Here are some Valentine’s day cards! 

Don’t have any pick up lines? Don’t worry fam, i got u 

I’ve wanted to make these since i was like 15 and it fINALLY HAPPENED WOO 

Feel free to use them! Wanna write your own (possibly less terrible) pick up lines?

Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow. It ain’t Breath of the Wild (though I so wish I could’ve played that). 

Eons ago I started a Magic Effect comic. I got in far over my head and had to stop it. So in remembrance of that, here’s future Twilight Sparkle in her gear ready to face the reaper horde. Iirc, I had based this on the idea that Shepard had chosen to control or synthesize the reapers but had failed in the long term and the cycle began anew. So the ponies eventually found Liara’s recordings and the Normandy and tried to fight the reapers from there.