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Ariel’s Faves (17/30)

(b. Aug. 26, 1970)

“I am not a princess, I don’t want to be referred to as a princess - I find that super creepy.”

“Comedy to me is all about the bumps and bruises and weird tics.”

“I was never sullen. I was a terrible punk - I was still so chatty.”

“I just think we tear down women in this country for all these superficial reasons, and women are so great and strong.”


endless list of favorite movies Bridesmaids (2011)

“What are you gonna go, you’re gonna go to Paris with Helen now? What are you gonna, you guys gonna ride around on bikes with berets and fucking baguettes in the basket on the front of your bikes? Oh how romantic! What woman gives another woman a trip to Paris? Am I right? Lesbian! We’re all thinking it, aren’t we?”

C: I love seeing pics of brides with their bridesmaids. I see those women surrounding the bride and I think it’s such a beautiful thing – how they all are her friends and for them to be standing alongside her, they must someone incredibly special to her and someone she can lean on. Someone she can be herself and vulnerable with. Someone she can call early in the am to cry or vent to. Sometimes, I dream of my wedding and I think of who my bridesmaids would be besides my two sisters… I don’t really have friends like that. And especially, no one that I can do all those things with. I’ve never cried on a friend’s shoulder because I never felt like I had a friend who’s shoulder I could cry on. I just wish I had friends. REAL friends. It’s gets lonely and exhausting holding things in and keeping things to yourself sometimes.