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Mi veniva da piangere ma ridevo. Era una risata piena di dolore, disperata.
—  ibattitidelcuore
It just happened. I woke up one day and everything’s not the same. I can no longer see the sparks in your eyes every time i look at you. As i look at you, i didn’t feel the magic that I had felt since the day that I fell in love with you. Your touch has already lost its power to send shivers down my spine. Your smile has lost its magic to make me smile. Everyday, i am fighting the battle between my heart and mind, the one says “hold on a little longer” but the other one says “let go”. I felt so tired to the point of wanting to give you up, it feels like i have lost all the reason why i need to fight for you. I can no longer feel the electricity that electrifies my heart that causes its abnormal rhythm whenever you are near. I wanted to stay but something came up and it feels like my heart got tired of screaming your name. It just happened all of a sudden and I don’t even know why. I don’t understand how one day can changed everything. I already lost all the reason why i have to hold on to you and i am not happy anymore, i can’t smile today the same way you made me smile yesterday. I’ve lost myself in the process of loving you. I couldn’t continue loving someone if I know that I’m crumbling inside and something inside me is missing. I don’t want to do this but i know, this will be the right thing to do. I guess i’m not yet ready, I guess my love for you isn’t that powerful to make me stay. I guess this is not the right time for the two of us. I think we need to let go of each other.  I need to become whole once again in the future so that I would be able to love you completely just like what I did before. We need to set this aside and let’s live our life without each other. I need to know what i need in my life and i need to find myself first. I need to know myself better that’s why I need to leave. Please don’t wait for me. Don’t hope that i will come back. Just continue your life without me. Time will come that we will meet each other again and i will make sure that it’s our turn to continue our love story and i will never leave you and I’d love you just right.
—  This is why I left you

“AHH OOP!” Teaser Lyrics

Look at my eyes.
Look at my lips.
Look at my neck.
Just look, don’t touch.
Is being handsome everything?
I’ll give you a chance, so just don’t screw it up!
Ahh oop!

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