nno post

Listen, i’m not trying to start something BUT...

I have definitely seen Episode 3 of Bungou Stray Dogs (and Akutagawa) before.

Yoite is that u??

Floaty black trenchcoat blowing in the wind?

Coughing up blood I see? And those hair bangs??

Yoite stop being a dick.

Great now Raimei/Kouichi/Naomi/Tanizaki’s dead.

I’m sorry, my sweet summer child, but it’s all about you.

I’ve been waiting for my Kairoushuu v. Fuuma showdown II for some time.

I like both shows and i’m sure they’re nothing alike really, but…


If BSD ends up anywhere near as gay as NNO i’ll be impressed

i keep having extremely detailed very weird dreams so imma draw this lady from my dream but shes super fucked so i nno if i should post her here or not