“Don’t Take The Money” by Bleachers

After quietly deleting all of their Instagram posts and posting a cryptic video that showed a first person view of someone’s day, the Jack Antonoff fronted band, Bleachers, has released the first single off their sophomore album, “Don’t Take The Money.”

This marks the first release since he re-released his album, Strange Desire, with all female vocals (titled Terrible Thrills) but the excitement doesn’t stop there – especially for Lorde fans.

Jack helped produce and write Lorde’s latest songs, “Green Light” and “Liability” and it seems she’s returning the favor by apparently being a co-writter on “Don’t Take The Money” and also lending her vocals after the bridge in the song.

With both albums reported to come out this summer it seems it could be a summer of Bleachers and Lorde. Check out the new song above.

“Parachute” by Krewella

Krewella fans have reason to celebrate as the Chicago-duo have released their latest EP, New World Pt. 1 which is the follow up to previously released singles, “Team,” “Be There” and “Love Outta Me” which all appear on the EP alongside four new tracks.

The EP highlights the groups cultural roots and shows them experimenting with new sounds. The EP also marks their first independent release in five years as they have recently departed from their long-time label, Columbia Records.

While the reason for their split with one of Sony Music’s flagship label isn’t widely known in a message on Twitter the girls wrote the below about their independent release:

“It feels so freeing to create art from a liberate mindset without expectations.”

The timing of the release on a Thursday and specifically on June 8th isn’t just for kicks. June 8th is the day that the group decided to quit school and their jobs at the time to focus completely on Krewella.

While these girls are one of my favorites, it took me a little bit to get into this EP as its sound is a lot different from their previous stuff. “Parachute” is one of the stand outs for me and I’d love to hear the vocals over an Above & Beyond or a Kaskade trance beat.

Check out “Parachute” above and the rest of the EP HERE.

supergaynow  asked:

Hello lovely lady. It's prompt time! Supercat: Frustrated and overwhelmed about Mon*El, Kara goes to Cat to ask for advice (because Kara had broken up with Mon*El and yet they're still together). Kara wants to know if she should give Mon*El another chance. Kara and Cat end up making out 😘😍

It only took me forever but here it is @supergaynow! I hope you like it.


Cat Grant had never been the kind of person to beat about the bush when she had something on her mind. Yes, she understood first hand the benefits of pleasantries but time was precious, so when she pulled the door of her hotel suite open to be met with her former prodigy and assistant, instead of the room service she’d ordered, she squinted slightly before uttering dryly, “Kiera, what a surprise. If you’ve come to beg me to change Snapper’s mind on firing you, you’ve wasted your time, but you won’t be wasting any more of mine.”

Instinctively, Kara cringed, her head dipping as if to tuck her chin against her chest while her hand nervously lifted to push her glasses up the bridge of her nose. A hesitant smile tugged at her lips, unsure of itself even as it appeared. “Oh, you heard about that.” Kara mumbled, her teeth worrying the inside of her lip as she fought the blood rushing to her cheeks.

It was too late, of course, she could already feel the sting of shame and taste the embarrassment as it coated her tongue and tainted the words she rushed to spit out, “Ms Grant, I-I’m not here about my job, I’m here because I need some personal advice and you,” Kara lifted her arm to flap her hand in the woman’s direction earnestly, “you’re the one person I always turn to when I feel lost. You see I, there’s this boy, man!” Kara all but shouted her correction, and winced at her own voice as it cracked. “This guy that I’ve been seeing and I, he’s not, I tried to break up with him. I mean I did break up with him, but he won’t listen and we’re still-”

“Of course I heard about it.” Cat quickly cut Kara off, more from mercy than cruelty. It hadn’t been the only thing she’d heard about Kara lately, but she’d spare her the details if only to ensure the girl had no more reasons to ramble nonsensically in the hallway.

Stepping aside to usher Kara inside, Cat waited until the door closed before she turned to scrutinize her privately. “The company you used to work for is CatCo after all. The fact that I’m not sitting in my office doesn’t mean I haven’t stayed involved; what kind of leader would I be if I did that? You don’t see Supergirl taking a day off just because crime is at an all time low, do you?”

Kara resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but her lips still pressed together as she swallowed back the sigh. “With all due respect Ms Grant, I’m not Supergirl.”

There it was, that flicker of emotion, that subtle tell that Cat had seen so many times. Honestly, who did Kara think she was fooling with those glasses? Alright, perhaps for a second she might have considered being wrong when Kara had taken such lengths to find someone to mimic her that one time at CatCo, but after the Bizarro fiasco? Now she was insulting her intelligence.

“Truer words were never spoken. You’re no Supergirl.” Oh, Cat made sure it was said acerbically, and she relished in the way Kara flinched at it. Sometimes the only way to get through to the girl was with claws, and if that’s what it took now, then so be it.

“Let me tell you something, Kiera. Women like Supergirl and myself, we don’t sit idly by while some manchild attempts to take over our lives. We know who we are and what we’re capable of, and we certainly don’t take a passenger seat when it comes to our own autonomy.” Cat held her gaze and raised her chin slightly, a silent challenge being given as she continued fiercely. “Do you think Supergirl would date someone who sleeps with her colleagues and has no work ethic and is, for lack of better words, the personification of white male privilege? Of course she wouldn’t, and neither would I, because we have integrity and self respect, things it’s becoming abundantly clear you are sorely lacking.”

Cat stalked towards Kara with slow, deliberate steps until she stopped mere inches from colliding with her. Even in heels, Cat knew she wasn’t the biggest person in the room, but her presence alone towered above her body, and she utilized it with precision. “Tell me something Kiera, how is it that in a matter of months you’ve gone from a girl I was so convinced had such potential, such greatness, and turned into someone so lackluster and spineless? Have you simply forgotten everything you are while I’ve been gone, or were you faking it all along?”

Kara shifted on the spot, the muscles in her jaw jumping as she fought the emotions that swelled up inside her. Vulnerability battled with indignation and she wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to keep everything bottled up inside, “Ms Grant, please don’t talk to me like that.” It was a whispered warning, one she’d made before, one that ultimately lead to an outburst and cocktails with the woman. They’d bonded so wonderfully over the trials of what being a woman in a male dominated society really had to endure, but this felt different, it felt like an attack. It felt personal.

Ah yes, now she was getting somewhere. Cat didn’t have the luxury of smirking, it would give too much away, but she felt intensely pleased with herself. It wouldn’t take much to push Kara over the edge and when she did, the girl would finally be honest with herself. “You knew exactly how I would talk to you, Kiera. That’s why you sought me out. You said it yourself, I’m the only one that will give it to you without sugar coating it, so go on, let it all out, embrace the anger you feel and use it because if you don’t? This is the life you’ll be leading, and it will suck you dry. Find your fire, your passion, and when you do, grab onto it and don’t let go because that’s what you live for. Women need that, they don’t need a boy masquerading as a man, how incredibly pedestria-nmf!

So Kara did exactly that, she grabbed what filled her with passion, and she kissed her breathless. She kissed her until her lips tingled and throbbed, and only when she felt hands tugging at the buttons of her shirt did she finally come back to herself. “Ms Grant I-I’m so sorry, you said-”

“I know what I said, Kara.” Cat husked out between pants, her eyebrow quirking as she watched Kara uselessly try to conceal the bright blue and red crest now on display. “But I don’t think my legs can feasibly hold me up if you continue to kiss me like that, and I have a perfectly good couch going to waste. Chop chop, Supergirl, I’m not going to fly there myself.”

Laughter bubbled up and out of Kara richly, and for the first time in a long time she felt exactly like herself. “You got it, Ms Gr– Cat.”

And with a dazzling grin, Kara scooped Cat up and settled down on the sofa, where they indulged in possibly the hottest make out session either of them had ever experienced, but one they couldn’t wait to repeat from now on.

kuzupekos  asked:

What would be a situation where an animal (specifically a dolphin, I'm trying to get all the nuances of the captivity debate) has been successfully rehabilitated but can't go back to the wild?

Good question! 

I asked someone who works with stranded marine mammals because I wanted to make sure that I didn’t get it wrong (and because it’s hard to find official documents regarding it that aren’t low-resolution scans). Their input is in quotes, my commentary is not. 

First off, it’s important to note that the rehabilitators don’t get to decide if the animal is unreleasable - all stranded marine mammals are under the jurisdiction of the National Marine Fisheries Service, a subset of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. They also are the ones who enforce the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which is the federal law (supposedly) prevents people from approaching, touching, swimming with and/or generally bothering marine mammals. So no matter where in the country an animal is, or what facility it is cared for at, the scientists with NMFS make the call about if it is releasable. 

Factors that can make an animal unreleasable include age, injuries or physical conditions that prevent everyday function, chronic but manageable conditions, re-stranding, or human intervention/interference. 

Age: “A cetacean determined to be under two years of age that strands without its mother (or the mother subsequently dies in rehab) will almost never be considered for release because they are still dependent calves.”

Most dolphins have a really strong bond with their mothers for a least the first two years of life, and still aren’t “adults” for another number of years. Unassisted babies in social species don’t survive in the wild very well, no matter what taxa. 

Injury or Impairment: “Animals with significant hearing loss, blindness, injuries that prevent or greatly impede locomotion, or animals found to be suffering from chronic but medically manageable conditions will not be released.” 

Some good examples in captivity currently are a rough-toothed dolphin with severe scoliosis, a number of deaf conspecifics, and Winter, the famous bottlenose dolphin who has a custom tail prosthetic to help her compensate for an injury sustained as a calf. 

Restranding: If an animal can’t survive well enough to need to be rescued more than once, it’s probably not going to get released another time.

Human involvement: “Places like Panama City Beach have a huge issue with people feeding dolphins and petting them from boats. Some of these “beggar dolphins” are known and recognizable. If one of these animals got hit by a boat and had to be brought in and it was a known and identifiable beggar dolphin, I don’t think he or she would go back out. Other dolphins in the area imitate their behavior and add to the danger.”

These are all assessed independently and in combination with each other, so a single issue may not be the sole reason for an animal being deemed unreleasable. For instance: 

“Panama, an old female dolphin who lived with Winter at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, stranded in Panama City Beach very underweight and ill. She was later found to be deaf, but she was also a suspected beggar dolphin and that alone may have been enough to have her declared non-releasable even if she wasn’t deaf. She may actually have been begging because she was deaf.”

“Lay It On Me (f. Keiynan Lonsdale)” by Kasbo

The best part about summer is all the music that goes along with it and Kasbo’s latest track, “Lay It On Me” is no exception.

The Swedish producer recruited Keiyan Londsale who is best known for his acting role in The CW’s The Flash. The collaboration was almost a dream come true for Londsale who according to Billboard had the following to say about the track:

“The vocal hook came to me the very first time I played the instrumental,” Lonsdale says. “Kasbo and I hadn’t even met yet, but I just felt so instantly inspired. It was like an effortless connection to the music. I remember just dancing around my room imagining what it could be like if he and his camp chose my lyrics. I imagined a world where our song was a reality, and now here we are. It’s real life, I think. I’m so happy to share these sounds and give people new feelings.”

The song apparently took over a year to come together and Kasbo said he’s happy he’s finally able to “show the final product to everyone.”

Give it a listen above.

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They Might Be Giants, June 2, 2017, Nelsonville Music Festival, Nelsonville, OH

What. A. Show. TMBG headlined Night 2 of NMF, and the lovely @nosleeptilltacos and I got a front row spot. The act before was Rodriguez, who drew a surprisingly huge crowd, so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get anywhere near the stage. The moment Rodriguez ended, though, the crowd started to disperse, and Brandi and I weaved our way through folks all the way up to the rail. The only people ahead of us were a mom and her young son, and we were more than okay letting them have absolute front row.

The band started off with “Damn Good Times,” which is the only appropriate way to kick off any concert, no matter the band. It’s just federal law. The rest of the show was a total all-ages festival set, with just hit after hit after hit, plus a lot of the popular kids songs, and a couple new tracks for good measure. During “Why Does The Sun Shine?,” Linnell referred to the elements smashed in the sun as “Akron, Cincinnati…Dakron…Columbu…tanium,” and other poorly-remembered Ohio cities. They hit me with a one-two punch of lesser-played songs with “Everything Right is Wrong Again” and “Letterbox,” and I definitely lost my shit at “Everything,” because it’s straight up one of my favorite tracks.

About halfway through the show, Linnell got a call from “Mama TMBG,” the matriarch who birthed all five members of the band simultaneously. She said she got a text from “a man claiming to be from the Nelsonville Music Festival,” and he said there was no curfew, but to “keep the patter down.” Mama TMBG then talked way too much about being pwnd, and the birth of the band, right down to the terrible details of the afterbirth and the mucous plug. After that, it was back to the hits. This was my second time seeing “Don’t Let’s Start,” and I was just as excited as I was the first time; it’s a tune that gets the crowd movin’. “Particle Man” included a cover of “Chandelier,” which the audience went wild over. “I Love You For Psychological Reasons” and “Let Me Tell You About My Operation” were incredibly well-played in a live setting. The first encore was Dr Worm and Istanbul, which are always nice to see, and the second encore was another surprise for me, with “Dead,” which was unexpected and an odd choice to close out the show, but I was into it anyway.

The banter, as always, was great. Linnell and Flans talked about the massive swarm of bugs on stage, Linnell mentioned how nice it was to be able to look up and see the moon while he was playing. Flansburgh complimented the fest itself, saying most fests were a “human spanking machine” of nightmares, but this one was very pleasant. At one point, everyone clapped along to Marty Beller’s kick drum, like it was “the beginning of any Alabama song,” according to Flans.

Overall, this was probably my favorite TMBG concert to date. Everyone was just in sync with the band, they were positive and in good spirits and super enthusiastic. Because it was an all-ages show, Flans was visibly straining to not swear, especially because the front row was full of very young kids. But to his credit, he didn’t slip once. Also, the presence of the kids was awesome and the band really seemed to enjoy it (to quote my gf: “I have never seen Linnell smile so much as he did seeing those kids dance and sing”). A big ol queen bee showed up around encore time, and at the end of the show, Marty ran back onstage and gave his drumsticks to a family of kids who had been front and center the entire time, singing along to everything both old and new. I have never seen kids lose their shit more than when they got those drumsticks. It was awesome. Highlight of the weekend. And I always forget that Marty Beller is literally one of the best rock drummers in the world right now.


Citaria mil e um motivos para a luz adorar.
Ela ilumina, sem nada cobrar.
Explode, sem nenhum som fazer.
Risca, sem folha alguma manchar.
Forma, sem nem ter como enquadrar.

Mas citarei alguns pelo qual a luz de nada valerá. 
Ela ilumina, sem poder conter.
Explode, sem poder se olhar.
Risca, manchando a noite fria.
Forma, sem poder se delimitar.

Citando agora, outros pelo qual a luz me fez te amar.
Ela reverbera em ti, a beleza do conquistar.
Forma suas linhas para poder amar.
Risca teu rosto, pra realçar o olhar.
Explode então o amor, 
Entre a luz,
E o meu jeito poeta de amar. -N.M.F

anonymous asked:

what products would you recommend from the ordinary and drunk elephant (i know some of their products are bs but im in the market to splurge on some expensive skincare so!!!) thanks in advanced, you're always so helpful!

from the ordinary everything except for their oils and NMF, from DE the vitamin C serum. If youre here to splurge look into NIOD, hylamide, and get the paulas choice BHA liquid