Lucas Oriel- Superprincess

This work aims to explore some common-sense elements used in the imagery of girly media, especially those overwhelmed with hearts, stars, wings and shiny little crowns (Disney princesses, Sailor Moon, &c), mixed with coloring books lines aesthetic and a kitsch/pop-art approach. The result is a short series of vector illustration made to work like a puzzle of cuteness, able to create major compositions and textures. This work has no final objective: it works like an exercise of surface design and visual exploration of some unusual concepts, united.


Peter Gutierrez 

This is a fan piece inspired by the film Pacific Rim. The composition of the design is a nod towards manga and comic books, it portrays the American Jaeger, Gipsy Danger and the two pilots synced in the drift, fighting a Kaiju monster.  The lower panel is a close up of a Kaiju eye, gaze fixed on the Jaeger.

This piece is also part of a larger collaboration with numerous artists and Blurppy.com, known as the Poster Posse Project #3.  This one is part of Phase #2 of the project (one of the largest in the Poster Posse series), you can check out all of the awesome work at Blurppy.com.


Seventy Two / illustration and design

Theme: Disney Characters

Idea: The idea was to revive those beautiful stories from our childhood but with some new ending.

Inspiration: Inspired by art and stories. Wanted to create something different and new.

This is a personal project and has no affiliation with Disney in any way.