Thanks for (Not) Listening

Title: Thanks for (Not) Listening

Relationship: Sam/Reader

Word Count: 2,917

Request: I would love to read another fic where the reader is a vampire or an angel and helpes the boys. One day they find out that the reader is a xy and don’t know how to act. The reader leaves the bunker so that they don’t have to kill her but one of the boys follows and tells the reader that he loves her and is accepting their supernatural side.

A/N: Okay, so I didn’t make the reader a vampire or an angel, rather I went with the species from “Nine Lives of Chloe King” just to create a bit more of a conflict with potential romance. Hope you enjoy! ~Jordan


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Heres why i am team CHALEK

Alek’s personality is this over confident, very sarcastic person. so he may come across as a jerk..BUT he genuinely cares about chloe, and he is the farthest thing from a jerk.

examples: chloe asked him to watch over her mother. when chloe came back he was there protecting her mom in the pooring rain

chloe: you stayed

alek: you asked me too

also he almost got himself killed for her in the fight against the jackles. he was saving one of her lives, not only because it is his job to protect her. but because he loves her, doesnt want to see her hurt, and would do anything to stop her from hurting, or dying again.

another example

in tonights episode he chased vanessa and cody to find out where they were going because it was important to chloe. also he said that he would have someone else look after chloe for the afternoon, because he didnt want to see her with brian. but he did it anyways because he wanted to. BECAUSE HE WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR HER AND HE LOVES HER, not just because its his job.

also, the fact that he is mai. they can be intimate together without either of them getting killed. which is always a plus in every relationship! 

not to mention his accent and how amazingly good looking he is……..k.

although brian is also very cute, and good looking, he is human, and chloe is mai. for obvious reasons, they cant be together. well i mean they could…but it would get very boring…

and what has brian done for her. what has he done to truly show that he cares. she is the one helping him with his mom, and he hasnt done anything to thank her. im not saying hes not nice or anything like that, but he just isnt as amazing as alek.

yeah hes said he loves her and things like that. but he hasnt shown the things alek has. and alek is just the more obvious choice

what im afraid of is that the show will go with the UNobvious choice for chloe, and have her end up with brian


CHALEK FOREVER!!!! <3 <3 <3


Oh my god. I used to watch this show called Nine Lives Of Chloe King, and I was fucking in love with it. I would miss Degrassi for it -_- You know I love something when I put it before Degrassi. 

But I’m on my old youtube where I made Chalek videos and just omfg. I miss the show so much I wanna cry. It was literally the best show. Better than Degrassi, Better than Secret Life, Switched at birth <– When the hell does that come back?

But not enough people watched it because so many other things were on at 9 on Tuesdays. ABCF… FUCK YOU.