Kenny : Okay so first, NK’s name is private, only I know it.

Kenny : Two, NK and I have been friends for a while.

Kenny : Okay so this started when we-.

Craig : Fell in love.

Kenny : No, not at all. 

Kenny : This whole relationship started really when I got to know NK more, I mean we spent some time together during our fantasy games, but being alone with just the two of us was different.

Kenny : I got to know about NK’s family and all that, we were both not that different to be honest. 

Kenny : We started talking, talking, and talking when we were alone in the hallways before class. 

Kenny : They’d tell me things going on with their family, friends, etc. 

Kenny : It’s really nice to see them being talkative, especially since it feels extra special when they only talk to me.

Kenny : It feels like they trust me, Ya know? 

Kenny : We even went to the dance together, which is a whole other story I can tell later.

Craig : It was cool of you to take them to the dance, in all honesty it felt like you guys were dating or something.

Kenny : We aren’t and I don’t think we will, NK has been extremely busy lately. I’m hoping that this years Stage Crew will bring us together, as friends. 

Craig : Whatever space cowboy, next question?