Being one of the only Kryptonians left and dating Kara would include:

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Anon ask: Being one of the only Kryptonians left and dating Kara would include please?

Warning: mention of sex


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  • When Clarke inform Kara that you were also a Kryptonian
  • She almost had a heart attack
  • Finding out that she and cousin are not the only ones made her heart flutter
  • especially when she first saw you
  • Oh Rao she fell, she fell hard
  • and after she got to know you better, your personality, she was sure that she had to be with you
  • you are the one and she was not going to stop until you feel the same
  • at first, Alex making fun of Kara cause she got so flustered around you
  • She just rambles a lot around you, she rambles about you, and how exciting is to know that you are a Kryptonian too, and how beautiful you are, and so on until she realizes how much she’s talking
  • you don’t mind, it’s adorable
  • Everyone in the D.E.O shipping you two
  • Kara blushing everytime she hears anyone whispering about when you two can be finally together
  • Maggie and Alex hardcore shipping you two
  • Even Clarke is trying to set you up with Kara
  • and Once you two are officially dating, they almost throw a party

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