New MLP comics character!

Her name is Cirrus Cloud, a pegasus that attended flight camp with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. She used to bully Fluttershy when they were young. But after she grew up and heard about Fluttershy’s adventures since moving to Ponyville, she meets up with her at the Flight Camp Reunion to make amends and congratulate her for her accomplishments.

Also, piercings and dyeing wings confirmed for canon.


((I haven’t made the button yet OTL. But this would be the perfect time to announce some things~ I’m making a Patreon, but I’m not going to hide any content from non-supporters. It’s just there if you guys would like to support me, maybe some raffle commissions for now but I’ll think of other things. Second, this chapter would revolve on having Radical answer questions that are personal, so for the sake of the story, ask Radical any question from simple ones to very personal ones~))