Jobb 07.30-14 sen cykla hem som en dåre till solen, har nu legat o lyssnat på härligt musik samtidigt som jag fått en helt okej bränna.
Ledig fram tills fredag, blir att åka o köpa mig luftmadrass o inta poolen. Men väntar mig först en krigarmatch ikväll U21! ❤️

Anna Kendrick

Meet Anna Kendrick:

Former Twilight side cast is now more popular than K Stews.

 She enjoys long walks on red carpets while looking more fabulous than all others.

She also enjoys the occasional opportunity to make her fans swarm over to SNL like moths to light.

A great hobby of her’s is slaying us with tweets that can only come form the mind of our favorite Maineian.

She enjoys the beach and taking killer photos.

And also likes massive amounts of eyeliner… but who’s complaining?

She can quite literally break the tectonic plates on Earth by sitting in a chair.

Or sitting at all for that matter.

Actually standing might be her best suit.

Then there is always her love for animals.

And pools.

But sometimes she just looks like a college student taking family photos.

…Or not so family oriented photos.

And let’s not forget her ability to look tall… even if she definitely isn’t.

But height means nothing to this one.

Because she is still a princess to so many.

And an adorable on at that.

Artist Appreciation post

I’ve been meaning to do this and I’m not very good at these things cause I’m a goof, so without further ado here they are. Some of these amazing people are friends and all are big inspirations. I high recommended you go follow these amazing people! Share the love!

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