eka-mark  asked:

What does "nldmut" mean?

“nldmut” is supposed to be approximately what the word “tumblr” looks like reflected across a vertical axis: nldmut|tumblr.

The nice thing about almost all the letters in “tumblr” is that they look the same under this kind of reflective transformation. Well, at least when written in whatever this font is- arial?? Namely. the letters “t”, “u”, “m”, and “l” have this invariant property. And then “d” looks like a reflected “b” and “n” was just the closest approximation to a reflected “r” (minus the extra leg on the “n”). Hence, “nldmut.tumblr”.

I chose this name because i wanted a sideblog where i can reblog posts liberally. I think of the idea of reblogging posts as some kind of virtual reflection, where something already on tumblr gets reposted and kind of has another copy of it on tumblr.

More generally, this blog serves kind of as an inspiration blog, and a place where I can compile things for my own self-reference ( hence the subtitle of this blog). It works out that “self-reference” has this dual meaning of a reference as an “information resource” and also more literally in the sense that reflection is a self-referential phenomenon.

Im just curious now. did any of you followers get this before?