the north node and what it wants to tell you

Aries nn: ‘Put yourself out there. There is more to yourself than you think. Feel your inner being and the power within - be brave. The never ending power of Mars screams as you put ypur foor out there in the world, they won’t see you coming, therefore you’ll be too fast.’

Taurus nn: ‘Patience and a calm voice will take a grip on your life and your eye for beauty and wealth will guide you to your own way of comfort and stability, live the life you want and deserve, the earthy side of Venus will hold you tight.’

Gemini nn: ‘The airy side of mercury takes you on a journey of intellect and imsgination. Like Peter Pan your mind has to go through the labyrinths of the earths mad mind and has to multitask simplicity in order to not drown in endless thoughts.’

Cancer nn: ‘There are roots you have to dig for. Look at them, be close to your family and listen to the voice within you. There is strength in caring and softness, the love and emotion of the moon is within you, the strength of your own mother is within you.’

Leo nn: ‘Go out and show yourself, there is absoluetly no reason why you should be afraid. Be creative, shine warmly, alllow yourself self expression. Take pride in the things you say and do. The warm hand of the sun lays on your shoulder.’

Virgo nn: ’You will stare into the future with clearer eyes. You will start tidying up your life, you’ll be a professional. And that is something that the analytical, earthy side of mercury promises you, what was so unsure and in the dark will be put in the light, a plain, neat, yet so comforting light.’

Libra nn: ‘Being with others is not bad, indeed, the contact with others may help you reflect your own being. Solitude, peace and justice will be by your side, the gentle breaze of Venus will touch your soul, there will be a mental fulfillment later on.’

Scorpio nn: ‘Rebuilt yourself, again and again until you feel the power in your veins, the strength that lays in the dark and the obscure. Learn to be quiet, learn to listen, learn to transform yourself, to finally let go and to see through things. The radiance of Pluto is within you.’

Sagittarius nn: ‘You will understand and learn as you travel deeper into the meaning of life, carefree you will take risk and challenges, Jupiters laugh will guide you with a bright light and and with a limitless fire within you will go after everything you crave and deserve.’

Capricorn nn: ’You may have to accept hardness, you may have to feel coldness but that’s how life out there goes. You master all higher formes with time and success will be your reward. You will be stronger, you will be wiser, that is what Saturn will bring you on your journey, the soft and honest ‘you done well’ of a father.’

Aquarius nn: 'Uranus storms and transforms your life and the you will become they. Innovative, provocative and humanistic thoughts flow through your mind, paired with the endless rebellion that brings your newborn self to the public.’

Pisces nn: 'The unconsciousness will bring light in your darkness. You might not understand now but that’s because you have to look further into the future and further into the past in order to understand life. The transcendental era of life must be mastert, the unconditional love given and the luminous softness of Neptun will guide you.

  • Shownu: *sees a bee on Jooheon's arm*
  • Shownu: Uh oh
  • Shownu: *rolls up a newspaper*
  • Shownu: Jooheon, stay still
  • Jooheon: *freezes* W-hat? What is it?
  • Shownu: *uses newspaper as a megaphone* THERE'S A FUCKING BEE ON YOU
  • Wonho: As a college student, my favorite words are "canceled" and "free"
  • Kihyun: Free pizza is cancelled.
  • Wonho: Why would you even say something like that.