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@soraruru まふまふ含め数人でスカイプで打ち合わせしてたらゲームしてないのにまふまふにゲームしないでくださいって言われた 理不尽 しかも本人はミュートにしてお菓子食べてたらしい

Soraru: I was having a skype call with mafumafu alongside with a few others and even though i wasn’t playing any games, mafumafu told me to ‘stop playing games’. Unreasonable. And what’s more is that the person himself was eating snacks while putting himself on mute

@uni_mafumafu:@soraruru そらるさんがいつも打ち合わせ中に携帯でこっそりゲームやってますよね!?それはゆるがない真実ですよね?!

Mafumafu: Soraru-san is always secretly playing games on his phone when we meet up, right?! That’s the unshakable truth, right?!

Sekihan: 昨日行ったお化け屋敷が面白かったから
赤飯 くーらー みーちゃん Souくん そらるさんの5人。
終始叫びながら倒れてたので 一緒に倒れておきました👹
Sekihan: Yesterday everyone was interested in going to a haunted house.
Everyone invited came  👻  
There were five of us it’s Sekihan, Kura (Kradness), Mi-chan, Sou-kun and Soraru.
By the way sou-kun clung on to my arm.
At first we were screaming and tripping then at the end we ended up falling down together .  👹

Kradness: そしてライブの後にみんなでお化け屋敷行ってきたwwww めっっちゃ叫んでもたwwwwwwww楽しいwww
Kradness: After the event I went with everyone to the haunted house. I screamed a lot wwwwwwwwww It was fun www

Soraru: こそっと抜け出してみんなでお化け屋敷行った!souくん転げ回ってた
Soraru: After leaving this place we went to the haunted house!  Sou-kun was falling around everywhere

Mi-chan:  お化け屋敷いった!!!
Mi-chan:  Went to a haunted house!!!

Sou: そらるさんがずっと後ろから脅かしてきた💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sou: Soraru-san was scaring me too much from behind  💢!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sou: 呪いの子守唄
Sou: The curse of the lullaby
Note: The curse of the lullaby is the name of the Haunted House ww.

T/N: They all tweeted with photos but I just posted one! This is the haunted house they went to after XYZ tour in Nagoya.

Mafumafu: There’s a cat in my friend’s house, I gave it an afternoon snack

(Go watch the video, it’s really cute w)

Mafumafu: My eyes started to itch, I hate cat allergies 

@uratasama:  これが俺と志麻くんの毎日のやりとり

Urata: This is how shima and I converse everyday

Ura: mo
Shima: mojya
Ura: mojya mo-jyamo
Shima: mojya!!
Ura: mo… mojya!!!?
mo, mojyamo!?
Shima: mo… mo…
Ura: mo..?
Shima: momo!!!

@shima_s2:  心が綺麗な人は翻訳出来るはずRT @uratasama: これが俺と志麻くんの毎日のやりとり

Shima: A person with a beatiful heart can surely understand this

[t/n: edited bc i forgot to add shima’s retweet w]

@luzabs: そらるさんの公式LINEにluzって送っても、「犬」としか返ってこない!バグってるのかな?
@luzabs: I sent my name to soraru’s official line and I got a reply “Dog” ! I wonder could this be a bug?

@32624Tb: @luzabs きっとluzくんはそらるさんにとって犬なんですよ
@32624Tb: I’m sure luz would be taken as soraru’s dog!

@luzabs: @32624Tb なるほどわんわん
@luzabs: Of course woof woof

‏@trluz_O718 : @luzabs そらるさんは猫が好きって言ってました!!!@trluz_O718: Soraru said he likes cats

@luzabs: え?@trluz_O718
@luzabs: Eh?

@soraruru: @luzabs 犬も好きだよ
@soraruru: I also like dogs

@luzabs:  (*゚∀゚*)

@kashitaro_ito: 8時間スタジオにこもったのは久しぶりだ…! 太陽はもう今日は帰ってしまった(笑)! でもずっと音楽やってたわけじゃなくて、1時間くらいお互いの体のサイズをこのヒモで測ってました。 イトヲカシって、なにやってんだろ…。 

@kashitaro_ito: It’s been awhile since we’ve been holed up in the studio for 8 hours straight…! The sun has already gone home for the day (laughs)! But we didn’t just focus on music the whole time, for an hour or so we used this string to measure each other’s three sizes… What on earth is Itowokashi doing….

(t/n: it’s a kind of string called nidzukuri himo, which is used mainly for packaging. in Singapore (and maybe other SEA regions?) it’s more commonly known as raffia string (^: )

@kashitaro_ito: ちなみに僕のサイズは上から、 82、67、88です。 グラビアアイドル目指そう。

@kashitaro_ito: By the way, starting from my chest, my three sizes are 82, 67 and 88. Let’s aim to be a gravure idol. 

(t/n: all measurements in cm by the way ALSO he’s so skinny boy pls)

@kashitaro_ito: グラビアアイドルと格闘家のユニットになるのかな?

@kashitaro_ito: I wonder if we can become a gravure idol-cum-martial artist unit? 

Mafumafu Tweets ー 030116 ~ 030216

Mafumafu: “Hamsters are so cute… Omg omg omg, it’s too cute… Wait wait, that side’s dangerous! There’s pet food here, over here… Ow! (giggles) It bit me just now”)

Mafumafu: “Ham ham ham ham ham ham ham ham ham”


Mafumafu: “Meeting and data collection won’t end
Left: Kirby (by Soraru-san)
Right: A limp life form (by Mafumafu)

It’s cold so I’ll head home after eating ramenー
Today Urata-san might come over to my house₍₍(∩´ ᵕ `∩)⁾⁾ 

@oikasano そういえば今日は夢にそらるさんが出てきて

Ikasan: I had a dream today, in which Soraru-san appeared in and he said “Ikasan~ I’m currently 148kg~” it was super funny (i’m sorry) (somehow i can only remember that part clearly


@soraruru: 衣装かっこいいぜ 今日は夜中までなのでがんばるぞ
Soraru: I’ll be wearing these cool costumes from today till midnight i’ll do my best.

@chomaiyo: @soraruru 横顔うつくしいね
Chomaiyo: Your profile is really beautiful.

@soraruru: @chomaiyo メイクさんが優秀なのさ
Soraru: The makeup artist was really excellent.

@kashitaro_ito: 先に言っておく。

@kashitaro_ito: I’ll say this first.

@kashitaro_ito: 新しい動画をマイリストせずゆりんくんの家に向かっているから、まるでマイリストし忘れたように思えるじゃない?



@kashitaro_ito: I forgot to mylist my new video and I’m heading to Yurin-kun’s house right now, won’t you think that it’s as if I forgot to mylist it?

Well I didn’t.

I want to put all my feelings into the first mylist of the year, so I plan to do it after I’ve completed all the programmes I have for today.

@kashitaro_ito: (なんでだろう、なんでいつも僕はこうなんだ…?)

@kashitaro_ito: (I wonder why, why am I always like this…?)

@_amatsuki_: iPhoneでマイリスすればええやん あと時間17時になったんでよろしゅう

@_amatsuki_: You could mylist on your iPhone   Also once it’s 17:00 I look forward to it 

(t/n: do i smell a collab coming up)

@kashitaro_ito: 無理だよ、画面違うとよく分かんないし…!


@kashitaro_ito: It’s impossible, the page is totally different on iPhone and I don’t know how to navigate…! 

Got it! I’ll confirm a bit and then I’ll contact you!

@_amatsuki_: そういうキャラを無理に演じなくて良いんですよ 動画を開いてデカデカとあるマイリストボタンを押すだけじゃろがおらおらおらおらおらおら

@_amatsuki_: You don’t have to try to play that kind of character  Once you open up the video there’s a really huge mylist button so just press it oraoraoraoraoraora

@kashitaro_ito: アプリ恐怖症なんだよ…。


@kashitaro_ito: I have a fear of apps…

Amatsuki-kun you have my account in your phone right could you do it for me if you do new year’s fortune will arrive quickly!

@_amatsuki_: わかった ついでに動画全部消しとく

@_amatsuki_: I got it while I’m at it all delete all your videos too

@kashitaro_ito: やめろー(笑)!僕ら二人で歌った動画もあるんだぞ!!!!

@kashitaro_ito: Don’t do that (laughs)! There are also videos where the both of us sang together!!!!

@_amatsuki_: そうだった マイリスしときました 選曲GJ

@_amatsuki: Oh yeah  I mylist-ed it GJ with the song selection

@kashitaro_ito: うおー、ありがとう!!マイリストしてくれて!!!!!

@kashitaro_ito: Uooo, thank you!! For mylist-ing it for me!!!!!

Mafumafu Tweets ー 010916 ~ 011016

Mafumafu: “I woke up. I thought it might’ve been a dream but it was reality.

Once again, please give us your regards for the After the Rain album “Black Crest Story”!
It seems that the “Ouka ni Ouka ni Tsukiyo to Sodeshigure” we uploaded has reached 1st place in the category ranking and 2nd overall! I’ll also release the karaoke soundtrack so please sing itヾ(*´□`*)ノ”


Mafumafu: “Just when I thought “I’ve completed a great lead track for the albumーーー!!”, I fell asleep while sitting on my knees holding on my guitar. But the completed song is ringing inside my head. I have to start working before I forget it like this but I can’t help but feel sleepy. But I want to bring this song to life. But I’m sleepy and I can’t help it so I guess I’ll go watch Gochiusa”


@uni_mafumafu 大人になってわかったことは、大人も涙を流すんだってこと。大人になっても悲しいことは悲しいし、強そうに見えてしっかり傷つくんだってこと。それと、子供の頃嫌いだった先生や大人たちも、きっとどこかで泣いたり、お腹をすかせたり、苦しいなあと思っていたのかなと思った。

Mafumafu: What i’ve learnt after becoming an adult is that even adults cry. Even when you become an adult, sad things are still sad and you’re still hurt by them despite appearing strong. And about those teachers and adults who we hated when we were young, I wondered if they too had sad and hungry times or times when they thought that it was just too painful.

@neru_sleep: どこまで何を表現したいのか恥ずかしながら僕には全然見当がつかないのけど、強いて言うなら主張したいことがあるなら自分の武器を以て表現するべきだし、そこに他人を巻き込むのは凄く悲しいことだ。たとえそれがマクロであるアイロニーだったとしてもね。
@neru_sleep: I don’t know what you want to say at all but I want to tell you that if you have your opinion, you should show it in your way. It is very sad to involve other people in this situation, even if you just want to express irony.

@neru_sleep: だってさ、突然営業に駆け込んできた人が他社の揚げ足取りを材料に「ね?うちの会社凄いでしょ?」って言ったところでその会社信頼する?しないよね。
@neru_sleep: Please think about this example. A business man insists that his company is great while pointing out other company’s weak point.
Could you trust on his company? Maybe we can’t.

@neru_sleep: 他人にしてもらってきた事はすぐ忘れるくせして、自分がしてきたことやこれからしたいことは簡単に頭を支配して、その達成のためだったら仮想敵をいくらだって作ったりする。心の優しい人の身振り素振りを見てハッと自分の過ちに気付く。何回目だろうなあ。気をつけなきゃいけない。
@neru_sleep: We tend to think about what we want to do or what we did too much and we forget what other people did for us. To achieve our goal, we reduce anyone to despair without hesitation. When we see a kind person we suddenly see our mistakes. It happened many times to me as well. I should be more careful about it to prevent this situation to occur again.

@neru_sleep: Once we understand all these things, we realize that we have really really few enemies. We should make an effort to understand but it is difficult to do so when we work too hard. If there is a person who helps us on such a time, we should hold his/her hand with all my power.

@syounen_t_sako  おはようございます!ロンドンは今、夜の10時です!(*^_^*)僕は日本にいるけどね(*^_^*)ロンドンは夜の10時(*^_^*)

Tkun: Good morning! It’s now 10pm at London! (*^_^*)Even though I’m at Japan~(*^_^*) It’s 10pm at London~

@_amatsuki_:@syounen_t_sako その主張なに!?!?

Amatsuki: What’s with that assertion!?!?

**Amatsuki’s at London currently w

@uni_mafumafu: まふつきうらたでランチしゃぶしゃぶしてきたしゃぶ  うまうまし( ⸝⸝⸝⁼̴́꒳⁼̴̀⸝⸝⸝)

雨がしとしと降る庭の前でお茶を飲んで猫をなでるみたいなの好き  猫アレルギーだけど

Mafu: Mafu, Amatsuki and Urata ate shabu shabu for lunch. It’s so delicious ( ⸝⸝⸝⁼̴́꒳⁼̴̀⸝⸝⸝)

I actually like rainy days like this~
I like drinking tea in front of the garden as the rain gently falls while stroking a cat like this but then I remember I have cat allergy.

@soraruru: @uni_mafumafu 許さない
Soraru: I won’t forgive you.

@uni_mafumafu: @soraruru 家に着いたのでとりあえず二度寝を
Mafu: I’ve been sleeping twice ever since I got home