   G
  • reblog once
  • like this and i’ll kill your family
  • must hit 40 notes idk
  • reblog before november 11 just cause


  • most fabulous overall
  • raddest blogger
  • most dazzling theme
  • sickest url
  • timey wimey award (doctor who)
  • human flesh yum (hannibal)
  • yer a wizard (harry potter)
  • homosexual hunters (spn)
  • year long hiatuses (sherlock)
  • best milkshake of fandoms

one winner for each category and maybe some runners up

prizes whoa!!!!!!

winners get:

  • a follow if we aren’t already
  • random promos 
  • overall will get link in blog, everyone gets one on the winners’ page
  • the glory of winning
  • a shitty graphic from one of us
  • our eternal love
runners up
  • possible follow from each of us
  • group promos 
  • the joy of knowing you almost won something

so yeah enter this