Ohmygod stop complaining

We are still second in the West with HALF of the team we started with this season. The Diamondbacks saw a flaw in our roster due to all the injuries and they managed the roster they had in such a way that enabled them to win. Stop sulking; it’s bullshit how everyone’s like “Good job DBacks” then turns around and complains about how we lost. Pick a damn sode. Either you’re genuinely happy for them and will support them or you won’t. Shit I’m disappointed we lost too but with the roster we have, even if we made playoffs, there is NO WAY we would make it very far because our offense is shit. There is still next season. The Diamondbacks have a better shot at the World Series than anyone else in the West! They’re a quality team and have some amazing players and as classy fans and decent human beings, let’s not be so damned two-faced about the situation.