nnd 96neko

@96__neko  そらるんが誕生日プレゼントって笑顔でくれたけど、こやつ…!


96neko: Soraru gave me my birthday present in a smile, but this person….! Σ(´□`;) Thank you, I will grow taller!!

 お、おう、あ、ありがとう、うん。 RT @soraruru 大きくなれよ RT @96__neko: そらるんがくれたプレゼント。


上の存在感!!!!! pic.twitter.com/pZ02eG8Y4Y

96neko: The present that Sorarun gave. The one below is bath salt! The one on top is the feeling of having presence!!!!

Soraru: Become bigger, okay?

96neko: O,Oh, T, Thank you, Uhn

note: the bottle on the top is calcium pills w

@kashitaro_ito: 黒にゃんこ、LINEで僕の名前を勝手に伊東デカ太郎にしやがって!! うちの猫たちとはおおちがいだ!!! 爪切りの刑、風呂入れの刑、ご飯抜きの刑、どれにしてやろうか…。

@kashitaro_ito: Kuronyanko, how dare you change my name on LINE to Ito Dekataro!! My cats are different from you!!! Cut your nails, or put you in the bath, or taking away your food, how should I punish you…

@96__neko: デカ太郎デカ太郎!

@96__neko: Dekataro dekataro!

@kashitaro_ito: こんニャろう!うちの46猫たちめっちゃ性格いいから爪の垢を煎じて飲ませたいわ! あ、 爪の垢より小さいから飲むの無理かな…。

@kashitaro_ito: You rascat! (t/n: word play on rascal i’m sorry I don’t know any other way to phrase this) My 46neko are really good-natured I’ll boil the dirt under your nails and make you drink it! Ah, you’re smaller than the dirt under your nails so I think it’s impossible for you to drink it…

(t/n: 46neko is a word play on 96neko. 46neko translates to shironeko, ie white cat(s), the opposite of kuroneko)

@96__neko: 爪の垢より小さいわけがないだろおおおおおおおうが!!なんなら歌詞太郎君の家の猫よりは大きいわ!!!!ハーッハッハッハッハ!!!!!!でも猫はかわいい。

@96__neko: There’s no way I’m smaller than the dirt under nailssssss!! Rather, I’m bigger than the cats at your house!!!! Hahhahahahaha!!!!!!! But your cats are cute.

@kashitaro_ito: うちの猫はかわいいよー! 96猫さんもライブしたらみんなから「かっこいい」、「かわいい」って言われてるだろうけどみんな優しいね。 ほんとは見えてないのに。

@kashitaro_ito: My cats are cute!! Even when 96neko-san is performing live and everyone calls you “cool” or “cute”, everyone’s just being nice. Cos in actual fact they can’t see you at all.

@96__neko: うぐっ…!!!!!!いやいやいやいやいやいや、歌詞太郎君こそ身長が高すぎていつもライブ会場の天井に頭めり込んでらっしゃるじゃないですか〜。大変ですねぇ〜。ねぇ〜。

@96__neko: Ugu…!!!!! Nonononono, Kashitaro-kun rather than that, aren’t you too tall and whenever you’re performing live the ceiling would always make your head cave in~ What a pain isn’t it~. Right~.

all the utaites are acting so cute around tourai wwww

they are all like :retweet tourai’s akaito: 

tourai replies them

utaites “OMGOMGOMGOMG i’m really happy that you replied, i’ve been a fan of yours”

tourai “no no the pleasure’s mine, i’ve heard your covers and they were really good”

utaites “omg@#$%^& thankyouverymuch” www(whispers amatsuki)

And then you have the professional business talk @rib www like


tourai: “thank you. i’ve nothing to say other than words of gratitude towards rib-san.”

rib: “as always, you have a fantastic singing voice. i’ve also been in the care of your hands as well so thank you very much. from now on, let’s have fun and sing at our own pace! ”

tourai: “thank you! it would be great if we can get together in another song”