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OKAY BUT THERE’S LIKE 4 OF THEM?? AND THEY’RE REALLY LONG and garbage at the moment because most of them were written at like 2am and I’m too lazy to revise them tbh

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I love your style of White Diamond. She looks cute and sexy while still portraying her dominance. Whenever I think about The Crystal Gems meeting White Diamond the songs that I think would go with that situation or something similar are Kingdom Hearts 1 Destati and or Guardando nel buio.

i nkow nothing about kindom hearts, and every time some one explains me i understand even less, thanks

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H*lsey is so cringing it's not even cute. And none of this "why does everyone hate female artists" bullshit. There's plenty of women in music (Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood etc) who are appreciated LMAO so none of that :) :) people just don't like her because of her shitty attitude. Plain and simple :)

i nkow she is extremely cringey. it has nothing tod o with being a woman like nothing at all lmao it’s extremely based on 1. her behavior and 2. her voice being bad

her voice is very bad……….

and why is she always fihting people all the time damn just relax do some yoga or something