nno what is this


Michael: gavidn
Michael: gavin tor reallyp retty

Gavin:…Michael are you drunk?

Michael: msybe judt a little  bt

Gavin: Oh boi. Where are you? I’ll get someone to come get you
Gavin: Are you out with anyone?

Michael: is just tme
Michael: boiiii uhpr preett
Michael: cpme get bev ved withm  e

Gavin: I don’t even know what you’re trying to say boi…
Gavin: Where are you? I’ll come to you. The last time you were this drunk you wound up in someone’s pool

Michael: m just a thome
Michael: come bover i  wannnna telly oos osmthig

Gavin: Can’t you tell me now? Michael why are you laying in the middle of your living room floor I can see you on your security feed


Gavin: Michael I’m on my way just…don’t vomit on yourself

Michael: gavin  can i tell hyph somethign

Gavin: If ‘hyph’ is me then of course boi

Michael: i realllyl ike yuo boi

Gavin: I really like you too, Michael, that’s why I’m coming to peel you off your floor.

Michael: nno you domt get it

Gavin: Don’t get what? Michael, you’re drunk

Michael: i LIEK you boi. l ike mmaye kindood love  you boii

Gavin: Michael…Michael, you’re drunk.
Gavin: You don’t really mean that you’re just projecting
Gavin: Because if you meant it you would say it sober maybe
Gavin: Because you always say important things sober

Michael: mkay remindme in rhe morning an ill aay  it th en

Gavin: …I’m going to be there in a minute just hold on boi

The Mavin Valentine’s Day Extravaganza - Part 3 (1) (2) (4) (5) (6) (7)

  • neurotypicals: "be impulsive! be reckless! be spontaneous! trust your gut instinct always!"
  • me: "ok sure!"
  • me: *steals $$$* *eats everything in sight* *swallows every pill in the house* *gets on a random bus* *drinks excessive amounts of alcohol* *touches flame believing it wouldn't hurt* *would literally fuck any stranger* *jumps out of a moving vehicle on a highway*
  • neurotypicals: "oh FUCK!!! no o nNO what the fuck is wrong with you not like that???!?"
  • me: "haha jk!"
EXO Reaction when your friends make you feel awkward in front of them

I hope this is close to what you requested anonnie! Xo, Admin A~

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*Pissed* “And you guys.. call yourself her friends? I’m sorry but we are leaving, and you better apologize… Come on jagi”


*Feels embarrassed * “Yes guys I’m embarrassed but not for her… it’s all of you. How can you treat your friend like that?” *smooth~*


*Knows perfectly how to change the topic* “And then I tried to make the wind blow but I farted!! Yehet!”


*Gets all moody* “I just came here because they have a nice cake.. not to hear your lame jokes about my girl. We are leaving, bye”


“Sorry jagi I know they are your friends but.. I can’t take it. I’ll wait outside okay? Or I’ll fight someone”


*Doesn’t want to hear a thing* “Do you think I don’t know how she is? She might be a little “silly” but that’s just her personality. I love her and I think she is the most amazing girl alive”


*Tries to contain himself* “Don’t yell baek.. it’s her friends… you can’t… don’t be rude like them.. nno…”


“What? She really did that? Wah… not worse than what I did! I accidentally forgot to wear my underwear once!”


*Instead of getting all embarrassed and that he just finds you cuter and cuter* “I knew you were meant to be with me jagi.. all we do is embarrassing things! Let’s live to the fullest!”




*You don’t want this unicorn to be judging you because no* “I’m sorry but no one.. not even her friends, mess with my girl. SO please stop”


“I have eleven dorks back home, you think that’s going to make me think bad of my jagi? I’m sorry but that’s impossible” *Smooooooooth*

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KBTBB: Tres Spades - Eisuke

Here’s another smut fanfic of Eisuke. it just pop into my mind and so i decided to write it today. And, i’m reaching 300 followers really soon, and i’ve got another set of CGs to be published again! CAN SEASON 3 PROLOGUE LAUNCH ALREADY?!? i’m too excited for it!! omgzzzz 

Tres Spades Anniversary Dinner is happening tonight and the entire hotel is decorated lavishly, red carpet being laid, leading from the entrance of Tres Spades to the Grand ballroom. You feel the sense of achievement after preparing whatever is needed for the party tonight. “Well done _____. Thanks for helping out even after your shift hours!” Chisato pats you on the back, when the penthouse pager suddenly buzzed. It’s Eisuke. You quickly finish up the loose ends and hurry to the penthouse. You arrive at the penthouse and the usual gang were there.

you: Eisuke..you’re looking for me?
Baba: There you are, beautiful lady!
Eisuke: Baba will take you to shopping in 10 minutes.
you: Huh? wait…what shopping?
Baba: Can’t wait to see your curves, _____.. (winks)
Eisuke: …..Change of plans. Sor, you’ll take her to shopping instead.
Baba: wha…wait i thought it was me!
Eisuke: I can’t stand people ogling at what’s mine. It’s decided then, Sor. 
you: wait a minute, what’s going on?
Eisuke: you’re coming to the dinner with me tonight…

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frxgileanxiety  asked:

[txt, big daddy 💖] rick, can i come over for a bit? i kinda... have something a little more serious to say to you..

Rick drunkenly grabs his phone, noticing he has two texts from his babygirl. He smirks slightly at the first one then feels his heart kind of dip at the second. She’s never called him ‘rick’. He attempts to chug his liquor, only to find it empty before chucking it across the room.
Text to Babygirl ❤️: [hmm nno of cioyrs not daddy woild neve forget abuot u. By what’s up bsbyhitl?] he hiccups as he presses send, the room spinning.

stormbearbutt  asked:

I think the entire point of this Arc in Homestuck is so John can learn his powers. I don't think it's doomed, because John has the power to edit timelines without making them be doomed, since the alpha seems to focus on him.

yeah but at the same time I feel like there is too much to undo at this point without having consequences, or just for the simple fact that I doubt the story can just go like “well all of this never happened! let’s do it over”

I mean John would have to change just one single thing, going back to the point where Gamzee took the ring and gave it to Aranea, if she didn’t get the ring none of this would have happened or at least it would have happened a different way, but it still sounds a little too simple! (even in the case he went back and saved everyone individually)

Anon:Sunnyyyyy, have you seen the post about the pumpkin stem in the “Heroic” death signs???

nno what is it >:?

ohh ok that little thing there

and yeah it looks suspicious because that’s how the o looks like when capitalized in that font, and I don’t think Hussie accidentally switched from lowercase to a capitalized version of that font with an o that happens to look like a pumpkin by accident, but I have no idea what implications is it gonna have in the end

here’s that post with the discussion about it in case anyone is interested uvu