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help me find my best friend who is also a dog PLEASE

Okay, all of you know about Zeus, you know I baby him and I love him to death and he is a ROWDY dog.
Well, as of last night around 12am-5am he has been missing. Walking in this morning to my house it seemed that Zeus had gotten out of his cage and opened the door wall, however he seemed to of lost his tags in the process and that’s nearly impossible. I, personally, think someone has taken him because I live in a shady part of town.
He’s only 9 months old, digs a ton of holes in the yard and responds to the name Zeus.
I live in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Just past the Palace of Auburn Hills. I just want the word out there because oh my god, he is basically my brother. As a dog, weird, I know.
Please, if you have any information or something just send me an ask.
I really miss my puppy.


The crowd in the Palace singing “She Will Be Loved” at Maroon 5 concert Feb. 14, 2013. Fast forward to 40 seconds for the crowd without Adam, it’s insane.

Tonight's the night!

You may have the honor and privilege to see the best band ever perform in the very near future (like tonight).  Please consider the following rules for attendance: 


1. R_O_C_K____H_A_R_D____

2. S_I_N_G____A_L_O_N_G___

3. S_S_s_s_s_h___T_H_E___T_A_L_K_E_R_S____

4. _H_A_V_E___T_H_E____B_E_S_T____F_U_C_K_I_N_G____T_I_M_E___

Go forth and enjoy the best band on earth… lucky bitches.

Things I witnessed in CHE of November 25
  • Hunter played “When The Saints Go Marching In” on a toy accordion that Sarah gave him.
  • He loves pumpkin, but “can’t get into” gingerbread
  • Some sort of DVD should be in the works ‘cause they filmed us at the CHE for it
  • He’s extremely excited to play the Cajun Dome with Carrie next year
  • He may get into The Walking Dead, but he’s not big on gore
  • He was working on a demo with Sam last night
  • Don’t expect a new record anytime soon 'cause he wants to make sure the record is made just like the first one
  • I found out that I am “THE Steve”