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Animals, especially mammals, need oxygen to keep their bodies and brains humming along.

But leave it to the African naked mole-rat to buck that trend. The rodents are bizarre in just about every way. They’re hairless, ground-dwelling and cold-blooded despite being mammals. Now, scientists report in the journal Science that the animals are capable of surviving oxygen deprivation.

“They have evolved under such a different environment that it’s like studying an animal from another planet,” says Thomas Park, a neuroscientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Researchers Find Yet Another Reason Why Naked Mole-Rats Are Just Weird

Photo: Roland Gockel/Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

Just in case nobody knew this but in Civil War when Tony calls Peter “underoos” it was not only a jab at his spandex-type uniform but a reference to the 70s children’s underwear “underoos”. It was popular for kids to get these to play dress up in so basically Tony compared him to a kid playing make believe in his underwear.

“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

Why is capitalism bad for the environment?
Capitalism (and neoclassical economic theory) were developed in a world where the economy was small relative to the containing ecosystem. Therefore it made sense that the economy could grow without impacting the ecosystem. The limiting factor was man-made (i.e. labor).

Today, humans (and the things which we have produced) are not small relative to the containing ecosystem. The limiting factor is not labor, it is our natural resources. Before, increasing the number of ships would increase the amount of fish caught. But if there are no fish left, then no amount of extra ships will increase the catch size (figure from Daly, 2005).

The problem with capitalism is that it does not recognise this obvious physical conflict between the growth of the economy and the preservation of the environment.

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fake names that skaters have used to check into hotels:

Yuuri: has never used a fake name.  He doesn’t believe anyone is interested enough in him to use one.  

Victor: while skating, always checked in as “Makkachin Nikiforov”, with a big wink to the front desk employee.  As a coach, his current fake check-in name is “Makkachin Katsuki-Nikiforov”, with a big wink to the front desk employee.    

Otabek: he doesn’t typically use one, but when he was training in Canada JJ once checked him into a hotel as “Borat” and Otabek was FURIOUS.

JJ: he used to check in as other famous Canadians but once he checked in as “Justin Bieber” and caused an international incident in South Korea.  So now he just uses “JJ Logan” as a nod to the greatest Canadian superhero of all time (besides JJ himself, of course).

Chris: checks into hotels as “Victor Nikiforov”.  Or “Surya Bonaly”.  Depends on how he feels that day. NEVER Stéphane Lambiel, though.  (Lambiel knows what he did.)

Phichit: he rotates through a series of obscure characters in “The King and the Skater” series, with the occasional famous instagrammer thrown in.  (But never anyone who endorses fitness tea.  Phichit knows it’s a scam.)

Yuri: not old enough to have a hotel room in his name just yet, but he’s already thought about it and likes the sound of “Liger Von Darkness”.  Maybe “Tiger Ovechkin” to mix things up occasionally.



We’ve All Ran To That Song That We Thought Represented Cheerfulness & Excitement. Our Parents, Their Parents & Your Kids Too Have All Unknowingly Ran To The Theme Of Hate.


English Fun Fact of the Day:

Do you use singular ‘they’? For example, would you say something like “Every student should do their homework before they go out to play”? Now, were you ever told that this was wrong?
Most of us are taught that this singular usage of “they” is improper and especially unacceptable in formal settings like essays or books. The reason most cited for the incorrectness of this usage of “they” and “their” is that a plural pronoun simply cannot be used as a singular pronoun. It just cannot be done!
But let me tell you why that’s a bunch of nonsense.
In Old English and Middle English, there were two sets of second-person pronouns. One singular and the other plural. There was thou/thee/thy/thine and also ye/you/your/yours. Three guesses which was the plural set.
That’s right!
Ye/you/your/yours were plural you’s. That is to say that you’d use “you” when referring to a group, not a single person. Later in Middle English, “you” and its forms began to be used like the French “vous” still is today. You could use the plural form “you” to refer to a superior, even in the singular, or a group of people.
Eventually, around the 17th century, “thou” passed out of fashion entirely in standard English, but “you” remained for both singular and plural usage.
So, the next time that a teacher tells you not to use the singular they, just show them this post and reassure them of the historical linguistic precedent for plural pronouns being used as singular.

I just read a great meta about Dean’s leather jacket by @dustydreamsanddirtyscars and happened to watch the pilot just afterward and I noticed he wasn’t wearing the jacket at the beginning of the episode, but rather gets it halfway through. I haven’t been in the fandom long, so I had no idea that the jacket actually was one of the things John left behind in his hotel room when he went missing. I guess I always assumed it was given to him by John, like the Impala was, and now that just adds new layers to Dean’s character, this jacket he wrapped himself up in when Dad went missing, which he went on to cherish after John died. It’s also interesting that we never really see John noticing that I remember hello rewatch that Dean has it, and he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. So, for anyone else who didn’t realize, here you go: 

While looking for John, Sam and Dean find the hotel where John stayed, where a lot of his personal belongings have been left behind. Dean is wearing a canvas jacket at that point, which has been muddied up by his fall in the river. 

Dean goes to take a shower and you can see the shelf with a brown piece of clothing but it’s hard to tell what it is: 

And then Dean comes out of the shower and: 

Grabs the piece of clothing, goes outside and voila

The iconic leather jacket.

Morbid Fact of the Day

Salt water can take up to 10 minutes to drown you. 

Unlike fresh water, when salt water enters your lungs the salt prevents the water from affecting your red blood cells by thickening it. Normally, with fresh water, the water itself would rush into and burst the blood cells causing instant death, but the salt in saltwater creates a wall of thickened blood that will keep you conscious up until the moment of your death, 10 minutes later.