They deserve Oscar awards bye

there are times where I temporarily forget the reason I started shipping Jongkey and then…I remember

Everyone has their speculations and their own opinions, but to me Jongkey will always be a ship I can call my OTP. They make each other happy

They tease and bicker like bestfriends and boyfriends

They’re there for each other, hugging laughing and enjoying each other’s company

They take breaks when needed, they miss each other when necessary

And they may not say it often, but everyone knows..

Happy Jongkey day everyone! <3


7.22.16 - Yesterday I finally got around to finishing my first bujo spread! I am so excited to start using it next week, and hope that it will up my productivity. At first, when I made my studyblr, I never would have thought that I could make something like this that I was actually satisfied with. I intend to continue using it, so I will probably continue posting some pics.


  • Honestly don’t know what my notebook is. Just a cheap college ruled cx
  • Sharpie highlighter (Green)
  • Uni-ball Signo 0.7 (I think)
  • Pilot G-2 .07 pens (Black, green, blue)
  • Post-it notes

I would like to thank the following studyblrs for their amazing blogs and inspiration! @eatsleepstudyrepeat, @studybuzz, @obsidianstudy, @omgtimetostudy, @garibenstudies, @languagebunny, @just-a-spoonful-of-sugar, @studyign, @study-til-u-faint, @studypetals, @educatier, @enginehrd, @studentsandlattes, @studyify, @eine-arztin-macin, @stxdied, @lycheestudy, @areistotle, @bookmocha, and many, many more!


Request from Anonymous: “omg, can you continue the prostate check up drabble, oneshot, thing? xD”

Refers to this.

“Are you even allowed to do that?”

Kibum rolls his eyes as he stares at Taemin who is currently reaching across the table to flip the meat on the grill. “There are no laws against it, stupid.”

“Are you sure?”

Yes. Doctors date and get married. Jonghyun just kind of used my patient information to text me. It’s not like I’m upset about it. If he wasn’t so attractive, yeah, I’d probably be a little creeped out. He was really nice about it.”

Taemin huffs. “That’s still creepy, attractive or not.”

“Oh, shut up.”

“I’m being serious!”

“Too serious. What gives?”

Taemin shrugs, pulling the meat off the grill and shoving it into his mouth in one go. “It’s not the most normal thing,” he mutters, mouth full. “Are you really going to like to date a guy who works that much? You need constant attention most of the time.”

Kibum sneers, cutting his slab of meat on his plate. “Do not.”

“Do so,” Taemin taunts, grinning. “But I need to get down to the real question now.”


“Was the prostate exam basically your first time? Is that considered fingering? Or like… is your real first time together your first time?”

Kibum’s face turns bright red suddenly, and he chucks his crumpled up napkin across the table. “You are disgusting.”

“These are the burning questions, Kibum. The people need to know!”

“Nobody needs to know. You’re just asking because you’re an asshole.”

Taemin smirks suddenly. Kibum knows he misspoke. “Your asshole is the burning question.”

“I fucking hate you.”