Shoom Shoom

7355 Bayveiw Ave.
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 5Z2


I mentioned in my previous post that these days its harder to be able to meet up with friends. As luck would have it, the week after going out for Dim Sum @ Casa Imperial I got a text asking if I was free on Friday. As it turns out, another friend’s plans ended up getting postponed so I ended up being free for dinner. Dinner ended up being at a Middle Eastern restaurant that was in a strip mall on Bayview that I always passed by but never thought about trying.

I hardly ever go out to try Middle Eastern food, and the most I ever do eat is usually a falafel or shwarma from Lebanese fast food places so I was in for a treat.

I ordered for my main course Cod filet served with a Moroccan style tomato sauce with fresh garlic, chickpeas, carrots, and topped with coriander. As a side I chose Middle Eastern style rice as I was curious to see what makes it different from Jasmine white rice. The main entrees also included a choice of either soup or salad.     I decided to upgrade my salad for the Shoom Shoom salad which consisted of mixed greens, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts with a basil balsamic vinaigrette. We also ordered a dip called Matbouha to share.

The Matbouha arrived first with whole wheat and white pita. This appeared to be a dip made of tomatoes. I thought that the dip tasted nice but my friend was not impressed.

Next came my salad. I was surprised and impressed by the size of it! It almost could have been a main entree.  The salad had a nice tart taste from the vinaigrette and just a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes. The goat cheese provided a nice creamy texture and the pine nuts a little bit of crunch.  It was an enjoyable salad.

Next came the cod filet. 

I just tried Ethiopian food for the 1st time last week and I loved it. It’s a great food to eat with a group of friends as the dishes are communal, and you get to eat with your hands (well your right preferably). I only ate vegetarian food when I went because the friends I went with were vegetarian and vegan, but I think next time I go, I will try the meat options also. If you are in the GTA, take a break from what you usually eat and try some Ethiopian food!

Here’s a wiki link about Ethiopian Cuisine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethiopian_cuisine