Hey everyone. I know a lot of you guys are themed blogs and what not, but I’d really love to ask you for a huge favor. This is Jymi Rudolph. She is a very near and dear friend of mine. She is a sophomore at my school, and she is the most uplifting and bright person I know. Late last Saturday night she and 4 other students from my high school were involved in a horrendous car accident. They all had their seat-belts on, and the other’s have already been released from the hospital. However, Jymi was sitting in the middle back, wearing only a lap belt. Upon impact, she folded over and hit the console. She was flown into UVA and is in the ICU at the moment. She hasn’t gotten worse since then, but she hasn’t progressed. She suffers from a broken nose, fractured jaw, broken vertebrae below the spine, injured spleen & bowels, and her Inter-cranial pressure isn’t low enough for them to perform brain and spinal surgery. The longer they have to prolong this, the less likely she is to retain her motor skills (walking, talking, etc). It’s a tragic event, but it has most certainly brought my community together. It would mean a great deal to me and my hometown if everyone could take a moment out of their day to send a thought or prayer her way. Maybe she’ll feel the warmth and strength sent to her and start responding quickly. And not just her, but please think of those involved in the accident (like the driver) who is hurting emotionally just as bad as she. It’s a miracle that she’s made it thus far. So if you can, please reblog this and get the word out, because she needs us all almost as much as we need her.