Rocco left his tumblr up on my computer so I am taking the time to post these pictures and let you all know how amazing this guy is! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have him in my life. Rocco, you mean so much to me, more than I could begin to explain <3

This was taken the night I went to Halloween Horror Nights with Jessica, Gabby, and some other newly found friends. The experience was fucking incredible! But the moment this picture was taken was in the lobby of a Del Taco. We had just spent an hour looking for Steak & Shake, but we ended up here. Jessica had just gotten a Sprite and put it on the banester I was leaning again. I ended up swaying back and forth from being so tired, but I swung too far to one side and began to fall. So I threw my arm back to catch myself and I suckerpunched Jessica’s Sprite, making a HUGE MOTHA FUCKING MESS. 10/10, Rocco. You’re such a champ!

I’ve come across thousands of people in my lifetime. I’ve seen thousands of different voices, heard thousands of different voices, yet I’ve only really seen a select few, and actually listened to a select few.

To those of you who have affected my life, either positively, negatively, maybe even both, I’d just like to say thank you. Sometimes I can be stubborn, I can be a moody bitch, but I’m still a good person deep down, and to those of you who actually stick around to witness it, I can’t say how much I appreciate it.

Some of you have helped change me, mold me into a better person. You’ve opened my eyes to ideas I’ve never thought before, you’ve provided me a different insight, you’ve helped shape my world into something so mufti-dimensional, when I used to be so one-track minded.

Some of you have made me realize why I’m so bitter, why I’d rather spend my time indoors away from everybody than out with people, interacting. Some of you have brought to light the worst that the human race has to offer, and I’d like to thank you for that too. If it weren’t for the bad, then I wouldn’t know the dark corners of my soul. If it weren’t for lies I’ve been told, the way I’ve been treated, I wouldn’t be overly optimistic. I wouldn’t know the truth about humans, I wouldn’t have gone through anything that helps me grow as a person.

So to each and every individual (some of you may even be reading this right now) who has impacted me, or changed me somehow, thank you.

I think I’m going to write a letter to everyone individually.

For my anon (five facts for five people I care about)


  • She has moved from West Virginia, to Florida, to Iowa, to WV once more! I miss her terribly. :(
  • She has three tattoos.
  • She’s helped me get through more in life than she’ll ever KNOW, and I love her to death. She’s one of the few I’d take a bullet for, actually.
  • She’s terrified of driving.
  • She’s also blind as a bat. :P


  • She lives in NY, and has a pen-pal by the name of Paige Hardy!
  • Her birthday just recently passed.
  • She has phenomenal taste in music.
  • She’s such a sweetheart, became one of my best friends in the snap of a finger.
  • She has a fairly large family.


  • He’s obsessed with New York City.
  • His favorite colour is blue! I think… He’s an artist, I’m sure he loves every colour. But blue the most. Go blue.
  • He is a great listener.
  • He’s seen every episode of Will & Grace.
  • His mom is a weirdo.


  • She’s been out of Florida once!
  • Her first real concert was Panic! At The Disco
  • Her neighbors have called the police on her
  • She’s not only a great friend, but a great person, and she’s one of the few I’d take a bullet for as well.
  • She’s been at Papa Johns for two years!


  • His middle name was actually a typo on the birth certificate.
  • He’s colourblind.
  • He can play the guitar like a beast.
  • He’s very intuitive.
  • He’s going into phlebotomy.