all this talk and reading up about NKOTB Cruise 2012 is making me stoked

honestly, I’m in severe save $$/gym mode ever since reading about the (most likely to happen) New Kids On The Block Cruise 2012. looking at all the videos and pictures from the cruise this year has me entirely too stoked…like to the point where I’m weighing out the pros and cons of spending almost 2 grand just to have a closer encounter with the kids.

some people will sit there and say i’m crazy (you’re right) but in the end i most likely won’t spend any more than $1200 to have possibly the best 4 nights on a cruise ship of my life. most people will say i’m crazy because it’s New Kids, but that’s like saying i’m crazy for being a potterhead. my childhood was NKOTB, my get me through the day songs we’re off Hangin’ Tough and Step By Step. since 2008 I've seen the kids live 4 times and every time it helped me relive my childhood, that’s honestly the best feeling I've ever been able to experience.

Don’t hate the haters. Forgive them. They only want what you have. They only want to be free to live without fear. They just don’t know how.” -Donnie Wahlberg