BSM #2: one of the boys get you pregnant *Requested*

Harry: i just sat there staring at the pregnancy test. it was positive……i’ve done the test 3 times. it was positive all three times! No! this can’t be happening! I’m too young to have a kid!!I’m 17 and pregnant……with Louis’s kid. NO NO NO NO!!!!! how the hell am i suppose to tell Louis? even worse, how am i suppose to tell harry i had sex with his best friend and now i’m pregnant with his kid?!? i knew i shouldn’t have went to that party!! AGHHHH!!!!! why is life so hard?!?!

Niall: OK! calm down i can do this that was the thought repeating through you mind while you were pacing around the room. you were waiting for you’re brother to come home to break the news that you were pregnant to him. to say you were freaking out was an understatement, you’ve been trying you’re best to avoid this topic for about a month now…..and the worst part is that you were pregnant with Zayn’s child! you didn’t mean to get pregnant, in fact you didn’t even know what you were doing. you were at a party, there was alcohol, you got drunk. you stumbled upon zayn and that’s all what you can remember. next thing you know you’re in the bathroom crying because of a positive pregnancy test. you already broke the news down to zayn, now all whats left is to tell you’re brother. you heard the front door open then close again “what’s wrong (y/n)?” Niall asked “ummm……Niall i need to tell you something…” you trailed off “whats up?” “ummmm…..remember that party you told me not to go to?” “ya” “umm well i went to it and….ummm….you see there was alcohol and my friends pressured me to drink then ummm” you could feel the tears starting to flow down you’re cheeks “ummm zayn was there and” you’re voice cracked at the end of the sentence while tears were now continuously falling down you’re cheeks. Niall came forward and hugged you “shhhh” he said while stroking you’re hair soothingly. you continued crying for a good 5 minuted until you finally were able to say “Niall, I’m pregnant”

Liam: you sat on the toilet lid closed eyes mentally praying the results are negative. you slowly open you’re eyes only to see the nightmare you’ve been hoping to avoid. you threw the test across the floor and started crying and when i say crying i don’t mean silent crying, i mean full on sobbing. soon enough you’re brother burst threw the bathroom door and saw you’re body curled up. he rushed to you and hugged you tightly “baby what’s wrong?” you just continued crying. you continued crying for about ten minuted when you finally calmed down enough to tell him what happened “Liam I’m s-sorry, i-i didn’t me-mean for i-it t-to ha-happened, i-it’s j-just N-Niall w-was t-there a-a-and w-we w-were b-both d-drunk a-a-and-” you started to cry and couldn’t finish you’re sentence so you just pointed at the direction you threw the pregnancy test in. he walked to the direction you were pointed at and picked up the test. many different emotions crossed his face. you couldn’t tell if he was angry or not. he walked to you and hugged you tightly “don’t worry (y/n) we’ll figure it out together”

Louis: you and Harry started dating a few months back and you’re relationship was going great, infact a couple of weeks ago you’re alone with him and things got heated and eventually you ‘took it to the next level’. however, as a result of having unprotected sex you are now pregnant. telling harry was not a problem, the problem was telling Louis. you were now waiting for harry to come over so you can tell him the news and figure out how to tell Louis “hay!” you heard harry say. you walked over to him and kissed him “umm Harry, i need to tell you something” “whats up?” “umm well I’m just gonna come out and say it so here it goes……..Harry I’m pregnant” many different emotions crossed his face and you could make out a few: joy, excitement, shock “well that’s great!” “ya! now go tell Louis” now that he wasn’t very happy about “hell no!” “oh come on! what about larry?!?”

Zayn: you nervously sat in the waiting room with you’re brother waiting for you’re results. you’ve been feeling dizzy and throwing up a lot lately so Zayn decided to take you to the doctor. you knew exactly what you had, you weren’t sick; you were pregnant. but you didn’t want to believe it so when Zayn offered to take you to the hospital you agreed in hope that you’re assumption was wrong and maybe you had the flu, However that hope was destroyed once the doctor came out informing you and you’re brother that you were pregnant. Zayn thanked the doctor then took you to the car “with who?” he asked “L-Liam” you whisper quietly. his hands tightened around the steering wheel and he drove off.