Kenny Omega - “If he cared, he’d be here”

Prompt: I felt like writing this after reading @alexahood21 story killing me softly IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, READ IT!
Requested: by my damn self
Warnings: None
Words: 1200+

Kenny’s dislike for the wwe wasn’t private. He didn’t like the restraints on superstars, the amount of scripting on the promos. ‘If they are good enough to be on tv they can come up with their own damn promos’ he would say. He was offered a contract but turned it down. 

“You’d never go to wwe?” You asked biting your lip afraid of the answer. You’d been dating Kenny pretty much since you came to Japan 4 years ago. Kenny saw you on your first day and swooped you up. 

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anonymous asked:

Thoughts on if (huge if) WWE and NJWP ever did a cross promotion and we got Naito vs Andrade Cien Almas/La Sombra?

listen. i would probably cry. naito would probably cry. 

did you know that andrade didn’t even tell him that he was going to wwe? naito has his own golden lovers situation right there.

but realistically, half of the match would just be them grinning and laughing at each other and posing. they probably wouldn’t even do anything for ten minutes and that’s not even counting the entrances. i give it 10 and three quarters stars.