Aujourd’hui, une petite fille est venue vers moi et m’a dit que j’étais jolie.
Puis elle a vu l’autocollant Mickey sur mon fauteuil (il vient de Disney, je l’ai depuis des lustres) et a crié de joie “OH C’EST MICKEY !!! J’ADORE !!” puis a pas arrêter de le toucher en me demandant où étais Minnie.

Il y a des petits moments comme ça dans ta journée qui te font obligatoirement sourire !

Rose and her Other Men

In the wake of all the discussion about Rose, Greg, and Pearl, I’d like to put in my two-sense about the other humans in Rose’s life.

I think the difference between Greg and the other humans was that she loved those human men in a more shallow way. We saw in We Need To Talk that her attraction to humans was more like a human’s attraction to a puppy: they’re cute and silly and you get enjoyment from not completely understanding what they’re thinking. What made Greg different was that when Rose wouldn’t take him seriously, he made her talk to him with respect.

That’s also why Pearl took Greg and Rose’s relationship so personally. The other men didn’t matter because Rose’s affection for them was so superficial, unlike Rose’s affection for Pearl. But Greg made his relationship with Rose more personal, deeper, and eventually, Rose took their relationship farther than she did hers and Pearl’s.

Afternoon Sleep

So I fell asleep this afternoon
And I had this dream
Ofcourse you’re in it
We’re chilling in your room
Playing guitar and having a drink
Singing and laughing together
Your brothers and sisters
Would check on us
Because we’re just too loud
It was just pure fun
And then I had you
Drawing clouds on my feet (lol)
You’re laughing
And I was laughing so hard
Maybe it was so loud
That your mom suddenly
Showed up at the door
She was staring at us
She was so serious
And so we stopped laughing
We were just staring at each other
When suddenly your mom
Cracked a laugh
And then we all started laughing
She got in your bed
Started drawing clouds on your foot
And you went crazy
You can’t stop laughing
While saying ‘nakakakiliti Mami’
And I was cracking up
Watching the two of you
And then we ended up
Drawing clouds on your mom’s feet
And her reaction was hilarious
We then fell asleep and then I woke up
That was crazy. Lol. 😂😂