bonboniver  asked:

Sam my dear, I'm finally moving to live with my grandmother in the next couple of months, and she has like two channels on her tv. Is there any streams you would suggest so I can finally watch ROH, NJWP and other Indy wrestling? ❤️

You came to the right broad, sis.

Taima.tv/r/sc for live streaming. The schedule is listed at the top.

Indywrestling.tv for PWG, NJPW, Evolve, ROH

Watchwrestling.uno for RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Network shows, PWG, WCPW, CZW, etc

Hope that helps 💕💕

Are y'all seriously still going to ringsideconfessions to complain about people who just didn’t feel like watching NJWP bc they didn’t have the time?