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I was tagged by:  http://anawesomeraccoon.tumblr.com/

My questions:

1. A show you started watching but didn’t finish? Why?

I started watching Supernatural, but I’ve stopped because the next episode is Bloody Mary and it looks terrifying! I’m not sure I’m emotionally prepared for this.

2. Favorite dish?

It’s not really a dish, but a Boston Brownie. It’s so much better than a normal brownie, I just… AHHH I LOVE THEM

3. Do you have a book that you really want to see as a movie?

Any book by Maggie Stiefvater. Or Looking for Alaska.

4. What was your first otp?

Well, when I was little I had loads, but I didn’t know they were OTPs. So, at the age of seven, it must have been Ten and Rose.

5. A country you’d like to visit, but not live in?

Italy. I study Latin, so I’m going for a week in October. We’re seeing literally everything: the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, Vesuvius. But I wouldn’t want to live there - Britain is where I belong.

6. What did you want to be when you were 6 years old?

The Queen. Or an ice cream woman.

7. Best movie ever?

The one I always seem to go back to is Inception. I just like how much thought must have gone into it.

8. Something that always makes you smile?

When a baby or a young child smiles at me. I never want to have them, but I always feel obliged to smile back. 

9. Your favorite gif?

10. Your favorite song right now?

I can’t choose! Anything by Chameleon Circuit. Or Alex Day. Or You’re the Voice.

11. Your all time favorite song?

Same as above ^.^

My questions:

1. At what age were you most happy?

2. Is there anyone you wish you could be for a day?

3. What’s your favourite colour? How would you describe it without using its name?

4. What’s your biggest no-tp?

5. Are there any books you wish you hadn’t read?

6. What would your change your URL to if you had the choice of any one?

7. Do you regret joining Tumblr?

8. What’s your favourite scent?

9. Would you rather eat a tree or be eaten by a tree?

10. Is there anything you can’t do? Swimming, riding a bike, tying your shoelaces etc.

11. Do you believe in Sherlock Holmes?