I was making clothings based off of of my favorite characters, but not exactly like their characters, so this could really be used by anyone. :P Enjoy! Also drawing done by me a long time ago, in case you’re wondering. ^_^

Please give me permission before you post this anywhere, send an ask or email me at, thank you!


In all my time playing New Leaf, I’m just now getting around to posting a QR, so hopefully it looks alright.  The options for QR floral patterns posted online were very scarce and I needed one for my kitchen chair cushions, so I made this.  I tested the pattern on the walls and it ended up looking pretty nice there, so I added a stripe to make it look more wallpaper-y.  Here’s the link to the wallpaper pattern with that stripe, and if I’m still playing this same file, message me and I can tweak the palette to match whatever you want!

luna-rip-love  asked:

Hello , I'm on the search for Harvest moon animal crossing NL QR codes,.. Which led me here.. I saw your pic.'s of harvest moon crops but not the qr's for them.. I was just wondering if you could please post them? TYSM 4 your time,help, blog and Awesome QR's, pic.'s ect =^T^=

Hi! Sorry but that photo I posted was from a Dream code blog so there was only the Dream address with it. The Dream address is : 2800-0345-1838 but I’m not sure if there’s any changes made since then.

This is the closest thing I could find:

Scrooge McDuck QR Codes

My friend on Tumblr asked if I could make a little something related to Scrooge Mcduck… without further ado, here it is! 😊

I did my best to replicate Scrooge McDuck’s coat, complete with the belt and as much details I could find from the well beloved character. I even added a little tail on the back side as well as an opening on the front side as an added bonus.

Here’s to the Duck Tales Reboot, Disney’s expanding legacy, all of Scrooge McDuck’s fans, and to you my friends… Cheers! :)