KanaMari --> Dense Demi Dia ot3 headcanon

I know a lot of people feel like Dia’s the angsty third wheel in the 3rd year trio, but consider: established KanaMaris who have already been dating for a while but also lowkey pine after Dia, who’s always been their precious friend and confidante since childhood, who’s always guided them through their troubles and never asked for anything in return.

Except, Dia is dense. Extremely dense.  Kanan and Mari make blatant attempts to seduce her, constantly sandwiching Dia in between them in bed during sleepovers, intentionally hiking up their clothes to reveal more skin around her—the smooth skin above their navels, the toned muscles of their upper thighs.  But Dia just… doesn’t notice.

See, Dia just. Does 👏 Not 👏 Give 👏 A 👏 Fuck 👏 about anything other than Winning.  Dia’s here to be The Very Best.  To make Money.  Dia ain’t got time for love; she’s too busy embarking on stealth missions and scaling the walls of the Sonoda family dojo to steal Muse’s old practice plans.

Dia’s passions are boundless—and KanaMari love that about her, love how she gives 169% of herself into everything she does.  She’s surprisingly enthusiastic about odd things—like learning the history of Muse’s rise to fame forward and back—but to Kanan and Mari’s utter frustration, Dia’s zeal doesn’t seem to extend to things like dating, or romantic attraction.  No amount of skin they reveal to her will be enough drag her away from scouring the depths of eBay to collect every single magazine that has Eli Ayase featured on the front cover.

As the days go on, Kanan and Mari grow more and more impatient.  Their efforts to get through to Dia become less subtle: chaste cheek kisses turn into wet corner-of-the-mouth smooches, friendly warm hugs turn into heated full-body, breasts-pressed-against-her-face cuddles.  But Dia takes it all in stride, doesn’t feel too much about anything other than mild annoyance at being distracted from something Very Important—like calculating ways to evade taxes for the next five years.

Eventually, KanaMari come to their wits’ end.  They drag Dia off to the privacy of Mari’s bedroom during an Aqours get-together, sitting her the heck down on the bed and standing before her formally.  The atmosphere is strange.  Dia’s never seem them this nervous before, both their faces tinged with a hint of pink, both their hands shaking as they hold onto each other’s like a lifeline.

Kanan and Mari exchange a Look before turning back to her.  Dia recognizes that Look.  She’s seen the Look play out so many times before, growing up with the two of them—the type of Look tinged with the hopeless longing they’d harbored for each other before their reconciliation.  But for some reason—right now, this time—they’re directing that Look towards her (or have they always done that?) and Dia has no idea what to make of it, and—

They both take a deep breath in sync.  ‘We love you, Dia, and we’d be so happy if you’d date us, too,’ they say—and only then does Dia finally think oh.

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