Monsta X as Pokémon Go Players

- captures only the fighting types
- ends up with way too many Rattatas
- doesn’t have the heart to transfer them
- always finds himself with zero Pokéballs

- uses game as a way to talk to people he finds cute
- keeps the unique and strong Pokémon to make better conversations
- trash for Clefairy
- Team Valor pride

- “I have a cp 10 Pidgey, cp 45 Pidgey, cp 80 Pidgey, cp 82 Pidgey”
- wishes he could feed the Pokémon
- squeals way too loud when he sees an Abra
- gets into arguments with kids on who has the cutest Pidgey and ignores their claim that tHEY’RE ALL THE SAME

- walks into the trees … and lampposts … and parked cars … and doors
- swears he knows how to figure out the tracking system
- only manages to take on the gyms where no one else goes to
- walked into the ladies’ restroom once, okay, four times

- miraculously opts out of sleep to play the game
- maintains gym leader status only during odd hours of the night
- Squirtle Squad
- once shut the door on a kid who said they wanted to catch a Pikachu in their dorm so he could get it instead

- avid player who wants to be the very best like no one ever was (ever was, ever was)
- to catch them is his real test
- to actually beat a gym is his cau~se
- Team Mystic member who has 12 year olds yell “Team Yellow” when he can’t beat their gym

- has all the rare Pokémon + Mewtwo
- slips his phone into Hyungwon’s pocket so the hyung can walk the eggs to hatch
- the mastermind behind the 12 year olds beating Jooheon
- stares down at his managers on opposing teams when they beat his gym

request for a Monsta X scenario/imagine/reaction! < masterlist >

  • Wonho:*texting Hyungwon* Don't you think it's funny how your soulmate is on this earth somewhere right now?
  • Hyungwon:Yeah, haha. It is weird.
  • Wonho:Don't you ever wonder what they're doing?
  • Hyungwon:Nope, I already know. He's texting me ;)
  • Wonho:*blushes* Aww.
  • Hyungwon:But he just went to bed, so now I'm talking to you.