Banlaine Week is Back!


Banlaine Week is a week dedicated to the romantic relationship between our beloved fairy and bandit, it is a way for all of us banlaine trash to spread the pain and beauty of our ship.


Banlaine Week will begin Monday, April 24th, and end on Sunday, April 30th.

How can I participate:

Any and all forms of original work are accepted (no reposting)! We have made a list of prompts for the week, but feel free to use prompts you think of yourself, too! We will be tracking the tag #banlaineweek. If it is one of the first five tags, we will reblog it here.


Day 1: Encounter
Day 2: Gifts
Day 3: Gentle
Day 4: Memories
Day 5: Time
Day 6: Strength
Day 7: Festival

Please tag nsfw appropriately and feel free to ask any questions.

Good luck to everyone who wishes to participate!