Is Mafumafu Okay? (052515)

@uni_mafumafu: 昨日の夢で見た景色を歩いてる 本来存在しない「時間」において、存在しない時間
おなかすいた  今日は親族と食事をする  ただいま

Mafumafu: “I am walking in the landscape seen in yesterday’s dream. In this “time” that originally should not exist, time does not exist.
I am hungry. Today I will be dining with my relatives. I’ve returned home.”

Mafumafu: “The cat is saying ‘nya-nya-’. I have no other choice, I guess I will go play with it before dinner~ I am grinning really widely I am grinning really widely this is terrible” (T/N: Grinning broadly is “niya niya” in Japanese, which sounds like the cat onomatopoeia “nya nya”) 

@uni_mafumafu: そこにいたらわたしが寝られないだろう  とぬいぐるみに向かって話す

Mafumafu: “’If you’re there then I won’t be able to sleep’, I say while facing a stuffed animal”

Mamu (in reply): “Are you okay?”

Mafumafu: “Even he (T/N: referring to cat) has a life”

Mamu: “If you have troubles, you can call me at anytime you know. Let’s go do something like eating sweet desserts alright”

Mafumafu: “Thank you. I want to eat a strawberry parfait”

Mamu: “That’s fine you know. Let’s go eat a lot okay”

Muhou (in reply): “Are… Are you alright…”

Mafumafu: “The cat will turn into a human being one day, and spend its lifetime living together with me as a younger sister. I want to pursue (this sort of life).”

Muhou: “… aaaaAh I’ll at least grant you that life through my illustrations, I will upload a filee ((tears”

Yuikonnu (in reply): “Are you okay???”

Mafumafu: “But sometimes I can hear it. I can hear its voice from somewhere .”

Yuikonnu: “It’d be nice if it could become your friend, wouldn’t it”

Zips: “Are you sleeping properly?”

Mafumafu: “Even though this one (T/N: referring to the cat) is sleeping properly. Even though this head is actually healthy.”

Urata: “Excuse me, I would like a reply from the gentleman who holds the power of darkness. Even Angel-types are permitted (to reply).”

Mafumafu: “No”

Urata: “Yes”

Soramafu @ 1st Place Reflexes (052415)

@soraruru: クッソ笑ったwwwwwwwwwwwやり直しとかしてない一発で1位だったwwwww【簡単3秒】全国統一 反射神経テスト】

Soraru: “Shit I laughed wwwwwwwwwww I didn’t do any retries at all, I was 1st place from the first shot wwwww [Simply 3 Seconds] Nationwide Reflex Test]”

Mafumafu: “Hey hey Soraru-san look at my tweet okay, hey hey”

Soraru: “What? You’re gross you know?”

Mafumafu: “What is this response you’re giving to the person who has been overcoming his sleepiness to work on the song data that both of us are in right now.”

@uni_mafumafu:【【簡単3秒】全国統一 反射神経テスト】【簡単3秒】全国統一 反射神経テスト https://a.pairs.lv/pexam/index.php/diagnosis/index/hansha … そらるさんが全国1位になってたからボクも全国1位になった

Mafumafu: “ [Simply 3 Seconds] Nationwide Reflex Test] Soraru-san became 1st place in the entire nation so I also became 1st in the nation”

@uni_mafumafu: 画像のってなかったーー!!はずかしいじゃないかーー!!!(;﹃;)

Mafumafu: “A photograph wasn’t attached--!! Isn’t that embarassing --!!!  (;﹃;)”

Mafumafu: “The day before yesterday, I was told by Soraru-san  “I guess I’ll block Mafumafu for the first time in a while~” as whimsically as one would say  “I guess I’ll play games for the first time in a while”, so I’ll stop poking fun of him as much.”

Thank you to sailorenna for pointing out my mistake in the last tweet’s translation!

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